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Meet Chii, The Smiling Shiba Inu
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6 Rumors About Celebs Going Gay We Don't Believe
Liveblogging "The Bachelor" February 1st 2010
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Prince Harry Dances For Money
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Moob Reduction Is The Fastest Growing Cosmetic Surgery
Her 10 Best Looks: Kristen Bell
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Just In Case There Was Any Doubt
Style Stealer: Carey Mulligan's Peter Pan-Collar Blouse
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Win This! Glominerals GloLip Maven Kit
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Urban Outfitters Describes Color Of T-Shirt As "Obama/Black"!
Notes From Sundance, Take 7: Final Thoughts
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The Women Of Black History: Artists & Writers
Thoughts From Guys On Our IM: Handies Versus Blowies, Discuss!
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Vanity Fair Likes Its Cover Starlets White And 100 Pounds Apiece
Dear Wendy: "How Long Do I Have To Wait For A Commitment?"
The XXXXXXL Tote Bag
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365 Days In Paris: New York, New York
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Amazing New Site: Man Babies
The Grammy Performances, Graded
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Save Your Chocolate, Pass The Macarons
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Models Line Up, Get Naked For Love Magazine
Why Did He Stop Calling?
Secrets To A Long Happy Marriage
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For The Week Of February 1-7, 2010
MadTV Predicted The iPad Years Ago
Frisky Q&A: Go Ahead, Call Gabby Applegate A Witch
18 Things Women Do That Men Can’t Get Away With
Jon Hamm Does Sexy Sax Man Sergio & Senator Scott Brown On SNL
Not A Shocker, But Tila Tequila May Have Officially Lost It!
Should Prince And Paris Jackson Have Spoken At The Grammys?
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