Archives: May, 2010

The "Daria" Box Set: Why We Want, No NEED, It
Frisky Rant: Newsweek's Article About Gay Actors Is Way Off Base
Quotable: Spencer Pratt Calls Heidi Montag's Mom A Vagina
Mind Of Man: To Text Or Not To Text
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Terry Richardson Sparks Controversy Again And Tavi Retaliates
Dear Wendy: "How Can Overweight Women Look Sexy?"
Gross: Japanese Portable Ashtray For Women
Teri Hatcher Launches A Lifestyle Site
Girl Talk: I Won't Be Another Notch On His Bedpost
Nothing Sketch About MJ's Miss Sketchy Laptop Case
Got Varicose Veins? There May Be Hope Yet ...
5 Reasons I'm A Missionary Gal
So Miley Cyrus Thinks She Can Dirty Dance?
Is Minnie Driver Secretly Married?
I Have Poly-Cystic Ovarian Syndrome
Christina Aguilera Poses Nude On The Cover Of GQ Germany
Sitting In A Salt Den Is The Latest Beauty Craze
Star Couplings: Is Kristen Stewart Pregnant?
Chanel Cruises Through Saint-Tropez With Playful Fashion Show
Gardasil's Scare Tactic Ads Do More Harm Than Good, One Woman Says
My Two Cents: Weaning Myself Off ATMs
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"Bachelorette" Sneak Peek
7 Celebrity Couples That Should Never Have Reunited
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Little Girls Tear It Up To "Single Ladies"
13 Freakishly Sexy World Records
Quickies: The Next Susan Boyle, Taylor Momsen Swears On TV & Justin Bieber Takes Over Oprah
Today's Lady News: UVA Warns Against Attacks By Strangers & Crystal Renn Walks For Chanel
Put On Coral Lipstick For A Touch Of The Tropics
Happy (Not) Hump Day: Kittens Get Autotuned!
Album Drop: This Week's New Releases, From The Dead Weather To The National
What Happened To LPGA Golfer Erica Blasberg?
Former Supermodel Beverly Peele In "Very Serious Condition"
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Her 10 Best Looks: Michelle Williams
The 10 Hottest Female Action Stars, Ever
Love Vandal: Sweet Bus Stop
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Beauty Test Drive: Dior 5-Color Eyeshadow Palette
I Got Rolfed And I Liked It
So Wrong, Yet It Feels So Right!
This Little Dude Already Knows How To Score With The Ladies
Miss USA Contestants Strip Down For Photos. Cue The Controversy.
Carla Bruni And Nicolas Sarkozy Kept The Queen Waiting While They Were Gettin' It On
Tyra Banks Writing Young Adult Novel Where Models Can Do Magic, Or Something
Stars Who've Auctioned Off Dates With Themselves For Charity
Rihanna Pops A Squat
Maid Marion's Designer Moment
We Asked, You Answered: What You Would Do If You Were The Opposite Sex For A Day
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John Galliano To Dress Katy Perry For Her Big Day?
Funny New Blog: @#$% My Kids Ruined
Kate Gosselin Liked The Pedicure Slippers So Much She Wore Them Home
Woman Claims 3D Porno Caused Immaculate Conception
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Erin Andrews Shilled For "Darrin's Dance Grooves"
Karl Lagerfeld's Chanel Petanque Tournament
Dear Wendy: "He Wants Us To Hit A Strip Club For His Birthday"
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Welcome To Tila Tequila's Darkside
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Learn To Kiss Like Your Grandma
Is The New Joaquin Phoenix Documentary Really A Mockumentary?
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The Latest In Weird Cleavage Accessories
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Martin Margiela Box Clutch Just About The Least Practical Accessory Out There
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In A Barbie World ... Fantastic?
Preview This: Lagerfeld's Sexy New Short, "Remember Now"
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A Facebook Group Wants Betty White To Host The Oscars
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The 10 Most Offensive Commercials You've Probably Never Seen
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Remote Control: What You'll Want To Watch The Week Of May 10th 2010
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Today's Lady News: Betty White Celebrates Her "SNL" Triumph & Danny Dyer Gets Fired
Kittens Go For A Slide!
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8 Celebs Who Have Taken A Hollywood Hiatus
Alexis Neiers Is Headed To The Big House For 6 Months
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Diane Kruger And Joshua Jackson Coordinate At The Airport
"Twilight" Moms Have Made Jacob And Isabella The Most Popular Baby Names
Why Women On Dating Sites Don't Respond To Men
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If You've Got One "Friend With Benefits," You Probably Have Two
10 Sun Protection Products For Lazy Girls
Would You Watch Your Wedding Dress Disappear?
Shocker! Andy Rooney Doesn't Understand Lady Gaga
Dear Wendy: "My Boyfriend Watches Porn On MY Computer"
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Warning: Passive-Aggressive Parents Ahead!
Girl Talk: In Sickness And In Health
Chictopia Users Find Themselves Unexpectedly Starring In Payless Ads
Women Over 35 Are Having More Babies Than Teens
Q&A: Molly Ringwald On Confidence, Beauty, And Blane Vs. Duckie
10 Things You Should Know About Supreme Court Nominee Elena Kagan
Bethenny Frankel And Jill Zarin: Round Five
365 Days In Paris: Eye Spy
Pass Some Whisky Stones Over
High Heels With Hamsters In Them Bound To Raise PETA Ire
15 Things That Suck More Than Going To The Gynecologist
Golf Channel Reporter Makes A Tiger Woods-Themed Freudian Slip
Quotable: Martha Stewart Is Anti-Feminist But Pro-Pies And Tarts
RIP Lena Horne: Her Top 10 Performances On YouTube
Magazines For Ladies
Christina Aguilera's "Woo Hoo" Is An Ode To Cunnilingus
Star Couplings: Bethenny Frankel Gives Birth & Young "Twilight"/"Harry Potter" Stars Engaged
Can Botox Make You Look Older?
Did Queen Latifah Get Photoshopped Thinner In Her "Just Wright" Poster?
Cash & Coupling: Honey, I’m Home -- And I Lost My Job!
Rihanna Gets A Little Touchy-Feely
Quotable: Sarah Silverman Says "I Look Like A Transvestite"
For The Week Of May 10-16, 2010
Blogger Declares Herself Miss Grand Central
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Real-Life Barbie
And The Prize Goes To ... How To Make Jeans And A T-Shirt Fab
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Win This! Heart Of The Matter By Emily Giffin
10 Stars Who (Maybe) Have Secret Babies
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Kicks Inspired By How Tiger Woods Gets His
7 Careers Kick-Started, Or At Least Extended, By A Sex Tape
LSD Angel
A Toothy Gift For The Mom Who Has Everything
Trailer Park: "Iron Man 2," "Mother And Child," "Please Give," "The Good Heart," "Babies"
Tim Gunn Helps The Smurfs Make It Work
Style Stealer: Melissa George's Skirt
Jesus Christ Is Coming To Comedy Central
Jennifer Lopez Straddles Two Seasons
6 Gay Cover-Ups We Just Didn't Buy
Quotable: Michelle Duggar Is Not Done Breeding
Scarlett Johansson Munches On Yves Saint Laurent
Hollywood, Please Stop Renewing Your Vows
You Thought Your Heels Were High
"Grey's Anatomy" Seems To Be Running Out Of Characters
What Would You Do If You Were The Opposite Sex For A Day?
The First Reviews For "Eclipse" Are In
Quotable: Gabrielle Union Responds To Siohvaughn Wade's Lawsuit
The Worst Mother's Day Gifts Of All Time
A Vegan Strip Club?
Solange Does "Yo Gabba Gabba"!
Dear Wendy: "I'm A 25-Year-Old Virgin!"
Givenchy's Latest Ad Campaign Features A Transgender Model
The Nirvana Baby Is All Grown Up. And Kind Of Hot.
5 Ways To Prep Your Skin For Summer
Quotable: Bristol Palin Inadvertently Explains Why She Had Sex With Levi
Guy Shows Off His Fake Muscles For You
A Skyline To Keep Your Bookshelf In Order
Jenna Jameson Breaks Down Over Tito Ortiz Abuse Allegations
Questions For Our Mothers: Emily's Mom
Young Hollywood Clamors To Be Cast In "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo"
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20 Cheap (Or Free!) Things That Make Me Happy
Japanese Women Have Better Hair Than You
Highlights From Grazia's Twitter Account
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