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Liveblogging "The Bachelorette" On May 31, 2010
Recipe: Sweet And Simple Basil Lemonade
Give Katy Perry's Purple Eyeshadow A Try
Patricia Field Explains The Costumes In The "SATC 2" Camel Scene
Shopping Guide: 6 Awesome Exfoliators
10 Celebrities Who've Been Defrauded
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Hamsters Rap To Black Sheep In New Kia Commercial
Cheapskate: Shorts For Less Than $50
Justin Bieber A Frequent F-Bomber?
Paul Smith And 6 Other Grown-Up Designers Making Expensive Kids Clothes
10 Stars Whose Relationships Ended As Their Careers Ascended
15 Women On Why They Said "No" To Marriage
A Swimsuit For Taking The Plunge
10 Celebrities We’d Rather Not Trade Places With Right Now
Musings Of A 4-Year-Old Fashion Critic: "Maybe It's From A Fuzzy Monkey?"
For The Week Of May 31-June 6, 2010
Style By Jury: What Do You Think Of Catherine Zeta-Jones' Incognito Look?
Wonder Woman Coming To The Big Screen. Please, Maybe?
Quotable: The Edge Jokes With Bono In Recovery After Back Surgery
Beauty Test Drive: Sarah Jessica Parker SJP NYC Solid Perfume Bracelet
Why Do Men Love Breasts?
Recharge At Home With Elizabeth Arden's Collection For Bed Bath & Beyond
10 Fedoras For Shading Your Face In Style
Love Vandal: Repeat As Needed
Ask The Astrosexologist: "Is Now The Right Time To Start A Romance With My Best Friend?"
Are You Dating A Player?
Quotable: Marc Jacobs Is Tortured, Attracted To Yellow
New YouTube Trend: Turtles Humping Shoes
Quotable: M.I.A. Isn't Impressed With Lady Gaga
Which Health Foods Are Bad For You?
Mom Hijacks Her Son's Facebook Account
This "Real Housewives Of New York City" Parody Is Spot-On
Style Tip: Give Yellow A Go
These Are "Sandals"?
Get Frisky On The Beach: The Definitive Summer Reading List
Why Do Men Watch Porn?
Quotable: Tom Cruise Was Broke When He Got His Big Break
The Geriatric Pink Panther Is The Purrrfect Retirement Activity
Quickies: James McAvoy Will Play Prof. Xavier In "X-Men: First Class" & Proposing To A Guy
And The Prize Goes To ... Our Favorite First Kiss Story
Today's Lady News: Marquette University Rescinds Their Job Offer To Lesbian Dean
Karl Lagerfeld Cleans Up ... Creepily
Gift For Gab: The Best Comments For The Week Of May 21, 2010
Win This! The Entire Avon Glazewear Lip Gloss Collection
Shopping Guide: Outdoor Tablecloths
Jumping Through The Ages
Trailer Park: "Sex And The City 2," "Prince of Persia," "Survival Of The Dead," "Agora," "Micmacs"
Malia Obama Could Be The Inaugural First Model
Urban Outfitters Wants Dads To Protect Sacred Female Virginity
Quotable: Russell Brand Shares Deep Thoughts On Vanity And Masturbation With Rolling Stone
Weekend Wear: Veronica Webb's Sightseeing Look
Get That Kardashian Glow With Kardashian Glamour Tan
In Bed With ... Leonardo DiCaprio
Lindsay Lohan Begs Chanel For Sartorial Help For Her SCRAM Bracelet
Frisky Books: What Are We Reading This Week?
Pull Through, Gary Coleman! [POST UPDATED]
Quotable: Joan Rivers Hopes Jesse James Bounces Back From The Insanity
Cash & Coupling: How To Create A Budget After "Two" Becomes "One"
Japanese Prime Minister's '80s Fashion Gaffe Launches Ironic Trend (And It Costs $500!)
Emma Roberts To Star In "Scream 4"
The Frisky Ladies Confess Their Deepest, Darkest Secrets
Style By Jury: What Do You Think Of Alicia Keys' Pregnancy-Hiding Dress?
Watch Rihanna's Sexy Girl-On-Girl Video For "Te Amo"
30 Things Men Love That Women Just Don't Understand
Naming A Cereal "Muffin Tops" Seems Like A Bad Move
New Madonna Commercial Shows Her Sunglasses Are Cooler Than Your Sunglasses
When To Shut Up And When To Speak Up About Why You're Breaking Up
Apparently, U.K. Men Need A PSA To Be Reminded Not To Rape
25 Percent Off Vivier's Summer Line Until Memorial Day!
20 Reasons To Quit Facebook
"SATC"'s Samantha Does What She Does Best
LuAnn De Lesseps Debuts "Money Can't Buy You Class" Video
Girl Talk: Is There A Statute Of Limitations On Apologies After A Breakup?
A Weekend Bag On A Beach Mission
"Roseanne" Gets Spoofed In Porn Movie, "Roseanne XXX"
Lindsay Lohan Is A Porn Star
5 Pants Perfect For Summer
Chick Lit Author Hires Actresses To Read Her Book In Public And Laugh Hysterically
Dear Wendy: "My Boyfriend's A Pecker"
Quotable: Gilles Marini Was Voting For Someone Else To Win "DWTS"
The Great Silly Bandz School Ban
Star Couplings: Alicia Keys Finally Confirms Pregnancy
M.I.A. Tweets New York Times Reporter's Number
Iron Baby: World's Most Adorbs Superhero
10 Celebrities Who’ve Dropped Serious Pounds For Roles
Samantha Ronson Photographed With Mysterious, Unidentified Twin Sister
Quotable: Tyra Banks Was Shaking While Interviewing Barack Obama
10 TV Anchors Gone Wild!
Baby Reacts To Hearing His Mom's Voice For The First Time
Terry Richardson Captures Team Zoe: Oh Brad!
8 Celebrity Haircuts Heard Around The World
Quickies: Eek! Cynthia Nixon Has Hair Extensions & The Hot Men Of "Sex And The City"
Olivier Theyskens To Design A Line For Theory
Today's Lady News: Howard University Misplaced Hattie McDaniel's "Gone With The Wind" Oscar
Which Celebrity Paints Her Dog's Toenails?
The, Uh, 3 Stars Who Actually Like Watching Themselves On TV
What's That On Sarah Jessica Parker's Head?
The "Harry Potter" Cast Gets Emotional As Filming Comes To An End
The "OCD Project" On VH1 Is My New Favorite Show
10 Things To Know About Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Megan Fox's "Transformers 3" Replacement
Quotable: Nick Cannon Lost His Virginity To An Older Woman And Cried About It
"Glee"'s Bad Romance Is All About The DIY
6 Summer Shoe Styles That Don't Require A Pedicure
"Sex And The City" In One Minute
The Jake Gyllenhaal Effect
The Internet's Made Young People Lonelier Than Ever!
Beauty Products We Want To Steal From Boys, Part 2
Quotable: Radio Host Believes "In Keeping Wives Under Control"
30 Things Women Love That Men Just Don't Understand
Alexander McQueen Successor Found In Sarah Burton
Rest Your Head Where Your Purse Is
10 Pretty Plus-Sized Dresses For Summer
The 10 Worst Porn Movies You Should Hope You Never See
How To Give Yourself A Great Pedicure
Quick Tip Of The Day: How To Get An Aisle And A Window Seat On A Coach Bus
8 Great TV Shows Coming To The Big Screen
School Days, School Days
Ready To Take On The Grandma Chic Look?
In Defense Of John Mayer
Pants For iPad Owners Begging To Be Robbed
Quotable: Wyclef Jean Wants Brad And Angelina To Adopt From Haiti
10 Reasons To See "Sex And The City 2"
Erin Andrews Gets Slut-Shamed By Gossip Reporter
7 Fashion-y Foods And Foodie Fashions
Dear Wendy: "I Want Sex More Than My Much Older Boyfriend"
No Wedding Ring On Your Finger? Try A Special Divorce Or Single Gal Ring Instead
Heidi Montag Wants Michael Bay To Give Her A Shot At "Transformers 3"
The Cattiest Reviews You'll Read About "Sex And The City 2"
Celebs Who Actually Like Watching Themselves On TV
Who Is The Best-Dressed Real Man In America?
Lee DeWyze Wins "American Idol" -- Is It A Beautiful Day For Him?
How Not To Date Like Carrie Bradshaw
A Doll In The Kitchen
Jesse James' Dad Says There Was No Abuse
Packing List: Memorial Day Weekend
Hallelujah! Madewell Launches E-Commerce Site
Quotable: John Corbett Wants To Teach Attached Men To Keep It In Their Pants
Girl Talk: Why I Ran A Half-Marathon
Frisky Reader Revealed: Why Hello There, Singlegirl@31
What's Going On With "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"?
Star Couplings: John Travolta & Kelly Preston Are Expecting Twins, Maybe
Lufthansa's New Tricked-Out Bathrooms Make Joining The Mile High Club Enjoyable
Why Do Grown Men Think Traveling By Scooter Is Appropriate?
Money 101: 5 Ways To Find Summer Travel Deals And Steals

Women Become Less Trusting When They Take Testosterone Pills
The Pee Facial: There Are No Words
Style By Jury: What Do You Think Of Rihanna's Two-Tone Animal Print Look?
Quotable: Jessica Simspon Says "Price Of Beauty" Is Like "Missionary Work"
Who Wants A Fetus Cocktail?
Let's Play The Cheating Game: Match The Cheater With His Excuse
Quickies: Sarah Jessica Parker Calls Matthew Broderick "Average" & The Best C-Bombs On TV
Which "Sex And The City" Woman Dated John Corbett?
Today's Lady News: Rabbi Bans Women From Running In Local Elections
Eley Kishimoto For Anthropologie Looks Like Maternity Wear
Stripper Sues NFL Star Who Ditched Her After She Got Pregnant
Sarah Silverman Gets Frisky In Public
How To Wear A Denim Vest
Quotable: Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky Will Wear Converse At Her Wedding
Sneak Peek: What Are Kate Hudson & Ginnifer Goodwin Wearing In "Something Borrowed"?
Random Single Gal Recipe: Pasta Al Limone
Urban Outfitters Necklace Closely Resembles Indie Design
"Dancing With The Stars": Who We'd Like To See Next Season
Courtney Love Is A Serious Stage Mom
Was It Better To Be A Woman In Jane Austen's Time?
10 Colorful Summer Dresses For $50 Or Less
Huggies Diaper Jeans: The (Possibly Fake) Commercial!
Quotable: Adrien Brody's Goats Have A Gay Ol' Time
10 Stars Who’ve Worn SCRAM Anklets
Don't You Dare Use Marlon Brando's Name Without Permission
Tennis Player Simona Halep's Breast Reduction Deflates Her Fan Base
10 Things That Look Like Sushi That Are Not, In Fact, Sushi
DIY Demeulemeester Headwear
Skeletons In Lingerie: Is This Spoof On Victoria's Secret Funny Or Tasteless?
Tabloid Cheat Sheet: Bret Is Ignoring Doctors? The Travoltas Are Expecting Twins!
Think Twice Before Drying Your Nails At Salons
"Peaches Christ Superstar" Gets A Revival
10 Models Without Makeup
Poll: What Would You Do With A $1,000 Bonus?
This Baby Smokes 40 Cigarettes A Day
Dear Wendy: "I'm Afraid I'm Going To Cheat On My Boyfriend"
We Are So Over Kim Kardashian Bikini Magazine Covers
Sex With Older Men For Gifts And Money? Vanity Fair's Sugar Baby Couldn't Go Through With It
Mind Of Man: I Don't Totally Despise "Sex And The City"
8 Rock Stars And Celeb Women Who Share Hairdos
Battle Of The Wardrobes: "Glee" Vs. Gaga
20 Compliments Women Want To Hear
Quotable: Tom Cruise Finally Explains The Oprah Couch-Jumping Incident Of 2005
Bristol Palin Plays Dress-Up For Harper's Bazaar
Girl Talk: I'm A Miranda And I'm Proud
Take A Mod Roman Holiday
Beauty Test Drive: Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate
I Have Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
7 Sex Moves To Try In Bed Before You Pop Female Viagra
Summer Must-Have: Short Shorts For Under Your Skirt
Stockings So Great You'll Want More Legs
The Ex Complex: When He Isn't Over His Old Girlfriend
Quotable: Heidi Montag Asked God Whether To Get Plastic Surgery
The iPad Dress: Don't Say You Didn't See It Coming
15 Lies Women Tell Each Other
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