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Girl Talk: I Was Raised A Fundamentalist
It's Mod Time
Quotable: Jason Sudeikis Won't Forget Your Name In Bed
20 Things Men Don’t Know About Women
Bristol Palin Strikes A Pose
Follow That Blogger: Amanda Hess Premieres New Blog On
12 Advantages Of Being A Single Woman
Meet The New Kim Kardashian Sex Doll
Quotable: James Franco Loves Himself 4-5 Times A Day
Woman Takes Driver's Test 960 Times. Really.
White House Party Crasher Michaele Salahi Will Go Naked In Playboy
Taking Fashion To New Heights—Literally
Star Couplings: Is Jessica Simpson A Chronic "Oversharer"?
These British Girls Are Terrible Singers And Worse People
Another Magazine's Next Issue Will Be Bjorkalicious
Schoolgirl-Inspired Style That Isn't Skanky Or Infantilizing
Paula Deen Eats A Lasagna Sandwich
Lady Gaga Makes Good Use Of Your BBQ Scraps
6 Fall Fashion Trends To Avoid
Are You Excited For Fall's Thigh-Highs?
How To Wear White After Labor Day
6 Different Ways To Wear Pants This Fall
Cash & Coupling: How To Establish A Wedding Budget
The Best Cheerleading Scandals
What's Your Best College Memory?
A Candy-Coated Arrow Ring That's On Point
A Brief History Of Cheerleading
For The Week Of September 6-12, 2010
She Went On 51 Dates In 50 Weeks -- What Happened?
It's A Cool Dress Made From Computer Wires, But Can You Wear It?
Quotable: Blake Lively And Anna Wintour Are Besties Now
FashionStake Allows You To Become A Fashion Funder (With VIP Perks)
10 Ways To Reinvent Yourself When You Go Back To School
6 Back-To-School Bags
Dear Wendy: "Why Didn't She Want To Be Close To Me?"
8 Stars Who've Stayed On The Wagon
Quotable: Juliette Binoche Thinks Gerard Depardieu Has Man Problems
Style By Jury: What Do You Think Of Christina Ricci's Biker Chick On The Prairie Look?
Dudes Race Rapids With Sex Dolls
Matchmaker Uses Twitter To Find Mates
Singing Unicorn Covers Culture Club
Ask The Astrosexologist: Can 2 Scorpios Make It Work?
How Does College Affect Your Relationship Status?
Beauty Test Drive: Miracle Skin Transformer SPF 20
Dear Wendy: "When Should I Tell Him I Have Feelings For Him?"
8 Celebs Who've Said "God Told Me To Do It"
Quotable: Take Fashion Advice From Prince Charles? Maybe.
Style By Jury: What Do You Think Of Cate Blanchett's Shorts?
Quickies: Ali Larter Reveals Baby's Sex & Become A Pimp In Germany
At The Boys' Club: 10 Tips For Better Sex
Gift For Gab: The Best Comments For The Week Of August 27, 2010
Win This! Nautica "Sleep In For The Cure" Bath Robe
Today's Lady News: The Girl Scouts Are A Haven For Lesbians & Pro-Abortion Training Ground
Quotable: Ian Ziering Disappointed No "90210" Reunion On 09/02/10
Trailer Park: "Going The Distance," "The American," "Machete," "The Winning Season"
"Dancing With The Stars" Contestants Start Rehearsals
Open Thread: Happy Labor Day Weekend!
A Senate Candidate Who Is Anti-Masturbation
Vena Cava's Line For Aqua/Bloomingdale's Is Adorable, Relatively Affordable
"Hellcats" To Set A Guinness World Record
Study Of "The New York Times Book Review" Finds More Men Get Novels Reviewed Than Women
Did Kanye West "Steal" Selita Ebanks From Maxwell?
Poll: Who Do You Want To See Die In The "Piranha 3D" Sequel?
Vanity Fair's 2010 "New Establishment" Is A List Of (Mostly) Rich White Guys
Who Is Your Celebrity Soul Mate?
Quotable: Teresa And Joe Giudice Are Doing It Like Rabbits
Frisky Editors' Best Buys Of The Summer
Jessica Simpson Clowns Around
Lindsay Lohan Hits A Baby Stroller? Ways She Can Turn Her Image Around, Stat!
Teresa Giudice Is Not Happy About The Newest New Jersey Housewife
Would You Buy Stephen Moyer's, Ahem, Genital Sock?
Dear Wendy: "We're Only Compatible In Bed"
W Magazine Says "The Girl Who Eats Her Feelings" Is A Back-To-School Look
Are My Husband And I Becoming The Same Person?
J-Woww And Sammi Catfight On "Jersey Shore"
Dealbreaker: Drunk On A First Date
A Ball And Chain We Can Live With
NY Times Stupefied By Women Who Love Their Small Busts
The Frisky Staff's 9 Guilty Pleasures
Carla Bruni Told She "Deserves To Die" For Supporting Iranian Woman Sentenced For Adultery
Quotable: Chelsea Handler Cleverly Explains Her Breakup With Animal Planet Hunk
Dear Wendy Updates: "Not A Chubby Chaser" Responds
Kim Kardashian Gropes Some Naked Dudes On The Cover Of "Prestige"
What The Hell Are "Treggings"?
Star Couplings: Noah Wyle Dumps Second Mistress
Chickens. In Tiny Outfits. Hell Yes.
Work Lessons We Can Learn From Chick Flicks
8 Celebrity Bike Enthusiasts
What Is "Bubbling" And What Does It Have To Do With Porn?
Quotable: Kat Von D Is In Love With Jesse James
9 Celebrity Couples Who Got Arrested Together
It Doesn't Get Any Cuter Than A Puppy Wearing Footie Pajamas
Word Of Warning To Justin Bieber: 8 Pop Star Movie Vehicles That Tanked
Quickies: John Legend And The Roots' Album Collabo & Jennifer Aniston Dating LiLo's Ex
In Case You Don't Get It, Kurt On "Glee" Is Gay
Today's Lady News: Ladies Night Isn't Sexist To Men
Happy 9/02/10 Day: "Bev Hills 90210" Theme Song Suddenly Makes "Gossip Girl" Fun!
Swarovski Commissions Fendi, Valentino, Lanvin And Others To Design LBDs For Charity
Vienna Girardi Doesn't Need Jake Or Her Ratty Extensions
Happy 9/02/10 Day: Where Are They Now?
I Left My Stuff At His Place After A One-Night Stand
Nerd Girl Porn: Hot Tennis Dudes
69-Year-Old Grandma Shoots Intruder With Her .38 Special
The Situation’s Financial Situation
Happy 9/02/10 Day: "Dylan Chooses Kelly"
Cheapskate: Workout Wear From $6
Katy Perry Tells The World How She Really Feels
10 Bookish Fashions For Literary Types
Joe Manganiello Of "True Blood" Has A Stalker Problem
"I Only Date Power Gays": Terrible New Show Highlights Worst Gay Guys Ever
Turn On The Light By Blowing In This Ear
Bloomingdale's Has Just The Dress For Your Wonky Elbow!
Frisky Q&A: Jessica Simpson Talks New Jeanswear Line And Fall Fashion
Quotable: David Beckham Was A 7-Year-Old Fashionisto
Japanese Resort Devoted To Men With Virtual Girlfriends
10 Fall Movies We Can't Wait For
H&M Scores Lanvin Collab In What Is Probably The Biggest High-Low Coup Yet
Paris Hilton Owns "Borrowed" Cocaine-Filled Purse
15 Positions You Never Want Him To See You In
Happy 9/02/10 Day: "Kelly's Mom Is A Cokehead"
I'm Never Gonna Give You Up, Rick Astley
Girl Talk: Why Did She Have To Marry Him?
Cue The Natalie Portman Oscar Buzz
Does This Ad Make You "Feel The Romance of British Royalty"?
Happy 9/02/10 Day: What Does Your Favorite "Beverly Hills, 90210" Character Say About You?
Miranda Kerr Gets Goopy
Frisky Reader Revealed: May We, Maynard?
Girl On Girl: What I've Learned About Dating Women
Booties To Carry You All Day Long
Style By Jury: What Do You Think Of Jessica Alba's "Machete" Look At The Venice Film Festival?
Happy 9/02/10 Day: Brandon Walsh, Man Whore
Quotable: Christina Hendricks Struggles To Find Designer Dresses That Fit
Jane Fonda Releasing New Aerobics Videos At 72
Dear Wendy: "My Boyfriend Cheated On Me Without Protection"
Kelly Osbourne Makes An Incredibly Deep Statement About Communism After Pussycat Dolls Concert
Happy 9/02/10 Day: "Donna Martin Graduates!"
Star Couplings: Ashton Kutcher Says Star Mag's Cheating Rumor Is "Fiction"
Quotable: Jerry Lewis Says He Would "Smack Lindsay In The Mouth" & Give Her A Spanking
Pretty Actresses, Models Get Turned Into Men For Paper Magazine
MJ And Lady G For V
Which Lipstick Trend Do You Prefer For Fall—Matte Or Glossy?
Style Flashback: "Beverly Hills, 90210"
Anna Wintour Educates Jimmy Fallon On Fashion's Night Out: "No Sales!"
Happy 9/02/10 Day: "I'd Like To Exchange An Egg."
Cocaine? I Thought It Was Gum! 10 Celebrity Excuses For Drug Busts
Quickies: Caroline Giuliani Receives Punishment & Julia Roberts Has A Hairy Situation
What's Your Number?
Today's Lady News: Politician Shows His Junk To Woman After Offering A Ride Home From Work
Old-School Wednesdays: Color Me Badd's "I Wanna Sex You Up"
10 Girly Foods We Want Created
Quotable: Lea Michele Would Rather Do Long-Distance Than Be Single
Choose Your Weapon: Hurt Couture's Killer Jewelry
We Get It, Demi Moore Still Looks Hot In A Bikini
Gay Couples In Texas Can't Get Divorced
Frisky Rant: Remaking A Crappy Movie In 3D, Still Makes It ... Crappy
What's Up With Those Virginity Hotline Billboards?
Levi's New Curve ID Jeans Proving To Be Controversial
Your Own Private Hobbit Hole
Rachel Uchitel Feels Healed By "Celebrity Rehab"
Crazy Justin Bieber Fans Threaten And Harass Teen "Defector"
Ooh Pretty ... Rainbow Roses
Lauryn Hill Is Really Vague About New Album And Today's Artists
Tabloid Cheat Sheet: Can We Leave Shiloh Alone? And When Did "Teen Mom" Become Such A Big Deal?
Do The "True Blood" Action Figures Do The Actors Justice?
Quotable: Kate Hudson Not Scared To Get Married Again
The 12 Craziest, Wackiest, Kookiest Hairstyles The Internet Has To Offer
Bulgarian Man Having A Sex Change To Look Like Lady Gaga
Panda Puppy, You Will Be Mine
We Pick 'Em: The 11 Best Duet Songs
The Face Of Patrizia Pepe's Fall Campaign Is A Boom Box, A Dog, Anything But A Model
The Deets On Conan O'Brien's New Show
Girl Talk: I Was Afraid To Curse Myself
Natalie Portman And Benjamin Millepied Do The Opposite Of PDA
Quotable: Heidi Montag's Worst Nightmare
Mind Of Man: I Want A Ladyflower For A Day
Woman Dies In Ex-Boyfriend's Chimney
"The Real Housewives Of New Jersey" Reunion Part 1: A Study In Subtext
Dear Wendy: "My Boyfriend Is Cheap!"
Style By Jury: What Do You Think Of Nia Long's NAACP Theatre Awards Look?
Vanity Fair Accuses Sarah Palin Of Relying On A "Push-Up Bra" To Get What She Wants
Dater X: When A Guy Fades Out
Chopsticks For Two, For One
Meet "The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills"
"I Die": In Defense Of Rachel Zoe
Quotable: Chris Robinson Hates On Taylor Swift
Facebook Ad For Pedophiles?
Cash & Coupling: How To Plan A Honeymoon On A Budget
Cool Video: Dancing In Movies
Care To Take A Tinkle In Your "Twilight" Toilet?
Dear Wendy Updates: "Parent Trap" Responds
Justin Timberlake Gives Mila Kunis A Lift
Fall Fashion Guide: Asymmetric Boogie
Quotable: Jamie Lee Curtis Knows The Crappy Side Of Product Endorsement
Peggy Olson, You've Come A Long Way, Baby
Star Couplings: Amy Winehouse And Pete Doherty, A Match Made In Roommate Hell
Um, No: Strap-On Bangs
Do You Practice Man Repelling?
Jessica Lowndes, Matthew Morrison, Kate Gosselin And Other TV Stars Working On Albums
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