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Quickies: Heidi Klum Is Planning Another TV Show & Kim Kardashian Is Getting Her Own Wax Figure
Don't Skimp On Those Beauty Treatments
Today's Lady News: "Bright Pill," A Birth Control Pill For Men, In The Works
Feet By Christian Louboutin
Shopping Guide: 10 Net-A-Porter Sale Items We'd Sacrifice Our Firstborns For
Shoe Porn: Givenchy Goes For The Gold
Getting A Disease Has Never Been Cuter
Beauty Test Drive: Make Up Forever HD Concealer
White T-Shirts Are Not OK In Philly
First Look: The Urban Outfitters Fall Lookbook
New Lustr iPhone App Plays Hot Potato With Sales
New Breast Enhancement Procedure Makes Them Grow Naturally?
How Bikram Yoga Is Making Me One Of "Those People"
A Look Inside The Home Of French Vogue's Ed-In-Chief
5 Things You Need To Know About Russian Spy "Anna Chapman"
10 People Who Could Fill Larry King's Suspenders, Er, Shoes
Screw Diamonds, Show Your Love With A Spoon
We Dare You To Shop With 99,999 Other People At Forever 21
30-Day Breakup Guide: Day 24
Kourtney Kardashian Opens Up About Mason's Controversial Sleep Habits
Cat Gets Awesome Bionic Paws
10 Musicians Who Went Solo And Prospered
Wonder Woman Gets A Makeover
9 Tips For Befriending A Brit
At Age 45 Your Sex Life Is Over And Most Women Fake It
"Jersey Shore" Season Two Trailer: Miami, Catfights Galore And Vinny Gets Some!
Dear Wendy: "My Boyfriend Signed Up For A Cheating Site"
Where Does The Word "Sneakers" Come From?
Geri Halliwell Fondles Her Spice Rack
6 Steps For Making A Man Fall Madly In Love
The Men Of Dolce & Gabbana Are Easy On The Eyes
Tabloid Cheat Sheet: Ali's Nude Photo Scandal? The Travoltas' Miscarriage Scare?
Mind Of Man: I Want To Grow A Sweet Mustache
Babies And Demons? Yeah, "Paranormal Activity 2" Goes There
Hump Day Cuteness: The Peruvian Guinea Pig Festival!
10 Wedding Gifts For Our Fave Anti-Gay, Sex Tape-Starring, Dethroned Beauty Queen, Carrie Prejean
Lady Fish Love The Mustache
The Old Spice Guy Is Back!
I Have Borderline Personality Disorder
Come On Over For A BBQ
Are You A "Fun" Dresser?
Dear Wendy: "Hot For Doc" Responds
Bikini-Clad Stewardesses Scrub Down A Plane In A Russian Airline Commercial
Japanese Vogue Goes Gaga For "Jo Calderone"
The Top 20 Things That Drive Us Crazy
Quotable: Elizabeth Edwards Relates To Sandra Bullock
Ex-Bodyguard Claims Britney Spears Hit Her Kids With A Belt
Star Couplings: Jake Pavelka Is A Repeat Sexual Rejection Offender
A Pink Teddy Bear Stole Perfect For Getting Snuggly
The Best Jeans Under $40
Alexander McQueen Without Alexander McQueen Just Isn't The Same
10 Online Dating Profile Dealbreakers I'm Sick Of Encountering
Not A Joke: Cynthia Rowley To Make Designer Diapers
Get A Fashion Preview Of Old Navy Fall 2010
Velibataire: The French Dating Site For Bike Fans
Quotable: Lauryn Hill Explains Why She Left Us And If She'll Be Back
10 Celebs Rocking Thongs
Quickies: Chris Brown Cried On Command & Lindsay Lohan Tweets 20 Things She Apparently Didn't Do
If You Kiss Someone Else, Should You Tell Your Partner?
Today's Lady News: Iceland's Lesbian Prime Minister Marries Her Girlfriend
The Politically Incorrect Closet Of Johnny Weir: Fur, Fur, A Red Army Soldier's Hat, And More Fur
Album Drop: This Week's New Releases, From Scissor Sisters To The-Dream
Man Kills Stepdaughter For Crying During World Cup
Italians Rule At Romantic Graffiti
Does Anyone Buy "Investment Pieces" Anymore?
Random Single Gal Recipe: Roasted Salmon And Brussels Sprouts
5 People Who've Lost Their Jobs Over Sexy Pics
Susan Sarandon Working On A Ping-Pong Reality Show
No Sex Allowed In Outer Space
Independence Day Inspiration Board: Betsy Ross
Lourdes Ciccone Is Blogging Her Material Girl Line
Quotable: Alexander Skarsgard Finds Nudity "Liberating"
30-Day Breakup Guide Challenge: Calling My Dad On Day 23
Forbes' 100 Most Powerful Celebrities List: Who Would Win In A Fight?
Beauty Test Drive: Tarte Lip Stain
10 Signs He's A Womanizer
Mario Testino To Exhibit Life-Sized Kate Moss Pics
Would You Ever Have A Sex Agreement?
Creepy Or Cool? A Human Thumb-Shaped USB Drive
Nerd Freakout: Hi-Tech Norma Kamali Mannequins
Celebrities Fashion Gone Wrong: Independence Day
Cash & Coupling: 15 Tips For Throwing A Wedding On A Budget
Quotable: Jennifer Hudson Speaks About The Murders Of Her Family Members
Little Girl Riding Pug Results In Cuteness Explosion
British Magazine Writer Says Breastfeeding Is "Creepy" And I Kind Of Agree
What You Should Know About Sunburns
Emma Watson Rocks Out In Her New Boyfriend's Video
30-Day Breakup Guide: Day 23
You Need A Sexier Personal Flotation Device
Sexy Banker Wants State Investigation Into Citibank Sexual Harassment Claims
20 Things Worth Spending Money On
Amy Locane Of "Melrose Place" Facing Charges For Vehicular Manslaughter
Get Everyone At BP A Copy Of This Calendar, Stat
Girl Talk: I'm Competitive
"Huge" Recap: Fat People Were On TV And, Whaddya Know, The World Didn't End
Quotable: Candace Cameron Bure On The Cultural Impact Of DJ Tanner
The 12 Best Gay Pride Parade Costumes
Converse Kicks It Up A Stripe
Was Jennifer Capriati Dating A Porn Star Prior To Her Overdose?
Guy Talk: We Merged Sex With TV
Do You Have Doctor Fantasies?
"Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows": Hold Onto Your Broomsticks, The Trailer Is Here
Dear Wendy: "Am I An Awful Friend?"
Shave Your Legs Wrong, Kill Your Boyfriend
Oprah's Search For The Next TV Star: 10 Peeps To Vote For
8 Heavy-Duty Summer Foot Care Essentials
Remember When Sofia Coppola Designed Clothes?
Style By Jury: Kristen Stewart Lightens Her Hair -- What Do You Think?
Star Couplings: Megan Fox And Brian Austin Green Are Married!?
Maxi Mouse Pad Makes No Bloody Sense
Quotable: Former "Bachelorette" Contestant Thinks Jake Pavelka Has "Gay Tendencies"
20 Things Men (Maybe) Don't Know About Women
McDonald's In Miniature: Why French People Don't Get Fat
What Is "Getting Busched?"
10 Celebrity Moms Who Might Consider Posing For Playboy
Liveblogging "The Bachelorette" On June 28, 2010
Quickies: Sandra Bullock Is Officially Divorced & Steve Carell Is Leaving "The Office"
Now He's Baby-Faced
Today's Lady News: Dove To Cast "Flawless" Women In New "Real Beauty" Campaign
Tom Ford To Direct Another Film
The Boob Tube: Must-See TV For The Week Of June 28, 2010
Charlie Chaplin Inspired Menswear At John Galliano
How Much Will You Spend On Shoes In A Lifetime?
Naomi Campbell Shows The Kiddies Some Love
6 Famous Women Who Have Been Slapped With Restraining Orders
Domino Magazine Online Again At
Want A Free iPhone 4? Just Become A iPhone 4 Video Sex Chat Star
Why Men's Fashion Week Shouldn't Exist, Pt. 2: Lipstick, Space Men, Tube Tops
Check This Out: Girls Of eBay Blog
OMG, Kittens! (Also, Vanessa Hudgens)
A Brief History Of The Most Entertaining Reality TV Show Families
Gary Coleman Nude Clip Sparks A Lawsuit And The Creeps
Poll: What Do You Do With Your Lady Mustache?
30-Day Breakup Guide: Day 22
Is "Toy Story 3" Sexist?
Quotable: Angelina Jolie Says Shiloh Wants To Be A Boy And Characterizes The Other Kids
Frisky Q&A: Matt & Kim On Why Making An Album Is Like Having A Baby
Rumor Alert: Has MTV Canceled "The City"?
Facebook's "100 Biggest Sluts" Page Creator Could Face Stalking Charges
365 Days In Paris: In A Nutshell
I'm Not A (Clean) Plastic Bag
Was Chris Brown Trying To Save His Career With That BET Awards Performance?
Dear Wendy: "If I Kick Out My Roommate, I Might Lose Friends"
Blast-Proof Boxers Protect A Guy's Junk From Explosions
10 Reasons Why The Big Winners Might Have Been MIA At The Daytime Emmys
Girl Talk: I Date Outside My Race, So What?
Katy Perry Poses Topless For Esquire
Video: Cowboy Hip Hop Is Where It's At
The BET Awards Red Carpet: Some Fabulosity & Some Tragedies
Landon Donovan May Be A Baby Daddy
Is The Facebook Movie Supposed To Be A Horror Film!?
I Signed A Sex Contract With My Husband
Advice From A Stripper: How To Wear High Heels
An Obese Barbie?
Cate Edwards Pens An Essay For People Magazine About Her Mess Of A Family
Girl Talk: A Guy Found My Nuva Ring … Inside Of Me
Last Night's "True Blood": Was The Final Scene Too Violent?
A Ring That Whispers Instead Of Yells
All Hail King Spencer Pratt!
Shopping Guide: 8 Alternative Wedding Styles
Time To Get Giddy For "Mad Men" Season 4
Somewhere, A Golden-Hoofed Antelope Is Missing Two Feet
365 Days In Paris: Au Revoir
Mel Gibson's Split From Oksana Grigorieva Is Getting Ugly
Quotable: Joan Rivers Thinks Ricky Martin Came Out At The Right Time
For The Week Of June 28-July 4, 2010
Beauty Test Drive: Soulgasm Parfum
Christina Hendricks Wants You To Buy This $130 Scarf
Star Couplings: Katy Perry And Russell Brand Might Be Married Already
Super Classy: Single Serving Wine Glasses
Chris Brown Is Still Crying About Michael Jackson's Death
Dear Wendy Updates: "Military Brat" Responds
Prince Harry Winds Up
Quotable: Angelina Jolie Talks Future Sex Scenes With Brad
9 Celebs Who Owe Some Serious Dough
Random Recipe: Flowers Can Be Edible And Delicious
What Women Think Of Testicles
Rosebud Salve Face-Off: The Tube Vs. The Pot
Ask The Astrosexologist: Do I Still Have A Shot With My Scorpio BF?
Does Googling A Person Help Or Hinder A First Date?
Shopping Guide: Summer Dresses With A Retro Feel
In Bed With ... Kaká
We Give Lindsay Lohan's SCRAM A Makeover
Dear Wendy: "How Can I Dump My Boyfriend Nicely?"
Modeling Through A Major Head Trauma
30-Day Breakup Guide: Day 21
Suri Cruise Gets Leg Tattoos?
7 Stars Talk About People Who Have Crushes On Them
How To Deal With Depression When You're Trying To Get Pregnant
Which Country Claims To Have Invented The Tie?
Meet The HoodieBuddie, An Earbud-Sweatshirt Combo
7 Skirts In The Abstract
Betty White Teaches A Younger Man How To Score With Older Women
How NOT To Hit On A Guy
Chic On The Street: Pulled-Together Punk
Summer Garb For Prepsters
7 Topshop Sale Items Worth Buying
10 Tips For Getting Along With A Bridezilla
Would You Like A Side Of Fries With Those Flip Flops?
Dear Wendy: "I Can't Climax On My Meds"
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