Who’d You Kiss On New Year’s Eve, Hot Stuff?

One New Year’s Eve, back in college, I literally had to duck to avoid the kid who lived down the hall (who looked like Jesus and smelled like he hadn’t bathed since then) from drunkenly planting a kiss on me at midnight. He had been dancing with his pet snake for hours before he tried to slither into my personal space. Shudder. Granted, no one else was trying to get freaky with me, but I was happy kissing my vodka soda when the ball dropped.All these years later, I still didn’t have a date for NYE. Sigh. So, I decided to avoid dropping mad cash, weaving through crowds of couples, and potentially having to make a duck escape from some drunk dude, again. Instead, I spent the evening keepin’ it mellow with some friends. Is that lame? Well, not as pathetic as kissing a biblical look-a-like out of desperation. (Although, my single gal pal Megs texted me from a rager and told me she was going around kissing peeps and telling them her name was Simcha. Ha! So, at least my rep is still intact.)

Still, I’m hoping I can live vicariously through you and your sizzlin’ champagne-soaked adventures. So, fill me in, girl. Who’d you plant a kiss on last night?