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For The Week Of April 5-11, 2010
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Trailer Park: "The Last Song," "Clash Of The Titans," "Vincere," "Bluebeard," "Thorn In The Heart"
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Frisky Q & A: Lauren Book-Lim, Executive Director Of Lauren's Kids And Sexual Abuse Survivor
Fact: Victorian Women Were Actually Dirty, Dirty Whores
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5 New Jewelry Lines We're Obsessing Over
New Poster & Action-Packed Trailer For "The A-Team"
Winos, Rejoice: A Purse To Lug Your Booze In
In Bed With ... Gilles Marini
You Know You're Jealous! Otters With A Lifelong Love Die Within An Hour Of Each Other
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Karl Lagerfeld, Coke Addict
20 Things To Stop Feeling Guilty About
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Look! A Lesbian Reality TV Show!
8 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Bedazzle Your Body Parts
Our Worst Nightmare: The Fur Snuggie
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Jason Lee's Ex-Wife Reveals Secrets About Scientology
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So Fabulous We Have Peeps On Our Payroll
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A Topshop Jacket Fresh Off The Edgy Japanese Runways
Beauty How-To: Find The Right Shade Of Lipstick
Scott Roeder Sentenced For Murdering Abortion Provider Dr. George Tiller
Sex With Susannah: 7 Things Your Mother Never Told You About Sex
Old Spice's New Shirtless Dude In The Shower
Burberry Kids Campaign Causes Womb Pangs
Dating Don’ts: Who Gets What In A Breakup?
Check This Out: Bacon-Flavored Baby Formula
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Garance Dore Does Fashion 'Round The World
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Amanda Seyfried's Raunchy Tattoo
Kittehroulette Makes Chatroulette Ever Fuzzier
The Kiss Of Death: 15 Signs Your Relationship Is Doomed
What Women Sound Like To Men
Terry Richardson Gets His Hand On Anna Wintour
Kevin Federline Admits To Drinking 24 Sodas A Day
Quickies: Madonna And Ellen DeGeneres Are Distant Cousins & Khloe Kardashian Gone Wild
Natalia Pulls A Paris
Today's Lady News: Mississippi Will Vote On Abortion Ban In 2011
Why One Woman Pursues Unavailable Men
Two New Housewives Join The Atlanta Cast
Like Father, Like Son
Shopping Guide: Patterned Shoes For $100 Or Less
Susannah And I Have Broken Up
Man Runs For Congress Against ... His Wife?
Boob Job Thief Gets Busted
10 "Easter Bonnets" (Or Just Plain Chic Hats)
Sneak Peek: KNT By Kova & T For Urban Outfitters!
What Does It Feel Like To Be A Male Victim Of Domestic Violence?
Shopping Guide: Spring Sneaks And Slip-Ons
Michelle McGee Is An Inspiration
Quotable: Anna Paquin Thinks Vampire Sex Is Pretty Deep
Cheapskate: Rachel Roy Spring Sale Plus 25 Percent Off
Soda Lowers Dudes' Sperm Count
Is Sandra Bullock Second-Guessing Her Decision To Divorce Jesse James?
Pam Anderson Hates Kate Gosselin And Other Reality TV Rivalries
America's Next Top Vampire
Mother To Daughter: "Your Anorexia Is Not Welcome At Our New House"
The Sexiest Lines According To Men
Fashion Time Wasters: H&M's Online Dressing Tool
Hair Model Citizen: The Messiest Bob Ever
Om Nom Nom: Beauty Products You Can Eat
Your Daily Shoe Porn: Kaleidoscope Wedges
Jesse James Wants You To Know The Nazi Salute Was A Joke!
When Bad Hair Happens To Good Men: Guy Hair Styles That Must Die
Jennifer Hudson Decided To Lose Weight For Her Son
Terrifying Trend We Hope Goes Away Quickly
Dear Wendy: "My Boyfriend's Mother Is Racist"
I Want A Gummi Bear Chandelier!
What Beauty Treatment/Product Would You Never Try Again?
Girl Talk: I'm A Loner
Quotable: Carey Mulligan Wishes People Cared More About Her Acting Than Her Clothes
Sure Fooled Us: Gaga And McQueen Collab Bogus News
Amelia And I Are Getting Married
"Exotic" Chocolate Bunnies
What Sandra Bullock Can Learn From Her Films
Time To Play "Designer Heels Or Stripper Shoes?"
Beauty How-To: Wear Black Lipstick
Who Needs This Much Luggage?
How Much Money Do You Spend On Your Hair?
The Top 10 Online Dating Mistakes Guys Make
Today's Lady News: Former Goldman Sachs VP Sues Over Getting "Mommy Tracked"
Changing Clothes Is The New Competitive Sport
10 Celebrities Who've Fiddled With Fiction Writing
Dita In Red
Gabourey Sidibe Is Hosting "SNL"!
Star Couplings: Kim Zolciak Was A Lesbian For Only One Night
Street Style Blogs Passe; Vlogs Where It's At
Quotable: Susan Sarandon Is Flying High After Split
Arizona Teacher Makes Chivalry A Classroom Rule
After School Is Korea's Kick Butt Version Of The Spice Girls
Most Creative Way To Propose ...
April Fool's Day Open Thread
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