Beauty Test Drive: June Jacobs Spa Radiant Refining Exfoliating Powder

I go to a lot events where I’m given goodie bags full of free stuff. Sometimes the swag is really great, other times it’s crap. I recently went to an event hosted by a blogger friend of mine, and her goodie bag was all good, especially the June Jacobs Spa New Radiant Refining Exfoliating Powder. I was slightly confused at first because how can a dry powder exfoliate the skin? Well, that’s why it’s important to read directions. First, you wash your face as you normally would, but leave your face and hands wet. Soaking wet is even better. Shake a little powder into your hand, and it mixes with the water to form a paste. (I really love this part.) And then you lightly massage the wet powder all over your face.

The exfoliating powers of this June Jacobs powder are amazing! My face felt so smooth and soft. And I really felt like I was doing something good for my skin because the powder doesn’t contain any parabens or preservatives. Instead, it sweeps away dirt, oil, and dead skin cells with natural rice and bamboo. This exfoliating powder also contains natural brightening ingredients like lemon peel, bearberry root, mulberry root, and licorice extract. Plus, it contains salicylic acid to prevent more breakouts.

While I really enjoyed playing with the June Jacobs Spa New Radiant Refining Exfoliating Powder, I think I can get the same end results from another, less expensive exfoliator. [$52, June Jacobs Spa Collection]