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900 People Lip Dub "Hey, Soul Sister"
Our 10 Favorite Female Celebrity Mug Shots
Oh Noes! Sad Cat Is Sad!
Would You Rather ... Be All Gray By 30 Or Slowly Bald?
Star Couplings: Mark-Paul Gosselaar Is A Single Man!
What's Your Experience With Bizarrely Shaped Bushes?
Miley Cyrus Engages In ZOMG Shocking Lesbian Kiss!
10 Signs He Might Be A Moodle
Yay Or Nay: The High-Waisted Bikini
Claudia Schiffer Goes Black For A Magazine Cover
Whom Should Al Gore Date Next?
Topless Transgender Women Told To Cover Up At Beach, Spared Arrest By Their Boy Parts
Blanche Devereaux Was Also A Burlesque Bombshell
The Top 10 Mean Girls Of Reality TV
Quickies: Bethenny Frankel's Leaving "Real Housewives" & 4 Ways To Boost Your Sex Drive
Urban Outfitters Gets In On The Beauty Game
Today's Lady News: Arizona Gang Rape Teen Gets Probation
Did Lady Gaga Fall For A Twitter Hoax By A Fake Cancer Patient?
Whitney Port's Whitney Eve Fails To Impress Fashion Insiders
Yes, Doll, Your Butt Does Look Good In Those Shorts!
Inspiration Board: Dennis Hopper's "Easy Rider"
Joran Van Der Sloot A Murder Suspect. Again.
Need Another Online Shopping Site? Maybe.
Four Friends Is All You Need
Flip-Flops For Less Than $50
Chloë Sevigny And Ginnifer Goodwin Are As Close As Sister-Wives
Is Doug Reinhardt A Beauty Queen Junkie?
Girl On Girl: The "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Repeal Has A Long Way To Go
Joss Stone Should Stick To Singing
Fun New Blog Features Ugly Ducklings Who Became Swans
Are All Your Friends Lying To You? Lori Gottlieb, Fairy Godmother Of Rudeness, Thinks So
Appliance Prostituting
Danielle Staub Is The Latest "Real Housewife" To Record A Single
Girl Talk: I'm Not Sold On Monogamy
A New South Carolina Gubernatorial Sex Scandal
A Diamond-Encrusted 22-Carat Gold iPad Case For The Nerd Who Has Everything
10 Reasons We'll Be Watching Kate Gosselin's "Twist Of Kate"
The Anti-Taxidermy Deer Head Vase
Quotable: Nick Cannon Is Thinking Baby Names
Money 101: Get Out Of Debt Now!
Cheapskate: Swimsuits For Less Than $60 ... Seriously
Is Bethenny Frankel Too Much Of A Skinny Girl After Giving Birth?
How To Deal When Roommates And Their Partners Stage A Home Invasion
See-Through Dresses Abound!
Poll: What Do You Think The Song Of Summer 2010 Will Be?
Packing List: Weekend In Cape Cod
Al-Jazeera Anchors Quit After Being Harassed About Makeup And Hair
Rue McClanahan Has Died
Dear Wendy: "My Boyfriend Won't Let Me Sleep Over"
Courtney Love Got A New Face!
Quotable: Jennifer Love Hewitt's Mom Is Proud Her Daughter Is A Prostitute
"Golden Girls A XXX MILF Parody" Promises To Horrify Its Viewers
Girl Talk: Waiting For An "A-Ha Moment" In Love
Bringing Back Lipstick Cases
Cameron Diaz Plays Golden Cover Girl For July Vogue
What Frisky Editors Want For Summer
Frisky Reader Revealed: Open Up To Us, Unbounded
Too Sexy For Citibank? Pretty Female Banker Sues
22 Famous Hot Men In Their Underwear
We Love Lululemon Do It All Shorts
Is Pubic Hair Passé?
Star Couplings: Are Kim Kardashian & Reggie Bush Back Together Again?
Pierced Nipple Wood Clogs Ickier Than Crocs
Quotable: Cameron Diaz Credits Sex For Youthful Looks
10 Reasons Not To Delete An Ex's Number
Lion Cub Raised By Little Girls In New Zealand Home
Lingerie Co. Puts The Lick In The Heimlich Maneuver
6 Male Stars Who Went Full-Frontal
Christina Hendricks Is One Badass Android
Urban Outfitters Wants You To "Eat Less"
19 Ways To Get Her To Go Down
10 Celebrities Who Claim They Were Ugly Ducklings
Quickies: Ride Your Bike With A Naughty Crocheted Seat & Appreciate Your Flaws
Topshop Wants To Help You Tat Yourself
Summer Heat Brings On Tour Cancellation Fever
Has Kourtney Kardashian's Boyfriend, Scott Disick, Completely Lost It?
Today's Lady News: Cupcake Baker Calls Customer A "Fat C-Word" On Twitter After Complaint
Central St. Martins Grads Go For Crazy And We Like It
Les Grossman Is Tom Cruise's Best Character Ever
New Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Sunglasses Are Fugly
5 Good Reasons To Crack A Smile
Would You Keep Your Legs Cool In A Pair Of Sheer Pants?
Happy Hump Day: Boxer Puppy Is Confused By Speaker Phone
10 Celebrity Cocaine Scandals
Do You Like Katherine Heigl As A Brunette Or A Blonde?
Fergie Admits She's A Drunk, Broke, Hot Mess On "Oprah"
Someone Finally Says Something Sensible About "Sex And The City 2"
Summer Must: Anthropologie Reversible Seamless Tank
Ken's Dream House And Inferiority Complex
Shopping Guide: Animal Rings, Part 2
Did A Home Hair-Dyeing Disaster Cost Megan Fox Her "Transformers 3" Role?
Kelly Bensimon Makes Homemade PSA About "Systematic Bullying"
The 10 Most Awkward Makeout Sessions
Did John Mark Karr Recruit Young Girls For A Sex Cult?
Revlon Offers Nail Polish You Can Sniff
7 Celebrities Rocking Summer Hats
Sonja Morgan Arrested; Still The Sanest, Most Likeable NYC Housewife
Lance Bass Goes Glam Rock For Mike Ruiz Shoot
Tabloid Cheat Sheet: Secretly Gay Celebs? Paris Hilton And Adrien Brody?
M.I.A. Writes Song About New York Times Reporter
Crush Of The Day: Benjamin Millepied, Natalie Portman's Ballerina Boyfriend
Mind Of Man: The Best Part Of Breaking Up
Poll: Do Suspenders Work On Women, Or Are They Better Off In The Men's Department?
The Real Story Behind "The Real Housewives Of New Jersey" Charity Event Drama
Lindsay Lohan's Self-Tanner Made Me Look Like The Bloody Chick From "Psycho"
Male Porn Star Goes On Rampage, Killing 1, Wounding 2
Cristiano Ronaldo Looks Good In Nothing
Girl Talk: Honesty -- Did I Do It Wrong?
A "True Blood" Teaser To Get You Through Hump Day
Oklahoma Inmates Are Dashing In Pastels And Stripes
Dear Wendy: "My Boyfriend's Ex-Wife Is Teaching Their Kids To Be Racist"
Fancy Yourself A Fashion Designer?
"Downtown Girls" Premiere Recap: Reduce, Reuse & Recycle Your Exes
What Mariah Carey And Nick Cannon Should Name Their Baby
Richard Burton's Love Letters To Liz Taylor Released -- Do You Have A Love You Pine Away For?
And What About Plus-Size Male Models?
10 Famous Addicts Who Need To Be Sent To Celebrity Rehab!
BFF Necklaces For The Brokenhearted?
New Kylie Minogue Video, "All The Lovers," Features A Lot Of People In Their Underpants
Star Couplings: Jane Lynch Is A Married Woman & Mariah Carey Is Definitely Knocked Up
Here's One Way To Sleep With Models
What's "The Bechdel Test" And Will Your Next Blockbuster Rental Pass It?
How To Get Colette's Superhero Style On The Cheap
British Sexual Harassment PSA Tells Men To Stop Being Gross
Man Dances Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger, Unicornier
5 Easy Tips For Giving A Sexy Striptease
Quotable: "Real Housewife" Jill Zarin Cried For Days After Crashing Ramona's Party
Lady Gaga Dishes It All On "Larry King"
10 Celebrities With Someone's Name Tattooed On Them
Quickies: 5 Things You Didn't Know Your Uterus Could Do And Lady Gaga Is Lupus-Free
Tokidoki Yourself For A $500 Sephora Gift Card
Today's Lady News: Scientists Ban Women From Mock Mission To Mars
Love Vandal: This Way To Your Soul Mate
Album Drop: This Week's New Releases, From Jack Johnson To The Futureheads
The FIFA World Cup Trophy Travels In Style
Quotable: Miley Cyrus Hates On Musicals
Your Favorite Fashion Designers Show How They Decorate Their Homes
The Boob Tube: Must-See TV For The Week Of June 1, 2010
Blind Item: Who's The CW Star Who Got Canned For A Dalliance With The Boss' Daughter?
"Sex And The City 2" Stars Unfazed By Movie's Mediocre Opening Weekend
Style By Jury: What Do You Think Of Karolina Kurkova's Spanish Shawl-Inspired Dress?
Quotable: Joss Whedon's Formula For "Buffy The Vampire Slayer"
With Poo-Pourri Your Poop Doesn't Have To Stink!
7 Celeb Couples Who Broke Up Before We Knew They Were Together
French Marie Claire Goes Curvy
Lindsay Lohan Really Wants To Hide That SCRAM Bracelet
The Good, The Bad & The Ugly Of The "I Hate Females Who ..." Twitter Trending Topic
George Clooney's Girlfriend Thinks Jennifer Aniston And Iggy Pop Were Separated At Birth
Who's Been To A Theme Wedding?
Diagnosing "The Real Housewives Of New Jersey"
Couple Shocked To Find Out They Are Half Siblings
Built-In Placket Bras Solve Boob Issues
Which "Jersey Shore" Cast Member Is A Cokehead?
Kristen Stewart's British Elle Cover Looks Ripped From The Late '90s
iMaria, An iPhone App For Men Who Can Only Deal With Virtual Women
Inspiration Board: "Diff'rent Strokes"
Heidi Klum And Seal Think They Can Make Your Relationship As "Divine" As Theirs
10 Reasons Why I Saw "Shrek" This Weekend Instead Of "Sex And The City 2"
Is Sarah Palin Allowed To Call Herself A Feminist?
Adam Senn Models For Industrie
Al And Tipper Gore Separate, Public Makeout Sessions No Longer On The Horizon
Dear Wendy: "I'm Engaged, But I'm Not In Love"
New Study Says More Than Half Of All Couples Are Unhappy
Mandles: Candles For The Man Who Likes A Room That Smells Like Fart
Men's Fashion Trends That Took Off -- But Never Should Have
10 Places To Have Sex Outdoors This Summer
Get The Big Breasts You've Always Wanted ... With A Boob Scarf
New Dance Craze: The Surra De Bunda Is Perfect For Lazy Dudes
What His Online Profile Really Means
Summertime Studs
Poll: Charlie Sheen To Spend 30 Days In Jail. Is That Enough?
Girl Talk: I Stopped Masturbating
Heidi And Spencer Split! 10 Ideas For How Heidi Can Become Human Again
Lindsay Lohan Makes For A Demented Minnie Mouse
Librarians Remix Lady Gaga's "Poker Face" With Nerdy Panache
365 Days In Paris: En Couple
Quotable: Katy Perry Likes Russell Brand For His Vocabulary
Congrats, Uncle Karl!
Star Couplings: Heidi Montag Splits From Spencer Pratt, Confirms Rep
5 Super Non-Traditional Bikini Bottoms
Comic Book-Inspired Hats Turn You Into A Fashion Superhero
Cash & Coupling: 7 Ways To Work Through Money-Focused Fights
Colette + Timberland + Boat Shoes = WTF
Baby Otters Learn How To Swim The Hard Way
Decode My Dream: My Eyeball Came Out!
Give This Cat An Oscar!
Quotable: Kristen Stewart Feels "Raped" By The Paparazzi
Alicia Keys Addresses Interracial Dating In "Unthinkable (I'm Ready)"
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