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Once Bitten, Twice Shy
Interior Design Suggestions For Lindsay Lohan's Jail Cell
Bras To Wear To Bed
The Kardashians Sure Do Enjoy Coordinating Outfits
Dear Wendy: "Now That I Have A New Boyfriend My Ex Won't Leave Me Alone"
5 Tips For Making Weddings Fun For Men
8 Lessons Paris Hilton Should Take From Stars Who Broke Into The Music Biz
Lady Gaga Strikes A Naked Pose On The Cover Of Vanity Fair
Quotable: Emily Blunt Talks Smack About Airbrushing
Quickies: Oksana Grigorieva Loses Her Publicist & Daniel Radcliffe Celebrates His Birthday In Style
At The Boys' Club: The Top 10 Reasons To Stay Facebook Friends With Your Ex
Snooki Steals The "Jersey Shore" Season 2 Premiere
And The Prize Goes To ... The Top Chef
Today's Lady News: TV Host Called A "Big Lesbian" By Newspaper Critic
Win This! TRIA Laser Hair Removal System
Frisky Movie Review: "12 & Delaware," HBO On August 2
Gift For Gab: The Best Comments For The Week Of July 23, 2010
Free Snooki! Nicole Polizzi Arrested For Disorderly Conduct
Trailer Park: "Dinner For Schmucks," "Charlie St. Cloud," "The Extra Man," "The Dry Land"
Pregnancy Denial: A Horrifying Mental Illness
Heidi Montag To Divorce Spencer Pratt
Nekkid Barbie Calendar Makes Us Feel Pervy
"The Situation" Digs Custom Nikes, And More "Jersey Shore"-Style Snookspiration
Sofia Coppola To Direct New Dior Fragrance Commercial?
I Criticized My Mother-in-Law Online -- And Then She Found Out
An Open Letter To Lady Gaga About Luc Carl
Shopping Guide: 8 Thank You Gifts Under $25
Money 101: An Overview Of 401(k), 403(b), And Roth IRA Retirement Accounts
Beauty Test Drive: Marc Jacobs Bang Eau De Toilette Spray
"Laguna Beach" Sparked A Crime Wave
Oak & Co. Gives Young Designers Exposure
What Are "Carrot Pants"?
What Kind Of Shopper Are You?
The 10 Television Guest Stars We Can't Wait For This Fall
Dancing Swedish Cop Busts A Move
Would You Ever Wear A Vintage Bathing Suit?
Dear Wendy: "My Boyfriend's Moving Out. Can Our Relationship Survive?"
It's "American Idol"-geddon!
Tim Gunn's Mutiny: Asks If "Project Runway" Judges Are Smoking Crack
Girl Talk: Love Me, Love My Hair
Quotable: Matt LeBlanc On Being A Silver Fox
My Two Cents: 10 Ways To Have Free Fun This Summer
Enough With The Alexander McQueen Tribute Products
It's Time To Ditch Your Type!
Style By Jury: What Do You Think Of Jessica Szohr's Look?
Flojuggler: For The Man Who Knows Nothing Is More Terrible Than A Woman's Period
Dater X: My Return To Dating
Can't Get Enough Of These Crochet Booties
Zac Efron Got His Girlfriend's Permission Before Strip Club Trip
How Pole Dancing Changed My Life
Anti-Aging Update: Bee Venom Beauty Products "Sting" Your Skin (Ouch)
Christina Hendricks' Bathtime Talk Embarrasses Male Newscaster
Things In His House That Make Me Sad: Weird Candles
Spray Tan Away Your Layover
The USA: Where The Food Gets Grosser And Grosser
Star Couplings: Kate Hudson Puts Relationship On Warp Speed
Ex-Teacher Guilty Of Sexting Nude Pics To Student
Keep Your Hands Off My Bikini Top, Please
10 Celeb Women Who Are Six Feet Or Taller
Freak Out: Kate Moss To Star In Reality TV Show
If Dating A Narcissist Never Bothered You Before, Maybe It Will Now
8 Celebrity Freudian Slips
Quotable: Jon Hamm Isn't The Marrying Kind
Improve Your Stroke With The Count Machine Onahole
10 Celebrity Ladies With Exposed Bras
Quickies: Leonardo DiCaprio Backs Out On Mel Gibson & Lindsay Lohan's Dad Gets Musical
A Cellulite Cream That Actually Works?
One Of The Kookiest Hotels (If You Can Even Call It That) We've Seen
The Heart Is On Fire
Sex Facts To Bust Out At Tonight's Party
Today's Lady News: Federal Abortion-Funding Ban To Be Introduced In Congress
Bristol Palin's Friend Might Also Be Pregnant With Levi Johnston's Child
Cheapskate: Ruche
Apple Being Sued For iPads That Shut Down In The Sun
Is Calling Someone Fat More Motivational Than Calling Someone Obese?
Lady Mag Lesson #3: Be A Slave To Fashion!
The Hunks Of Club Fantasy
Shopping Guide: 8 Little Ways To Dress Up An Outfit
Nina Garcia Scares The Crap Out Of All The New "Project Runway" Designers
The Long Island Lolita To Star In 4 Porns
"Mad Men" Celebrates Christmas In August
Packing List: Vegas, Baby!
4 Myths About Women That Just Aren't True
Girls Ruin Everything For Boys
Essence Editor Responds To Controversial Hiring Of A White Fashion Director
And Now "Mad Men" Nail Polish
The 10 Most Romantic Facebook Love Stories
Hot Girls Playing With Balls
If You're 13 Years Old, Add This Word To Your Vocabulary
10 Summer Flings To Remember
Calvin Klein Gets In On The Leggings Game A Little Too Late?
Watch The Most Adorable Wedding Video Ever Made
Frisky Rant: Leave The Texting Lingo Out Of Online Dating!
These Fiber Optic High Heels Will Light Up Your Toes
Oksana Grigorieva Left Mel Gibson After A Placenta-Burying Ceremony. Huh?
We Heart Goths In Hot Weather
Justin Timberlake's William Rast Teams With Target
President Obama Visits "The View" To Talk The Economy, Jobs, Race, And Snooki
Girl Talk: Why I Prefer Dating Guidos A La "Jersey Shore"
Elle Creative Director Joe Zee Wanders New York City In A Chanel Fur Suit
All About Matt Long, The Newest Ad Man On "Mad Men"
Dear Wendy: "What's The Kindest Way To Break Up With Six Men?"
Grow Meat-Eating Plants At Your Desk
Quick Vid: J.Crew's Charming Fall 2010 Collection
Frisky Reader Revealed: We Are Singing Chelles_Bells' Praises
Sex With Steph: It Hurts When I Have Sex
"Cop Without A Badge" To Become A TV Show
Lara Stone Suing French Playboy For Publishing Naked Photos
Girl Talk: Is The Computer Killing Our Close Friendships?
Quotable: Barack Obama Wasn't Invited To Chelsea Clinton's Wedding
Quick Video: How Many Hipsters Can You Fit In A Car?
Star Couplings: Are Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloom Expecting A Baby?
First Look: Betsey Johnson's Eloise-Themed Suite For The Plaza
You May Wear Many Hats ... Hopefully Not This One
15 Celeb Ladies Aging Like Fine Wine
Would You Rather ... Have Crystal Renn, Agyness Deyn, Or Heidi Klum's Body?
Quotable: Tom Hardy Has Done A Few Dudes
8 Celebrity Boycotts
Women Getting Plastic Surgery ... On Their Feet!
50 Percent Zebra, 50 Percent Donkey, 100 Percent Adorbs
12 Celebs Taking A Snack Break
Quickies: Anna Wintour Hosts A Dinner For President Obama & Kendall Jenner Is Now A Model
At The Boys' Club: "I Got My Boyfriend's Name Tattooed On My Body"
Today's Lady News: California Voters Polled On Female Politicians' Hair
Russell Brand Is Very Proud Of His Beach Body
Get Ready For The New "September Issue"
Dolce & Gabbana To Outfit Chelsea Soccer Team
"Hot Toddy" And Other Mixed Drinks That Have Inspired Songs
Alexander Skarsgard For Hickey Freeman
M.I.A's Increasingly Erratic Behavior
Go Au Naturale With Your Nails
A Shirt That Shows Off Your Spine
Weekend Wear: Leighton Meester's Girls' Day Out Look
Oldest Twitter User Passes Away At 104
Quotable: Daisy Fuentes Won't Make The First Move
10 Celebs Who've Gone Governmental
Aretha Franklin Duets With Condoleezza Rice On "I Say A Little Prayer"
A Wedding To Die For
How Chelsea Clinton's $3 Million Wedding Stacks Up To Other Celebrity Nuptials
A Piece Of Advice For Kourtney Kardashian
The Top 40 Pop Culture Preppies
How The "Jersey Shore" Cast Prepared For The Season 2 Premiere
Forever 21's Fun House Mirrors Had The Wrong Effect On Me
Elisabetta Canalis, Girlfriend Of George Clooney, Named In Cocaine Scandal
Tabloid Cheat Sheet: Tiger Marrying Rachel? Angelina's Heroin Binge Photos?
"Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World" Cuties Take Off Their Pants For GQ
Quotable: Hulk Hogan Is Ecstatic That His Ex-Wife Is Engaged
Advice For LeAnn Rimes And Eddie Cibrian Now That They're Moving In Together
Style By Jury: What Do You Think Of Jessica Biel's See-Through Red Gown And Mussy Hair?
Will You Go Gray, Like Model Kristen McMenamy, Or Color Your Hair?
Book Critic Says Pink Covers "Candy Coat" Books For Women And Girls
This Is How Madonna Directs Taylor Momsen For The Material Girl Line
Are All Russian Spies Named Anna?
Dear Wendy: "My BFF Is In A Controlling Relationship"
NY Post Shows Teen Tanning Bans Do Jack
Quotable: Drew Barrymore Thinks Your Internet Is Stupid
"Aww"-Inducing Makeup And Beauty Tools
David Agbodji Looks Mighty Fine In His Calvin Kleins
Old Spice Guy Lands Both Movie And TV Roles
Mind Of Man: You Are Not “Single” -- You Are Ronin
Wear Your Luck On Your Wrist
Justin Timberlake Directs 3 Horny Tequila Ads
Ooh La La: Open Back Dresses!
The Daily Beast Makes Chelsea Clinton Look Vaguely Skeletal
The Devil Dog-Lover Wears Prada: Saks Fifth Avenue To Sell Plus-Size Clothes
Does This Butchered Woman Make You Want To Go Shopping?
I Have Migraines
Taylor Momsen's "Pretty Reckless" Album Cover
A Brief History Of Nail Polish
81-Year-Old Sweethearts Reunite After 62 Years
Quotable: Kelly Bensimon Is All About Back-Door Education
Elisabeth Hasselbeck Knows What Turns Older Women Gay
8 Totally Inappropriate Celebrity Engagements
Star Couplings: Tamera Mowry Is Engaged To A Fox Guy & Diablo Cody Gives Birth!
YSL's Speedy Delivery
Pole Dancing School Begins Offering Classes For Elementary School Kids
Style By Jury: What Do You Think Of Calista Flockhart's Dentist Appointment Look?
This '80's Doll Commercial Explains Why Your Biological Is Ticking
8 Things You Didn't Know About What Happens Behind The Scenes On Porn Movie Sets
Quickies: "Jersey Shore" Went To Wall Street & Who Got A Nose Job On "The Real Housewives"?
This Blogger Is Going On 30 Dates In 30 Days, But Will She Find Love?
Today's Lady News: Erin Andrews Wants Tougher Punishments For Pervs
Ivanka Trump To Launch Handbag, Footwear Line
Album Drop: This Week's New Releases, From Fat Joe To Tom Jones
Frisky Rant: Why Are Adults Wearing Silly Bandz?
Alexis Neiers Spills The Beans On Life With Lindsay Lohan In Prison
A Third Woman Accuses Roman Polanski Of Rape
Beauty Test Drive: L'Oreal Infallible Never Fail Lipcolour Stars Collection
Doloris Petunia Makes Friendship Bracelets Out Of Rhinestones
A Porta-Potty Fit For A Clinton
Angelina Jolie Joins Twitter
"Sucker Punch" Features Few Clothes And Lots Of Guns
Who Would Wear Boob And Butt Helmets?
Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond Gives Away Mixers, 43,000 Commenters Clamor For Them
22 Celebrity Calves -- And I Don't Mean Famous Baby Cows
"Real Housewife" Teresa Giudice's Life Is Up For Auction
New Video Game Is Like "Avatar," But Teaches Teen Girls About Abstinence
Watch Out, Barbie: It's Barbie-In-A-Blender Day
Which Beauty Products Can You Share With Friends?
Luke Perry And Jason Priestley Reunite For Hallmark Movie
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