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Quickies: Jessica Simpson's Friends Distrusting Of New Guy
Is My Relationship Exclusive?
Shopping Guide: Colorful Shoes
Heidi Klum's Victoria's Secret Run Comes To An End
Today's Lady News: Disneyland Says Muslim Woman Has To Wear A Disney-Designed Veil
Behold, A Sculpture Made Out Of Underpants
Cheapskate: Capes & Ponchos For $100 Or Less
"Lost" Alums Get Found In "Breaking Dawn," "Mission Impossible"
Shopping Guide: Sexy Pajamas
Celeb To Watch: Beau Garrett's "Legacy"
Sept. 30: What Are You Wearing Today?
Who Should Be Inducted Into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame?
1993 Time Machine: An Ode To Evan Dando And Juliana Hatfield
Do Not Want These Space Snack Boots
10 TV Shows We're Pissed Got Canceled
Lifestyle Icon: Our Favorite Coco Chanel Quotes
The Origins Of The Oprah Winfrey/ David Letterman Feud Revealed
Celeb To Watch: Aly Michalka Has Claws On "Hellcats"
Paris Department Store Shows L'Amour For NY Designers
Sean Combs Kills It In A Kilt
Fall Shopping: Terrific Tartan Fashions
Quotable: Jenny McCarthy Wishes She Had A Sex Tape
Snooki Is Writing A Book! 8 Concepts She Should Consider
Rachel Zoe And Brad Goreski's Divorce May Be Bitter After All
R.I.P., Tony Curtis
What Free Stuff Should Women Get At Work?
Lindsey Wixson, 16, Goes Gray For Barneys
Mitchell And Cam Finally Kiss For The Camera On "Modern Family"
Girl On Girl: Is Being Out In The Workplace A Bad Idea?
Soda And Chicken Nuggets All In One Handy Device
Please Watch Justin Timberlake And Jimmy Fallon Give A Hip-Hop History Lesson
Dear Wendy: "Rumor Has It My New Guy's A Notorious Cheater"
Wil Wheaton Explains The Double Rainbow Phenomenon
Faceoff: Rooney Mara Vs. Lisbeth Salander
Girl Talk: I'm Moving In With A Guy ... Again
Fleece, Please!
"Sister Wives" Preview: Much Ado Over A Kiss
Frisky Exclusive Q&A: Levi's Responds To Controversy Over Their Curve ID Jeans
Beyoncé Leads A Block Party Line Dance
The New Justin Bieber Dolls Look 30
Our Makeout Session Confessions
Kids Answer The Question: "What Is Love?"
Quotable: Sally Draper Not Allowed To Watch "Mad Men"
How To Style A Bouffant With Short Hair
Star Couplings: "Teen Mom" Farrah Abraham Might Be Pregnant Again!
Reader Revealed: We Let Odog Out
12 Celebs Who Are All About Self-Help Books
Rachel Bilson Is Now A Style Blogger And Advisor For Sunglass Hut
Divorce Court: The Musical
10 Celebrities Who Hate Totally Random Stuff
Mike Sorrentino's Got A Teeny Tiny Situation
How Often Do You Wash Your Jeans?
How Often Do You Wash Your Jeans?
Quickies: "Glee"'s Britney Episode Broke Record & Kurt Cobain's Letter To MTV
Fall TV Guide: "Law & Order: Los Angeles"
Today's Lady News: Meg Whitman Accused Of Employing An Undocumented Maid
Old-School Wednesdays: Aerosmith's "Cryin'"
Celebs To Watch: Where Has Toby Hemingway Been Hiding?
America's Grandparents, Anne Meara And Jerry Stiller, Talk About The Facebook
Style Icon Showdown: Marilyn Vs. Audrey
Style By Jury: What Do You Think Of Rihanna's Concert Look?
Money 101: How To Save For The Big Stuff
Seal And Heidi Klum Leave Nothing A Secret In New Music Video
Celeb To Watch: Aaron Johnson's Going Somewhere
Ashley Tisdale Prefers Being Brunette
Style Mission: How To Score At A Thrift Store
Gotta Have It: Robot Hair Washer
12 Cases Of Celebrities Catching The Matchy-Matchies
Celebs To Watch: The Up-And-Coming Ladies Of "Mad Men"
Brad Womack Swears He's A Changed Man
17 Cheap Dates Men Actually Like
"Hellcats" Cram Session: The Truth About Injuries In Cheerleading
Wayne Brady And Mike Tyson Redo Bobby Brown's "Every Little Step" Video
Her 10 Best Looks: Alexis Bledel
Which Single Woman Stereotype Are You?
Will Going Blond Turn Nicole Richie Into A Ditz (Again)?
Tabloid Cheat Sheet: John Travolta Having Gay Spa Sex? Can Lindsay Lohan Be Saved?
Kelly Osbourne: Behind The Mustache
Crystal Renn Eating In French Vogue: Gross Or Glamorous?
DIYing It: Studded Leggings (Win Them!)
"This Ain't Avatar XXX" Hits Theaters Today
Meet Denny Blaze, The Whitest White Boy Rapper Ever
Dear Wendy: "Should I Wait Around For My Crush To Get Over Her Ex?"
What's One Question You've Always Wanted To Ask Your Mom?
Jenny McCarthy's Hair Down There Shocked Playboy
E. Jean, Elle's Advice Columnist, Needs To Stop
The World's Worst Tattoo Session
Brad Goreski Is Divorcing Rachel Zoe
Mind Of Man: How To Compliment A Naked Man
An "Alice In Wonderland" Headband For Grown-Ups
What Would Kristen Stewart And Robert Pattinson's Kid Look Like?
We See Chick Flicks: "Let Me In"
How To Tell If He's Lying Or Not
Britney Spears Gleeks Out: All 3 Of Her "Glee" Cameos
Dear Wendy Updates: "Friendly Fire" Responds
Mark Zuckerberg And 7 Other Unlikely "Fashion Icons"
Does Doing A Horror Movie Mean You’re Over?
Style Stealer: Taylor Swift's Knee-High Lace-Up Boots
Check This Out: Urban Outfitters Brings You International Specialty Labels
Shades Made Simple: A Few Rules For Wearing Sunglasses
Awesome Affordable Etsy Find: A Lovely Little Reminder
Mary-Kate & Ashley Would Prefer To Be Invisible Designers
It Happened In Florida: The Craziest Headlines From The Sunshine State
Meet A Group Of Feminists Who Aren't Afraid To Go Topless
The Women Who Might Be Taking Lindsay Lohan's Roles
8 Celebrities Relive Their Worst Date Of All Time
Quickies: Betty White Goes "Inside The Actors Studio" & Alexis Neiers Is Writing A Book
Adrian Grenier's Documentary, "Teenage Paparazzo," Premieres Tonight
Today's Lady News: Radio Show Says Lady Candidate Has A "Tight Little Butt"
Fall TV Guide: "No Ordinary Family" Not Your Usual Superpower Show
Album Drop: This Week's New Releases, From Neil Young To Mark Ronson
"Lone Star" Already The Season's Most Underrated Show
Brad Womack Is The Next "Bachelor": 12 Reasons This Is A Terrible Idea
If You Could Wear Your Voice, This Is What It'd Look Like
6 Organization Obsessions, High- And Low-Tech
Jane Aldridge Constantly Violated Dress Code—Did Your Outfits Get You In Trouble, Too?
Banned Books Week: In Which We Enter The Land Of Forbidden Literature
Khloe Kardashian Found Herself When She Found Lamar
Is It OK For An Elementary School Teacher To Have A Sordid Past?
An Ode To Brittany, Our Favorite Gleek
16 Dapper Actors From Days Of Yore
One Way To Tell If You Like Someone
The Daily Ovulation: Bulldog Leads, Baby Follows
The Down-Low On Mark Sanchez, New York Jets Quarterback
Taylor Swift Without Makeup And Two Years Younger
Would You Wear This Levi's Denim Onesie?
18 Movies We Could Watch Over And Over Again
Courtney Love's Healthy Glow Is From Self-Help And Self-Love
Tween Bro And Sis Show The Foo Fighters How It's Done
Sept. 28: What Are You Wearing Today?
This Justin Bieber Tee Was Inevitable
Study Finds Sexist Comments Hurt Female Candidates In The Polls
Dater X: Crushing On A Friend
A Real-Life Kitchen Nightmare
Style By Jury: What Do You Think Of Joy Bryant's "Guitar Hero" Look?
Dear Wendy: When Friends Interfere
Why Do I Read Blogs Written By People I Don't Like?
Naomi Campbell Beats Up Russian Mobster
12 Photos Of Zahara Jolie-Pitt Glowering At The Paparazzi
Jason Schwartzman Strips Down To Show Us An iPhone App
Celeb To Watch: Chloe Moretz Is A Kick-Ass Vampire
How Do You Deal With A Bad Haircut?
Fashion, Music, And Forbidden Love
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Calls In Bomb Threat On Plane Carrying Man To His Wedding
Sarah Palin Gets Booed On "Dancing With The Stars"
Diablo Cody Teams Up With Charlize Theron For Her Next Flick, "Young Adult"
6 Sexy Fall Hairstyle Trends
TV Commercials Hawk Trojan Tri-Phoria Vibrators But Can't Call It A Vibrator
Epic "Australia's Next Top Model" Fail
Star Couplings: "Sister Wives" Stars Are Being Investigated For Bigamy
Chanel Model Heidi Mount's Husband Accused Of Rape During London Fashion Week
Channeling My Inner Joan Holloway
What Do You Spend Money On And What Do You Save On?
Attn, Chicago: Topshop Moves To Chi-Town!
8 Stars Channeling Justin Bieber
Japanese Inflatable Bosoms: Completely Bizarre, And Yet We Must Have Them
The Last Place You Should Pick Your Nose Is During A Live Broadcast
8 Celebrity Couples Who Did Babies Before Marriage
Quickies: Willow Smith Goes To Milan Fashion Week & Lady Gaga Goes House Hunting
Kiss Whom You Want To
Today's Lady News: Transgender Teen Stripped Of Homecoming King Title
Nicki Minaj Has No Use For Men
The Boob Tube: Must-See TV For The Week Of September 27, 2010
Light Hair/Dark Eyes And Dark Hair/Light Eyes Are The Prettiest Combos
7 Lame Celebrity Anniversary Celebrations
Singer Wins Big -- One-Million-Dumplings Big
What Is Your Fantasy Pet?
Zach Galifianakis Robs Banks And Murders People
Sept. 27: What Are You Wearing Today?
Don Draper's Just Like All The Rest Of Them
Unexpected Style Inspiration: Rachel Maddow
Fall TV Guide: "Sister Wives," The Real-Life "Big Love"
What We Can Learn From The Cosmo Man Summit
Mom Of 2 Robs Bank, Then Picks Up Her Kids At School
Do Not Want: Bret Michaels Strips Down For Billboard
Frisky Q&A: Autumn Reeser, Aspiring Blogger And Star Of "No Ordinary Family"
First Female Designs For Nike Air Jordan
Video How To: The Leo Strut
6 Affordable Power Pieces From The Frisky Wardrobe
Deja Vu All Over Again: Courteney Cox In "Scream 4"
Wii Sex Toy, More Like Weeeeee!
Dear Wendy: "Am I Sacrificing Too Much For My Boyfriend?"
Style By Jury: What Do You Think Of Christina Aguilera's Latest Marilyn Monroe Impersonation?
Jaycee Lee Dugard Writing A Memoir
Oops! 10 Celebrity Slips, Trips, And Falls
Couples Share A Psychic Connection
"The Hills" Are Alive: Lauren Conrad To Do A New Show On MTV
Celebs To Watch: Boris Kodjoe Of NBC's "Undercovers"
Mark Ballas Goes Home To Alaska To Meet Bristol's Parents
Florence + The Machine Get "Addicted To Love"
It's Ancestor Appreciation Day—What's Your Family Story?
Teen Prostitute Makes Reality TV Dreams Come True. What About You?
Can I Get Rid Of My Cellulite?
Girl Talk: I Recovered A Repressed Memory Of Abuse
Seeing Flowers In Showers
Police Officer Dad "Arrests" 15-Year-Old -- For Having Sex With His Daughter
18 Celebrity Bathtub Photo Shoots
18 Celebrity Bathtub Photo Shoots
What's Rihanna Wearing While Shooting "What's My Name?" Video?
Woman Dyes Cat Pink, Chaos Ensues
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