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Quickies: Cute Dogs Wearing Handsome Scarves & Martha Stewart Is Going To Be A Grandma
Movember Mustache Gallery: Your Vote Helps Raise Money For Cancer Research
Today's Lady News: Dolly Parton Is The Voice Of Reason In America
Join Us Tonight: We Liveblog The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show!
Must Read: Twitter Feed @NoBtotheS Fashion Industry Insider Rants
Album Drop: This Week's New Releases, From Soulja Boy To The Black Eyed Peas
Awesome Affordable Etsy Find: Blast From The Past
Nov. 30: What Are We Wearing Today?
We Are Insanely Jealous Of These People
Shopping Guide: 10 Holiday Party-Perfect Statement Necklaces
Uh, Someone Owns The Sun?
What Is The Evangelical "Stay-At-Home Daughters Movement"?
Hey, Did You Know Mariah Carey Is Pregnant?
Frisky Q&A: Chrisette Michele Says Red Lipstick Gives Her Freedom
5 Things To Know About Kelsey Grammer's New Love Interest, Kayte Walsh
Purity Rings Have An Expiration Date On "RHOA"
What's Your Spending Comfort Zone?
The Kardashian Klan Turns Out Yet Another Model
The Good, Bad & WTF Fashions At The Gotham Independent Film Awards
All Matt Damon Wants For Christmas Is ...
The Tiniest Turkey Vultures Enjoy A T-Day Treat
Shopping Guide: Cool Judaica To Pimp Your Hanukkah
TSA Body Search Inspires Love
Khloe Kardashian Talks About Statutory Rape
Dear Wendy: "My Boyfriend Repulses Me"
PETA Weighs In On Airport Body Scans
"Burlesque" Looks
Nice Gams, Robert Downey Jr.!
12 Celebs Riding Roller Coasters
"Inferno" Director Says Replacing Lindsay Lohan Was The Right Thing To Do
Black TV Newswoman Vows To "Go Natural" With Her Hair
Dater X: Playing Patti Stanger On A Bad Date
Would You Wear: House Of Dereon Spring 2011 Shoes?
And The Prize For The Unsexiest Sex Writing Goes To ...
12 Celeb Couples Who Have Twins
All Of Johnny Depp's Characters Are Gay
Um, No: Ch'Arms, The Bodyshapers For Your Arms
Girl Talk: I'm Dating My Dad
A Winter Hat To Tap Into Your Animal Instincts
The First Image Of "Breaking Dawn" Is Feather-Tastic
Her 10 Best Looks: Alexa Chung
Nicki Minaj On The Word "Bitch"
Crystal Renn Gets Plastic Surgery For Vogue Paris
10 Types Of Female Emotional Cripples
Are Attractive Women More Likely To Have Daughters Than Unattractive Women?
Beware The Mankini!
Star Couplings: Fantasia Admits Extramarital Affair And Abortion
Jake Gyllenhaal And Anne Hathaway Trade Faces
Reese Witherspoon Loves A Good Rom-Com
12 Freakish Celebrity Couple Height Differences!
Do Not Want: Iliann Loeb Fur Vest
Facebook For Your Feet
5 Cheesy Vintage Denim Commercials
Pink Would Name A Baby Boy After Her Favorite Brown Booze
What Footwear Could Be More Unnecessary Than The Teva Stiletto?
Nerd Girl Porn: F**k Yeah, 17 Hotties In Glasses!
Quickies: Kardashians Realize Kard Is A Bad Idea & Nicole Scherzinger Has Tragic Hair And Makeup
Today's Lady News: Bosnian Rape Victims To Complain To UN About Angelina Jolie's New Movie
Meet The Future Mr. Simcha
The Boob Tube: Must-See TV For The Week Of November 29, 2010
Homer Simpson Tries To Cheer Up Sad Keanu
Nov. 29: What Are We Wearing Today?
Ballsy Cross-Stitch
Style Stealer: Jessica Alba’s Super Cozy Infinity Scarf
Katy Perry Loves Her Latex
How 20 Celebs Spent Their Thanksgiving
Nicki Minaj Is A Total Badass
For Guys: 6 Gifts Your Girlfriend Will Love
Cats Really Stink At Children's Games
Would You Wear: Skirted Leather Shorts?
Long Live Prince Chunk! Plus 8 Other Fabulously Fat Cats
Jake Gyllenhaal And Anne Hathaway Go Semi-Method In "Love And Other Drugs"
Overexposed James Franco To Host 2011 Oscars With Anne Hathaway
Indian Village Bans Unmarried Women From Having Cell Phones
30 Things A Guy Should Never Wear On A First Date
Alexa Chung Stars In "Thrift America"
How To Get A Man's Attention
10 Actors Who Are Also Artists
Did Chelsea Handler Get Married This Weekend?
Are You A Turkey-Loving Sugar Addict? Try the TurDunkin'!
Dear Wendy: "My Boyfriend And I Don't Have Anything In Common"
Style By Jury: Chrisette Michelle Rocks A Turban. Are You Game Too?
Frisky Q&A: Zuzanna Szadkowski, AKA Dorota From "Gossip Girl"
The Warblers Croon Again On "Glee"
Chad Ochocinco Strips For PETA
Girl Talk: I'm Uncomfortable With Grief
Lady Gaga Got Anderson Cooper Drizzunk
"The Real Housewives of Atlanta"'s Kim Zolciak Is Engaged
What Actual Burlesque Stars Think Of The Movie "Burlesque"
Justin Bieber Whirls Hair In Opposite Direction
OMG! Rabid Otter Attack!
Snookin' For Love?
Girl Talk: Can You Ever Truly Be Happy For Someone Else?
Pretty In Pantone
The Best Pool Exit Of All Time
Shopping Guide: Holiday Dresses Under $100 To Start Off The Season
Kingston Rossdale Gets A Mani/ Pedi
R.I.P., Leslie Nielsen
Dear Wendy Updates: "Money Isn’t Everything" Responds
How Did You Spend Your Thanksgiving Weekend?
In Some Corners Of The World, Beauty Is In The Unibrow
The 30-Day Cellulite Challenge: Day 20
Kim Kardashian Is Dead!
Woman's Pantyliner Causes Invasive TSA Search
12 Sexy Stars Picking Wedgies
The Winner Of The DIY Earrings Is ...
For The Week Of November 29-December 5, 2010
Move Over House, Dr. Love Does Butt Tricks!
Cyber Monday Online Deals Rundown
Fashion Quiz: Designer Purse Or Stingray Egg Case?
On The Sexy Set Of "Love And Other Drugs"
Shopping Guide: 10 Great Pairs Of Kitten Heels For $150 Or Less!
Neil Patrick Harris Loves Hearing His Son Burp
Style Guide: 3 Ways To Wear A Sweatshirt
Her 10 Best Looks: Jada Pinkett-Smith
Nicole By O.P.I. To Release Liquid Metals Collection
Style By Jury: Eva Mendes Wearing Prada's Monkey Business
Kristy Swanson Not Mad At The Joss Whedon-Less "Buffy The Vampire Slayer"
How To Get Carrie Bradshaw's Bedroom For Less
How To Wear Cable-Knit Sweaters & Floral Skirts
Comic Strip Says: "Take Off Your Shirt!"
6 Ridiculous (And Admittedly Kind Of Awesome) Chanel Accessories
Inspiration Board: Whitney Port's Fun Holiday Look
I Wanna Grow Old With You ... So We Can Use This Rocking Chair
Why Some Women Stay Wide Awake While Getting Breast Implants
Whew! Your Louboutins Don't Have Any Broken Bones
Trailer Park: "Burlesque," "Love And Other Drugs," "The King's Speech," "Tangled," "Faster"
Guys Reveal Why They Didn't Call You Back After A Two-Night Stand
DIY Holiday Gift Roundup
Non-Tacky Holiday Greeting Cards
I'm A Guy With A Sugar Mama
Poll: What Do You Wear On A First Date?
8 Celebrities Who Had Awesome Excuses To Miss Premieres Or Parties
Dear Wendy: "Should I Pursue A Long-Distance Relationship Or Move On Already?"
At The Boys' Club: She Can't Orgasm
Girl Talk: Forget Sisters, It's My Brother Who Keeps Me Sane
Not Ya Mama’s Christmas Ornament
10 Celebrity Dudes Flashing Nip
Braille Leggings Make You Easy To Read
The Best Black Friday Beauty Deals
British Couples Are Pissy Prince William And Kate Middleton Marrying On "Their" Weekend
Is Cookie Monster The Next Betty White?
Thanksgiving Food Porn: That’s One Saucy Cranberry
How To Survive The Holidays Stress-Free
Karl Lagerfeld Teams Up With Macy's?!
Rihanna Wants A Karma Baby
Keep The Turkeys Coming With 10 Thanksgiving-Themed TV Episodes
Thanksgiving Dance Break Brought To You By Chris Willis
Girl Talk: Why I Wouldn't Celebrate Thanksgiving If I Had The Choice
Who Would Win In A Nicki Minaj And Rainbow Brite-Style Battle?
Girl On Girl: How To Avoid Difficult Topics At Thanksgiving And Stuff Your Face In Peace
How To Look Sexy, But Not Cheap
Dear Wendy: "I'm Afraid To Tell My New Boyfriend I Practice Abstinence"
Bathe With This Pumpkin Spice, But Don't Eat It!
12 Celebs Serving Turkey
Jessica Simpson A Little Wary Of Eric Johnson's ... Tofurkey
10 Turkey Day Movies To Watch While The Bird is Cooking
Double Denim Offender On The Loose
Nicki Minaj On The Ole Twig and Berries
Quickies: Angelina Jolie Is Anti-Thanksgiving Day & Kanye West Calls Matt Lauer A "Child Abuser"
And The Prize Goes To ... The Best Roger Sterling Quip
Today's Lady News: Couple's Abortion Poll Was Totally A Pro-Life Hoax, Duh
Old-School Wednesdays: TLC's On The "Creep"
Win This! A $1,000 Shopping Spree
Kanye West On George W. Bush And Taylor Swift
Inspiration Board: Daisy Buchanan From "The Great Gatsby"
Relevant Now: Commando Kilt-Wearing
Willow Smith's Weird Sleeve Thing is A Knockoff!
Happy Birthday, Miley: Hustler Got You A XXX Spoof!
Ask The Man Panel: Sleeping Bag Chic
Gwyneth Paltrow Is A Lush
5 Facts About Christina Aguilera's New Man, Matthew Rutler
A Lot Of You Guys Break Up Over IM
What I'm Cooking For Thanksgiving Dinner
Mila Kunis Was Grossed Out By Her Body While Filming "Black Swan"
Tabloid Cheat Sheet: Did You Hear That There Is Going To Be A Royal Wedding Soon?
"Burlesque" And "Showgirls" Are, Like, Totally Different Movies
Rush Limbaugh Suggests The TSA Grope The Obama Daughters
Gift Guide: 10 Gifts For Your Frenemy
The Girl From The "Exorcist" Whips Her Hair
My Difficult Relatives And How I Will Deal With Them This Thanksgiving
Study: Pretty Women Don't Get Hired
Dear Wendy: "I Don't Want To End Up Alone"
Phew! Jennifer Grey Is The "Dancing With The Stars" Champion
Mind Of Man: I Do Not Suffer Dating Coaches Gladly
Who Is Minnie Muse?
Bride Paralyzed At Bachelorette Party
10 Trends We're Thankful For
"Tangled" Voice Actor Makes An Unfortunate Pubic Hair Joke
5 Disgustingly Cute Monkey Videos
Paris Hilton Is Still Anti-Undies
What We're Thankful For: Celeb Edition
Pumpkin Pie Turns Guys On
10 Celebs Who've Survived Fires
Crippling College Debt: How Do You Manage Your Student Loans?
Daniel Radcliffe Doesn't Care If People Think He's Gay
8 Stars Who Regret Taking Their Clothes Off
Quickies: Sarah Palin Makes A "Snuff Film" & Blake Lively Is A Louboutin Sale Pro
Dolce & Gabbana In Some Deep Legal Doo-Doo
Today's Lady News: Don't Abort The Next Son Of God, Ladies!
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