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Quickies: The Custody Of Nahla Aubry Is Undecided & Meredith Vieira Said The S-Word
And The Prize Goes To ... The Best Advice For Living Eco-Friendly
Today's Lady News: Woman Claims She Was Fired After Testing Positive For Breast Cancer Gene
Win This! Rachel Roy Streamers & Spring Garden Scarf
Gift For Gab: Your Best Comments For The Week Of April 30th 2010
Dakota Fanning Is A Chic Geek
The Secrets To Making It In Fashion, According To Kelly Cutrone
Here's Where To Meet Your Future Husband
Trailer Park: "Furry Vengeance," "Nightmare On Elm Street," "Paper Man," "The Human Centipede"
My First Time: The Revlon Walk For Women's Cancers
Cheapskate: Clutches For Less Than $100
Tyson Beckford Has Some Facial Hair I Could Love
Oh, Canada: Vancouver School Asks Lesbian Teacher To Stop Coming In
In Bed With ... Cristiano Ronaldo
Erotica Book Sales Are Booming
Put Away Your Ouija Boards, The Magic 8-Ball Is Getting A Movie
Here Are Some More Words Of Wisdom
Whitney Port Rocks The Top Knot
Beyonce Gets The Posh Treatment
10 Celebrities Who Have Tried Laying Down Some Mad Beats
Let The Serenading Unicorn Serenade You
Who Is Shallon Lester, Anyway?
How Cute Is This Shutterbug Bag?
Sean O'Pry Is The Male Model Of The Moment
New Fruit Of The Loom Bras Let You Mix & Match Cup Sizes
Kardashian Sisters Design Swimwear for Strippers
First Time For Everything: A Polyamorous Relationship
Shakira Shakes Up Controversy Over Arizona's New Immigration Laws
Photoshop Fail: The Latest "Sex and the City" Movie Poster
Historical Tweets: What Famous People Throughout History Might Have Tweeted
Rielle Hunter Tries To Prove What A Private Person She Is On Oprah
Ex-Gawker Editor Emily Gould On Women Writers
Shopping Guide: 5 Frisky Staff Sunscreen Recs
Are You Dating A Control Freak?
Sass & Bide's Killer Leggings
Dear Wendy: "Marriage Talk Gives My Boyfriend A Woody"
Italians Claim Premature Baby Lived Through Abortion
Which Tilda Swinton Hairstyle Do You Prefer?
The 6 Biggest Mythconceptions About Being in Love
No One Will Know It's Not Chanel ... Right?
Men Prefer Betty White
Book Excerpt: How Hunting Turned Elizabeth Chiles Shelburne Into A Feminist
Never Change, Courtney Love
Better Marriage Blanket Will Save Your Marriage By Repressing Farts
What His Favorite Sexual Position Says About Him
Mother's Day Gift Guide: For The Mom Who Isn't Really Into Mother's Day
Are The Clothes In "Sex and the City 2" Realistic For 40-Something Women?
This Indiana Grandmother Is Having A Baby -- With Her Grandson
Star Couplings: Halle Berry & Gabriel Aubry Have Broken Up!
Golden Girls Need Love, Too
Vidal Sassoon Doc Shows The Man Behind The Famous Hairdos
The 10 Worst Mothers On YouTube
The 5 Most Outrageous Confessions On Howard Stern And Other Radio Shows
Quotable: Conan O'Brien Wouldn't Have Pulled A Leno
Christina Aguilera Wants To Remind You She Is Edgy! So So So Edgy!
Thank Heavens No One Had To Give Birth To This Giant Baby
Heidi Klum Jumping On The Sans Fard Train
Can You Spy The Celeb Camel Toe?
Quickies: Steve Carell Quitting "The Office" & Tiger Woods Bedded 120 Other Women During Marriage
Time Only Has Room For One Designer
Today's Lady News: Navy Will Allow Women On Submarines
Burberry's Special Edition Rain-Themed Collection—Redundant?
If It Doesn't Come From An Animal, Can We Call It Milk?
Models Kick Actresses Out Of The Ad Campaign Racket
Style 911: How Do I Pull Off Sparkly Clothing?
Quotable: Laura Bush Says The Bushes Have "A Number Of Close Friends Who Are Gay"
The 10 Best TV Shows About Nerds, Ever
Armani's New Dubai Hotel Looks Like The Matrix Set
If We Were Louis Bardo Bullock's Stylists...
Why Do Women Abandon Their Friends For Their New Lover?
The Rock Bottom Remainders: Writers Gone Rock Star
Beauty Test Drive: Fresh Under Eye Concealer and Brightener
Shopping Guide: 7 Gorgeous Cruisers
Hoot, There It Is: Columbia's Awesome Student-Run Fashion Mag
Quotable: Robert Downey Jr. Nostalgic For ... Jail?
Inspiration Board: A Nightmare On Elm Street
"Pretty Wild" Teen Tess Taylor Snapped Topless With Drugs
Borba Margo Designs In Cold Blood
8 Ways To Deal With Jealousy
Eva Longoria Parker's Fragrance Won't Make You Sneeze
Disturbing Trend: Mother/Daughter Plastic Surgery
Frisky Rant: The Mommy Wars Go Digital
'Splain Yourself: Designers Call $500 Khakis A "Steal"
Is This Starlet's Ultra Bloody Photoshoot "Art"?
Why Do People Who Work In Fashion Have Such Weird Hair?
A Guy Reveals Why He Wants You, Not Porn
Maryline Blackburn Beat Sarah Palin At Miss Alaska, And Now Is Running For Office
Girl Talk: It's Time To Cut The Baby Talk
Sandra Bullock's Tactics For Hiding Baby Louis
The Chairless Strap: The Chair That Wasn't
Dear Wendy: "My Boyfriend's Mom Committed Suicide"
Leona Lewis And Other Celebrities Giving Stupid Sexy Face
Your Daily Cry: The "Mother And Child" Trailer
In Defense Of Jesse James
10 Ways Jake Pavelka Could Extend His 15 Minutes Now That He's Off "Dancing With The Stars"
This Vodka Will Leave A Mark On Your Knees
The 8 Most Empowering Experiences Of My Life
Put Charles In Charge Of Your Wardrobe
Why Katie Holmes Will Make A Great Jacqueline Kennedy
Can Someone Explain Why Sandra Bullock's Adoption Is "Sweet Revenge"?
Quotable: Chelsea Clinton Puts Bill On A Wedding Diet
Cool Or Confusing: Balenciaga's Play-Doh Heels
I Heart Chest Hair
A Couple Gets Married In A Hospital
Frisky Reader Revealed: Say Hello To Danny Braciole
Star Couplings: Jesse James Let Sandra Bullock End Things With Him
Poll: What’s Your Bill-Paying Policy?
Sunglasses That Double As A Wha?
Mother's Day Gift Guide: The Luxury-Loving Mom
Madonna And Teen
Don't Read Your Magazine, Smell It
Chelsea Handler's XXX Audition Tape
Caution When Wet
Quotable: Jessica Simpson Chews Nicotine Gum
10 Young Loves That Moved Super Fast
Quickies: Jennifer Aniston Is Pathetic, Says Brad Pitt & Alex Ray Joel Improves Her Profile
Today's Lady News: Iran Will Arrest Women With Suntans
The Ladies Of "The Real L Word"
Mother's Day Gift Guide: The Fit Mom
Fashion Blogger Bryan Boy "Traumatized" By Overzealous Fan
Fordham University Set To Open Fashion Law Institute
"Downtown Girls" = "The Hills," "The City" And "Sex & The City" In A Blender
Rihanna Has An Intense Moment On Stage
Trojan Wants You To Write A Jingle About Extra-Large Condoms
10 Chic & Oh So Travel-Friendly Carry-On Bags
Shun, Shag, Or Marry: The Goldman Sachs Bosses
What's The "Socialite Silhouette" Treatment?
Proven Fact: Justin Bieber Inspires Violence
Inevitable: The Louis Vuitton iPad Case
Christina Aguilera Appears Poised To Drink From Doggy Bowl
Inspiring Hair Art That'll Pull You Out Of Your Ponytail Rut
The Psychology Behind Your Irritating Co-Workers
Do You Prefer To Talk About Your Problems With People Or Pets?
10 Things To Never Wear At The Beach
Tabloid Cheat Sheet: Sandra Bullock Talks Baby/Divorce! Vivienne And Knox Have Down Syndrome?
"Star Wars" Nerd Boy Heaven: The Slave Leia Car Wash
Sandra Bullock And 6 Other Celebs Who Have Adopted Solo
Men, Tell Us Your Secrets!
Tavi Delivers The Goods: Vintage Sassy Porn
Book Excerpt: Alissa Quart Dishes On The Moment She Knew She Was A Feminist
How To Get Your Wedding Announcement In The New York Times
Today In Stupidity: Gay Dog Discrimination
Girl Talk: I'm A Little Jealous Of Your New Relationship
Axe Undie Run Challenge Encourages Charity, Girls In Panties
These Are Not The Cupcakes I Want For My Birthday
Dear Wendy: Is There Trust After Cheating?
Click & Strip Model Gets Down To Her Skivvies On Command
Why is Julia Roberts The Most Beautiful Person In The World, AGAIN?
The 5 Biggest Relationship Mistakes I Ever Made
Penis Size Can Disqualify Papua Police Applicants
Michael Lohan's Twitter Claimed Lindsay Lohan Has HIV
I Have Multiple Sclerosis
This Tree Has A Very Sexy Piercing
Heels Don't Always Equal Stylish
Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Polka Dot Tweezers
"True Blood" Minisode: Eric And Pam Audition Fangtasia Dancers
The 10 Worst-Dressed Men In Hollywood
Quotable: Jessica Simpson Continues To Defend Her Breath
In A New Memoir, Laura Bush Alleges The Bushes Were Poisoned On Germany Trip
Stars Who Are The Opposite Of The Character They're Famous For
That's A Nice Rooster You Have There, Sir!
Anti-Monkey Butt Powder: The Commercial
Star Couplings: Silda Spitzer Blames Herself For Eliot's Cheating
Erotic Masseuse Shares Her Happy Ending Technique
Bees Stay At Fancy Hotels For The Price Of Their Honey
Cash & Coupling: I’m A Spender, He’s A Saver
A Mustache Ride We Don't Wanna Get On
"The Hills," Now Even More Childish!
Lindsay Lohan And 6 Other Celebs Who Got Dropped From Films
Pill Chic--Cool Or Just Plain Messed Up?
Homophobic Church To Picket Lesbian Student's Graduation
Sandra Bullock Adopts A Baby Boy!
Quickies: Men Are Getting Their Pole Dancing On & Shakira Goes "Waka Waka"
Love Vandal: Classic Style
Today's Lady News: Oklahoma Pols Override Governor's Vetoes On Scary Abortion Bills
Hugh Hefner Saves The Hollywood Sign And Subsequently, The World
Album Drop: This Week's New Releases, From The Mynabirds To Hole
A Baby Badger Is Totes Cute Even Without One Ear
Michael Lohan, The Latest To Be WikiPranked
Oops, Pandora Boxx Did It Again!
Quotable: Newspaper Columnist Says Sexual Harassment Victims Should "Deal With It"
Are Your Jeans Responsible For Polluting China's Pearl River?
10 Ways Whitney Houston Can Turn Her Tragic Tour Around
Shopping Guide: Cap-Toe Sneakers
Who Is NeNe Leakes' New Man?
Poll: How Much Will You Spend On Lipstick?
Mother's Day Gift Guide: The Overworked Mom
The 5 Most Ridiculous Jobs In Fashion
Courtney Love Says Gavin Rossdale Cheated On Gwen Stefani -- With Her!
Meerkats Do Online Dating? 8 Adorbs Animal Love Stories
Tamara Lowe Freestyles For Jesus
Protesting Abortion Rights: There's An App For That!
8 Signs He'll Be Bad In Bed
Joss Stone Really Loves Her Foot Tattoos
Wait, It's Not Hump Day?
What His Body Type Says About Him
Behold, The "Twilight" Engagement Ring
Does A Firm Handshake Mean She Won't Sleep With You?
Dear Wendy: "My Boyfriend Still Frequents A Dating Site"
Lindsay's Milkshake Brings All The Boys To The Yard
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