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Quickies: Ivanka Trump To Guest Star On "Gossip Girl" & No Naked Julianne Moore In Venice
Love Is A Prison
Today's Lady News: What Meghan McCain Thinks Of Sarah Palin
H&M Releases Cryptic Videos To Promote New Designer Collabs—Can You Guess Who This Is?
Album Drop: This Week's New Releases, From Heart To Philip Selway
Things We Love: Cindy Sherman And Her Hate For Couture
12 Cute And Easy-To-Carry Clutch Wallets
Next Up In Switzerland: Drive-In Sex Boxes
4chan Tracks Down Kitten Dumper And Puppy Thrower
Reason #1,321 We're Glad The '90s Are Over
10 Celebs With Insured Body Parts
Snooki's New Boyfriend Joins A Short List Of Alleged Celebrity Swingers
Poll: How Sporty Are You?
Bras On Roller Coasters? Someone's Got A Fetish For It
Bedbugs: The Movie
10 Celebs Who've Claimed They Are "A Changed Woman"
Miranda Kerr Goes Topless In 3D
Kitten Gets Down To Business On An iPhone
10 Stars Who Abuse Their Underlings
Elite French Grad School Students Release Cool, Erotic Mag
"Jersey Circus" Is A Comic "Situation"
"Bachelor Pad": Who's Doing What With Whom In Episode 4
Diablo Cody Talks Trailer Trash With Megan Fox
What Is Your Theme Song For Life?
Samantha Ronson's Bulldog Bites, Kills Maltese
Miner Asks Long-Term GF For Hand In Marriage
15 Signs You're More Than Just Friends
Don't Cry, Anne Hathaway, It's Just A Wig!
Demi Moore Does It Doggie-Style
Girl Talk: Falling In Love After Losing 100+ Pounds
Dictionaries Going The Way Of The Dinosaurs: Oxford Says No More Print Editions
What Do We Think Of Hot Men Undressing To Sell Maxi Pads?
10 More Random Celebrity Look-Alikes
A Dance Battle Video Like No Other
The Cast Of "Dancing With The Stars" Speaks
Dear Wendy: "Should I Befriend My Ex-Boyfriend's New Girlfriend?"
Haphazardly Ladylike
Absolute "Mad"-ness On Rolling Stone
Kim Kardashian Thinks Khloe Has A Nice Vajayjay
Quotable: Sandra Bullock On Louis, Her "Little Cajun Cookie"
Hipster Dinosaurs Are The New Hipster Cats
Advice From A Cartoon Princess: "Find A Man Who Wants To Imprison You With His Love"
Dog Dances Better Than Me
Lindsay Lohan Denies Being An Alcoholic And Drug Addict In Vanity Fair
Star Couplings: Cameron Diaz And A-Rod Celebrate Her B-Day & Kat Von D And Jesse James Swap Spit
More Ridiculous Than The Vampire Facial—Wrinkle-Reducing Goggles
"Pink Kisses" Will Make You Feel Better About Your Breakup -- For a Price
Sarah Palin post
The Worst Job In Hollywood: Stylist To Patti Stanger
Must Try: Personalized Arcade Fire Music Video!
10 Actors Kiss And Tell About Their Sex Scene Partners
Serbians Chow Down On Kangaroo Testicles At A Testicle Festival
"Intimacy Dress": Exhibitionist's Dream Or Your Worst Nightmare
Ryan Reynolds And Bradley Cooper Join The Grand Tradition Of Buddy Cops
Quickies: Paris Hilton Thought Cocaine Was Gum & A Spice Girls Musical Coming Soon
Today's Lady News: Iran Calls French First Lady Carla Bruni A "Prostitute"
Would You Date Someone With A Terminal Illness?
"Jersey Shore" Accused Of Racketeering
Politician Raffles Off A Boob Job To Raise Campaign Cash
Ben Folds, Nick Hornby And Pomplamoose Team Up For "Things That You Think"
Boob Tube: Must-See TV For The Week Of August 30, 2010
The Celebrity Vegan Brigade
Yummy Gummi Bear Rug
Where Are The Ladies At? 18 Reasons Your Company Might Be A Sausagefest
50 Cent Is An Inspiration To Women Everywhere
Dear Wendy: "I'm Depressed, So I Want To Cheat On My Wife"
The Best & Worst Boobs At The Emmys
Urban Outfitters Probably Doesn't Realize This T-Shirt Makes You Look Easy
15 Life Tips From Readers
What Do Blake Lively And "Teen Witch" Have In Common?
Money 101: 4 Secrets For Financing Grad School
Rabbit Hopping Competitions Are A Real Thing
Would You Wear Gaultier's Pointy-Boobed Design For La Perla?
Snooki's New Boyfriend Wants To Propose. Run, Snooki, Run!
"Like Mom, Like Dad" And Totally Awesome
Quotable: Kim Kardashian Just Wants A Nice, Normal Armenian Guy
Lanvin's "Marry Me!" Fragrance Skips Subtle Marketing Tactics
Watch How You Install That Home Stripper Pole
Dear Wendy Updates: "Pregnant And Terrified" Responds
Cosmopolitan Magazine Thinks You Eat Like A Pig
Quotable: Tiger Woods Has His Balls Under Control
Girl Talk: How I "Sold Out" And Joined The Chickliterati
Madonna And Lady Tour In The Works? Dreams Do Come True
Kittens On A Space Adventure!
Zuma Rossdale Zooms Around The Beach
"The Human Centipede" Sequel Promises More Grossness
Camel, Hold The Toe
Dealbreaker: The Checkbook Balancer
Tweezing Never Looked So Fabulous
Live Forever -- As a Vinyl Record
We Want To Put Him In Our Mouths!
23 Bad Sex Moves
The 10 Best Emmy Award Moments
Quotable: Jason Sudeikis Blew His Chance To See January Jones Naked
For The Week Of August 30 - September 5, 2010
If Carlo Rossi Went On A Reality Makeover Show ...
Just A Couple Of Corgis Working On Their Fitness
Star Couplings: Another "Bachelor" Wedding
Nothing But Class On The Emmys 2010 Red Carpet
What Do We Think Of The Video For Taylor Swift's "Mine"?
Stock Up Now: Kate Moss To End Topshop Collab
What Would Dolly Wear?
US Open Tennis Players Get Goddess-Like For The NY Times
Who Might Be The New Cast Members On "Saturday Night Live"?
Jon Hamm! Dancing! At The Emmys!
Paris Hilton Busted For Cocaine In Las Vegas
10 Videos Of Animals Doing Freaky Things With Their Tongues
What’s The Most Unusual Way You Stay In Shape?
Ask The Astrosexologist: How Do I Nab An Aquarius Man?
Forget About A Dog, I Want A Pet Cloud
9/02/10 Day: Donna's Abusive Relationship
The Strangest Sex Inventions From The Patent Office
Do You Kiss And Tell?
Dear Wendy: "I'm 22 And He's 35. Can It Work?"
Shizz-Talker Says Kimora Lee Simmons Fired From Baby Phat Over Airbrushing Costs
Cheap-Chic Decorating Ideas From Jimmy Choo Founder Tamara Mellon
Join Us For An Emmys Red Carpet Liveblog, Sunday At 6:30 PM EST!
Just What The World Needs: Another Coffee Table Book Full Of Models?
At The Boys' Club: How To Make A Sex Tape
Give Me A Paper Cut! Cynthia Rowley Band-Aids Are Too Cute
5 Dating Myths That Just Aren't True
Road Trip Tips For Fun-Loving But Broke Girls
Dear Wendy: "I Can't Poop At My Boyfriend's House!"
12 Celebs Who've Denied Getting Breast Implants
I'm In Love With Being Alone
8 Ways Miley Cyrus Can Get Over Her Breakup With Liam Hemsworth
Poll: What's The Right Age To Start Dating?
Gift For Gab: The Best Comments For The Week Of August 20, 2010
Quickies: Chris Brown's Progress Report & Lady Gaga's Drug Use
Today's Lady News: McEnroe Makes A Bad Call On Female Tennis Players
A Boyz II Men Valentine's Day Cruise!
13 Celebrity Funny Faces
In Defense Of Betty Draper
That Anna Wintour, She's Such A Doll!
Trailer Park: "Takers," "The Last Exorcism," "The Tillman Story," "Daniel And Ana," "Centurion"
AIDS Group Files Complaint Against Larry Flynt Over Condom-less Porn
Jail Time For Low-Rise Shorts?
7 Happily Unmarried Couples
Scarlett, Jessica & Kate Demonstrate How To Show Off Your Girls
Today In Terribleness: Tiger Cub Found In Luggage At Bangkok Airport
The 12 Weirdest Lady Gaga Magazine Covers
Time Capsule: Color Film From 1922
10 Things We Hope Will Happen At The Emmy Awards
Boob Aprons Suck For Dudes
Katy Perry Gives Good Mic
We Love Simon Doonan's Halloween "Costume Couture" For Target!
Quotable: Mary-Louise Parker Hasn't Smoked Pot, But Has Had It In A Lollipop
What's Your "Stomach Face" Up To This Weekend?
Where Is The Most Amazing Place You've Visited?
Anna Paquin, Kristen Bell Join The "Scream 4" Cast
More Gross Creeping On Last Night's "Jersey Shore"
Dear Wendy: "My Boyfriend's On Disability. Should I Dump Him?"
Quotable: Betty White Has A Crush On Robert Redford
The Daily Ovulation: Mini Rock God
Wanderlust: How To Hook Up In A Hostel
Gmail By Phone: Would You Use Gmail's Phone Feature?
For One-Night Stands: Men Are Into A Hot Bod, Not A Pretty Face
Dealbreaker: The "Rate Me" Guy
Quotable: Levi Johnston Un-Apologizes To Sarah Palin
Japanese Women Shake Levi's-Clad Booties In Windows
Dear Wendy Updates: "Well-Matched" Responds
A Guide To Where The Cool Kids Are
What Will Jessica Simpson's "Real Models" Look Like At Fashion Week?
Heidi Montag Admits That Her Surgery Obsession Killed Her Marriage
Lindsay Lohan's First Post Jail/Rehab Tweet
Carlashes, What Every Outrageous Female Stereotype Needs!
10 Summer Getaways Where The Stars Escape
Hey, By The Way, You're AWESOME!
Tallest Teen In The World, Elisany Silva, Announces Plans To Model
Star Couplings: Ali Fedotowsky And Roberto Martinez Want To Elope!
Your Hairdo Is Making Me Hungry
Want A Raise? Better Douche First!
Remember When Piercing Your Ears Was The Biggest Deal Ever?
Would You Rather ... Star In An American Apparel Ad Or On A Talbots Cover?
5 Celebrity Men Who've Had Trouble Getting Laid
For Once, Georgia Jagger Isn't Hypersexualized—Or Is She?—In This W Mag Spread
Has Heidi Montag's Face Returned To, Um, Normal?
Celebs Who've Bonded Over Their Mutual Exes
Quickies: Will Forte Is Leaving "SNL" & The Best Summer Romance Movies
Today's Lady News: Watch The Censored "Family Guy" Episode This Weekend!
John Mayer Slams Huffington Post For Shoddy Reporting
Poll: Do You Slack Off On Your Workouts Come Fall?
Cheapskate: American Eagle Outfitters & Aerie Fall
Can I Get Pregnant If He Pulls Out?
10 Post-Rehab Life Plans For Lindsay Lohan
Pinups. Period.
10 Celebs Rocking Roots With Ombre Hair Color
A Neighbor Has It Out For Marc Jacobs
Elin Nordegren: 8 Things That Suprised Us In Her "People" Interview
Bristol Palin "Dancing With The Stars," Levi Johnston Proceeding With Mayoral Campaign
"Redneck Jersey Shore" Is The Next Show We'll Be Obsessed With
The Top 20 Tunes For Taking A Vacay
Man Receives Store Card Addressed To Suicide Bomber
What Do These Images Have To Do With Breast Cancer?
Wanderlust: If You're 300,000 Miles Away, Don't Call Your New Man
Did Santana Punk Puck?
Um, Yeah, Right: Man Magically Transforms Into A Woman, Gives Birth To Baby
8 Celebrity Men Talking About Their Wangs
Rant: When Is It Time To Say Goodbye On Facebook?
This 101-Year-Old Granny Has More Tattoos Than I Do
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