5 Pairs Of Eye-Catching Eyeglasses

ice blue glasses 12 30 main jpg
When I was in 9th grade, I so badly wanted a cool pair of glasses that I lied to my optometrist. “Which one looks clearer?” he asked, switching between slides of random letters. “Honestly I can’t see either one,” I sighed. “Also I like your goatee. It suits you.” The doctor stroked his bare chin and wrote me a prescription for bifocals. A week later, I had secured a pair of insurance-reimbursed purple Calvin Klein frames and was feeling pretty smug.

Cut to 10 years and a few thousand hours in front of the computer screen later and I no longer need to lie to my optometrist to score prescription lenses. But my passion for cool eyewear hasn’t waned, and luckily for me and every other wearer of specs (real or fraudulent), eye-catching eyeglasses are super trendy right now. For example, check out these ice blue vintage frames, and click through for more eyewear inspiration… [$29, Etsy]

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