ESPN Announcer Off Air After Calling Female Colleague “Sweetcakes”

ESPN football announcer Ron Franklin was not allowed on-air this weekend after he allegedly called a female colleague, Jeannine Edwards, “sweetcakes” and then an “a-hole.”

Franklin, 68, supposedly made the sexist comments in a production meeting on Friday. Edwards reportedly tried to butt in on a conversation he was having with another announcer, so he shut her down and called her “sweetcakes.” When she told him that language was unacceptable, he replied “Okay then, a**hole.”

Maybe it sounded more badass in his head?Ron Franklin was kept off-air during the radio broadcast of Saturday’s Fiesta Bowl. But I would hope the real punishment for him, however, would be feeling like a sexist crotchety old dinosaur. I mean, really, “sweetcakes”? Who says that? Hi, Ron Franklin, 1962 called and it wants its condescending nicknames for women back! Although we don’t have the full story of why he reacted the way he did (or overreacted, like it sounds to me), calling a woman “sweetcakes” is clearly sexist and there is no excuse for it. Not a single one! There’s no excuse for calling someone an “a**hole,” either, but clearly this dude’s got issues with working alongside this particular lady if he needed to draw gender into it. You’re on ESPN, Ron, not “Mad Men.”

OK, this is going to sound horrible, but when I hear stories like this about people in my parents’ generation, I think, Thank God they’re not going to be around much longer to behave this way. Which is not to say younger people don’t need to unlearn a certain degree of sexism, too, but somehow I can’t see a guy in my generation ever calling a female colleague “sweetcakes” to her face in a meeting. Okay, except Joe Francis. [New York Daily News]