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Where To Find A Good Boyfriend/Guy (It's Not As Hard As You Think)
Fashion Designer Lois Samuels Is One To Watch
A “Scrunchie” Story: The Secret History Of The "Cockroach" Of All Hair Accessories
Craig Lawrence's Fall Collection Gets Better At Second Glance
Ask The Astrosexologist: "My Libra Boyfriend Can't Decide Between Me And Another Woman"
Love Vandal: Feelings Proclaimed On A Post-It
The Dalai Lama And Other Unlikely Twitterers
Chubby, Stubby Geeks? The Secret Guy "Types" Women Confess They Love
5 Figure Skating Outfits That Remind Us Of Celebrity Fashion Moments
Quotable: Coco Wonders Where Her Butt (Shot) Went
Museum Puts Dior On A Pedestal
From Bleached Brows To The New Cankle Trend – Outrageous Style Predictions for 2010
Dating Tips (That Really Work!) From The Women Of “The Bachelor”
Should Women Serve In Combat Roles In The Military?
Banter Banners To Set The Mood
Shopping Guide: The Grim Reaper Never Looked As Good
"If It's On Jersey Shore, It's Not Coming Through The Door"
10 Celebrities Who've Been Accused Of Boosting Their Bust
In Defense Of Farmville: Why One Addict Won't Be Cowed by Haters
21 Movies That'll Make You Cry
Quotable: Lily Allen Is In Charge
Quickies: Celebrity Photos Then And Now & No One Bought Elvis Presley's Hair
Which Decade Would You Want To Represent?
The Boob Tube: Hot Weekend TV For February 27-28th 2010
Win This! Jemma Kidd Cosmetics From Market For Drama
Today's Lady News: France Considers Making "Psychological Violence" A Crime
Here's A Gratuitous Christina Hendricks Photo!
Gift For Gab: Your Best Comments For The Week Of February 26th 2010
And The Prize Goes To ... The Best Awkward Kiss Story
Canadian Women's Hockey Team Reprimanded For Partying And Other Olympic Fun-Crushing
Amazing Show Alert: "Seducing Cindy"
13 Things To Never Share With Your Best Friend
Make Moving Easier With Pre-Labeled Packing Tape
Trailer Park: "The Crazies," "Cop Out," "A Prophet"
Lily Donaldson Shows You How To Work Your Hair Like A Supermodel
Quotable: Anthony Hopkins Says We're Living In A Soulless Age
Why I'll Never Call My Husband A "Wusband"
Chanel Iman Channels Strawberry Shortcake On The Cover Of Lula
Olympic Figure Skaters Follow Fashion Trends, But Do They Set Them?
What Do You Think About Female Firefighters?
Where To Store Your iPad? In A Giant-Ass Maxi Pad, Of Course
Oscar Theory #3: The Out-Of-Nowhere Star Gets Best Supporting Actress
Paris Hilton Humps A Beer Can, Brazil's Government Gets Upset
Carly Simon Answers The Who's "So Vain" Riddle
4 Signs You're Not Girlfriend Material
Women Don't Need Heads On SeXXXy Movie Posters
Quotable: Debi Mazar Prefers A Little Extra Weight
Love Handles Saved A Woman's Life And 4 Other Weird Stories That Are True
No S**t! A Cuss-Free Week In California
Your Daily Shoe Porn: Bordello Polkadots
Girl Talk: Why I Got A Non-Invasive Boob Job
"Zoolander" Sequel Has Us Practicing Our Poses
"Alice In Wonderland" Premiere Brings Out The Eccentrics
Dear Wendy: "She Hasn't Paid For A Single Date Yet"
5 Claws-Out Athlete Cat Fights
Oh, Mickey, You're So Pretty
Girl Talk: I Want To Be A Bad Mom
Get Your Chambray On
Anne Hathaway's Strong Brow And Eye: Does It Work?
Decode My Dream: My Boyfriend Is A Jerk In My Dreams!
The First Lady Should Wear Chain Mail Stockings
Tiger Woods Threatens To Sue PETA Over Billboard, So They Mock Mark Sanford Instead
30 Annoying Things Men Assume About Women
Oops! Taylor Swift Gets A New Tranny Face
Sad Face: Andrew Koenig Committed Suicide
Star Couplings: Levi Johnston Ordered To Pay Up For Tripp
Quotable: Anna Wintour Turns Up Her Nose At Famous Models Too
New Wack Trend: "Unicorn Vom" Pants?
Our 10 Weirdest Experiences Between The Sheets
Mara Hoffman's "Hysterical Levitation" Fashion Video Is Hysterical
How To Rock The Army Jacket Spring Trend
Nerd Girl Porn: 13 Celebrity Bromances
Quotable: Johnny Weir Responds To Homophobic Haters
Michaels Kors ... Your Belly Button Is OUT!
8 Celebs Who Allegedly Went For Ladies Of The Pole
Quickies: Lady Gaga's Ex Must Be Feeling Really Stupid & Lose Weight Through Terrible Pain
Fashion Bloggers Can Cast CFDA Ballots ... If They Ask Nicely
Today's Lady News: Utah Bill Would Criminalize Miscarriage From "Reckless" Acts
Send A Little Green In The Mail
Cheapskate: Floral Prints
"The Runaways" Is Going To Be The Hotness
Maryland To Recognize Same-Sex Marriages Performed in Other States
Fergie Gets It From Behind
Quotable: Joan Rivers Tells Victoria Beckham To Eff Off With Her Entitlement
How To Get More Women In Front Of The Camera? Get More Behind It.
Blogger Tries To Go To The Gym For A Year—For Free
12 Super-Cool Famous Tomboys
When Eating Octopus Goes Wrong
Freja Beha Erichsen Has Her Way With Wildlife
Jennifer Lopez Wins Most Awkwardly Timed "SNL" Gig Award
Quotable: Chris Brown Believes Tiger Woods Deserves A Second Chance
Girl On Girl: Lesbian Bed Death Is A Big, Fat Myth
The Soho Grand Hotel Offers Guests Companionship
L'Oréal Markets "Macho" Anti-Wrinkle Product To French Guys
15 Politicians We'd Like To ...
The B-Girl Stages A Comeback In V Magazine
Roll-Up Shoes For Relieving Feet From Uncomfortable Heels
Can Angelina Do Kay Scarpetta? And Other Casting Decisions That Upset Fans.
Shot Of The Day: Some Girls Are More Hopelessly Romantic Than Others
Quotable: Courtney Love Wants To Hate F**k John Mayer
Dear Wendy: "Will My Brother's Obnoxious Fiancée Ruin My Graduation Party?
Frisky Q&A: Angie Jackson, The Woman Who Live-Tweeted Her Abortion
Dude Holds His Ex's Facebook Page Hostage
I Was The Accidental Mistress
Your Daily Shoe Porn: 3D Heels
Quotable: OctoMom May Someday Want To Be QuindecimMom
Jessica Simpson Surprised To Find That "Fat" Women Are Considered Attractive Elsewhere
What Do The Words "No Pants," "Lady Gaga," And "Chandeliers" Have In Common?
SeaWorld Sadness: An Orca Whale Kills Its Trainer
Frisky Rant: Sex Addicted Isn't Just The Way Guys Are
Did Kate Spade Steal The Book-As-Purse Idea?
"Bachelor" Contestant Rozlyn (Allegedly) Has A Sex Tape
Girl Talk: How I Became An Internet Oversharer
A Calendar To Round Out Your Year
Brooke Shields' French Vogue "Lady Cops" Editorial Is Tacky
New "Alice In Wonderland" Clips Leave Us ... Confused
Selma Blair Does The Bowl-Bob
Quotable: Senator Scott Brown Likes His Pink Leather Shorts
Does Every Guy Want To Date A Model?
Frisky Reader Revealed: Surrender, PinkRanger!
Friends And Family Gather For Alexander McQueen's Funeral
Star Couplings: Rihanna Says "Cold Case Love" Is About Chris Brown
Do These Durex Ads Make You Horny, Baby?
What Fashion Has Come To: Martin Margiela Duct Tape Jeans
6 Designer Bike Rides
Chatroulette Vag-Eye-Na Reaction Video
Quotable: Matthew Fox On The Key To Making Marriage Last
Will "The Bachelorette Party" Be The Female Version Of "The Hangover"?
Amber Rose Channels Grace Jones
Cheri Young On John Edwards' Sex Video: "He Knew He Was Being Taped"
What's Your Biggest Pet Peeve When It Comes to Your Coupled Friends?
Quickies: Yoanna House Wants A Fake Tan & Woman Who Lied About Rape Is Sentenced
Nuclear Waste Plant Chic: The Damir Doma Jumpsuit
Shoe Lovers, Get To Facebooking
Leona Lewis Wants To Save the Animals With Her Fashion Line
Today's Lady News: Pentagon To End Ban Against Women On Submarines
Quotable: Your Pilot Today Will Be Nicole Richie
Platform Shoes Were Originally A 16th Century Symbol Of Economic Standing
Even PETA Has Something To Say About Tiger's Infidelity
8 Stars Who Dissed Their Own Movies
Car Briefcases For Mr. Matchy
Photographer Terry Richardson Is Joining The Cast Of "Jersey Shore"
6 Olympic Tearjerkers And Heart Warmers
This Guy Totally Could've Save Ophelia
You're Hot! (And 148 Pounds!)
5 Reasons We're Excited for "First Love, Second Chance"
Today, We're Gonna Find Boyfriends
Paris Hilton Has A Severe Case Of Static Cling
Beige Is The Color Of Spring
Curvy Women Are Like A Drug To Men
Colorado Springs Nixes "Avenue Q" Puppet Cleavage
How To Pull Off Pants Under Dresses Without Looking Like A Schlumpy Hobo
Miss Beverly Hills 2010 Lauren Ashley Thinks God Wants Gays "Put To Death"
Could You Forgive A Cheater?
McQueen's Puma Heels Might Actually Be Comfortable
ESPN's Tony Kornheiser Suspended For Slobbering Over Hannah Storm's "Very, Very Tight Shirt"
10 Celebrities We'd Like To Send To "Prehab"
Wear Fishnets Without Looking Like A Prostitute
Evan Lysacek's Feelings Are Hurt (We'll Comfort Him)
So That's What A Vajazzled Vagina Looks Like!
Kelly Ripa Gets Inked In Honor Of Her Husband
Little Black Books To Keep Track Of Your Conquests
Tabloid Cheat Sheet: "Real Housewife" And "Lost" Star Are Cheaters? Brangelina Back In Love?
London Fashion Week Leaves Us Speechless
How To Look Good While Riding A Bike
Puberty Is Horrible, But These Stories Are Funny ... Now
Do The Women On "American Idol" Really Have A Chance This Season?
Quotable: Kelly Osbourne Caught Hell For Being Overweight
Girl Talk: Dating Makes Me Crazy, Literally
Kickin' Boot Jewelry
"I'm Live-Tweeting My Abortion"
The 10 Weirdest Looks From London Fashion Week
Have Fashion And Beauty Gone Too Far?
Mad "Alice In Wonderland" Fashions Are All The Rage
Mind Of Man: Tell Your Dude To Move Out Of His “Man Cave”
Carrie Underwood Gets Pooped On When Filming "How I Met Your Mother"
Your Daily Shoe Porn: Zip It
Star Couplings: Beyonce And Jay-Z Are Too Boring To Make Tabloid Covers
Poll: To Wedge Or Not To Wedge?
Babies With Laser Eyes Make Ovaries Weep, Blow Things Up
I Only Have 12 Percent Of My Eggs Left?
Booty Parlor Sexes Up Vegas (More Than Usual)
Quotable: Tim Gunn Will Not Be Wearing The Kardashians' Line For Bebe Anytime Soon
10 Steamy Music Video Make-Out Sessions That Might've Been For Real
Folk Musicians Interpret Old Spice Ad
"My Little Pony: The Musical" Is, Predictably, An Extremely Creepy Show
8 Tips For Visiting Your Long-Distance Man
Quickies: Kim Kardashian Sees Penelope Cruz As Her Twin & Models Of Color Still Absent From Runways
Love Vandal: That's Amore
Today's Lady News: Cuba Wants Ladies To Start Smoking Cigars
Quotable: Lindsay Lohan Would Only Stay Gay For Samantha Ronson
Album Drop: This Week's New Releases, From Joanna Newsom To Shout Out Louds
Bristol Palin To Guest Star On "The Secret Life Of The American Teenager"
Olympic Lovahs: Evan Lysacek & Nastia Liukin, And Other Medal-Wearing Sweethearts
Sexy Tourism Ads That Are More Than A Little Porn-y
Uber-Easy Flower Arranging From Erin Fetherston
Where Do Academy Award Winners Keep Their Oscars?
Charlie Sheen Checks In To Rehab, Again
Pun With Tattoos!
Women Of Black History: Fashion Icons
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