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Cats, Cats, Cats And Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Pumpkins!
Industry Report: Ally Hilfiger, Coming To A Store Near You
Play With Your Food, Patriotically
The Betty White Name Game
What Are Your Must-Haves For Hosting A Great Halloween Party?
Dear Wendy: "I Gave My BFF A Place To Stay And Now I Feel Taken Advantage Of"
Style Stealer: Jennifer Lopez's Art Deco-Inspired Look
The Dos And Don'ts Of A New Relationship
Do Not Want: Designer 3-D Glasses
Woman Sues Boss After Kinky Sex Party
What Do You Think Of This Short Film Tavi Story Produced?
High-Fashion Halloween
Style Stealer: Tasmin Lucia Khan's Navy Military Coat
7 Popular Halloween Costumes: What They Say About Your Sex Life
Dear Wendy: "Are Some People Meant To Be Single Forever?"
8 Celebrity Kids And Their Namesakes
What To Do If You're Afraid Of Getting Married
Just Be Yourself This Halloween
Quickies: Celine Dion Was Pregnant With Triplets & Mom Kills Baby For Interrupting Farmville Game
Heidi Klum Wants To Help You Pick Out Your Halloween Costume
And The Prize Goes To ... The Best Way To Stay Motivated To Exercise During TheWinter
Today's Lady News: Jury Acquits Rapist Who Climbed In Window With A Knife
Win This! A Spot To Compete In Wedding Central's "If The Shoe Fits ... " Competition
Man Mistakes Christina Hendricks For A Working Girl
Pink Can Do It!
Oct. 29: What Are You Wearing Today?
Are The Laker Girls Immune To Bieber Fever?
Trailer Park: "Saw 3D," "Strange Powers," "Monsters," "The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest"
Did Jeffrey Campbell Knock Off Jessica Simpson?
Unlikely Style Inspiration: Dexter Morgan's Murderin' Outfit
Katy Perry Thinks She Deserves High Marks
Money 101: 8 Tips For Eating Healthy On A Budget
MTV's Newest Reality Show? "I Used To Be Fat"
Woman Wins $1.4 Million Settlement For Getting Spanked At Work
Heidi Montag's Mom Works As A Maid And 4 Other Celebs' Broke Parents
"Sesame Street" Clings To Jude Law -- And So Would We
Hilarious Pets Ready For Trick-Or-Treating
Style By Jury: What Do You Think Of Alanis Morissette's Maternity Look?
Don't Ask Patricia Arquette About Her Brother's Separation
Sneak Peek: Kate Moss' Last Collection For Topshop
The Candy Hierarchy
Man Waterboards Girlfriend For Allegedly Cheating
10 "No Duh" Celebrity Confessions
Ken Gets A Reality Show. Whitney Port Hosts?
An Ode To Danno
10 Halloween Costumes For Lazy People
A Punk 'Paca
Laura Ling Names Baby After Bill Clinton, Plus Other Celebrity Namesakes
Jay-Z Regrets His Representation Of Women In Past Lyrics
Dear Wendy: "My Boyfriend Doesn't Love Me"
PETA Offers To Pick Up Lindsay Lohan's Rehab Bill
Cheese People Are Among Us
Were You Happy With The "Project Runway" Finale?
Rihanna Explains Why She Skipped Bestie Katy Perry's Wedding
Girl Talk: I'm In A Relationship -- Do I Have To Stop Flirting?
A "Wish You Were Here!" Mug
Ke$ha More "Sleazy" Than Usual In New Song
Dear Wendy Updates: "Life Part Deux" Responds
Ryan Gosling Solves A Rubik's Cube
Quick Tip Of The Day: Save Big With Coupon Codes
20 Things Couples Should Do Before They Move In Together
Iguana Farts
Shape Magazine Apologizes For Putting "Husband Stealer" LeAnn Rimes On Cover
Star Couplings: Celine Dion Has Named Her Sons
Ask Grandma: Sex & Relationship Advice From A Snazzy Silver Fox
Top 10 Reasons I Love My Sorel Boots
Cheap Chic: Flirty Lace Capelet
New Dree Hemingway Ad For Salavatore Ferragamo's Attimo Perfume Is ... Strange
10 Over-The-Top Celebrity Costumes
Puppies Pick The Next Nevada State Senator
Kinky Granny Pants
8 Celebs With Embarrassing Parents
Quickies: A "Teen Mom" Makes How Much?! Plus, Could 2 "Avatar" Sequels Be In The Works?
See Katy Perry And Elmo Behind The Scenes On "Sesame Street"
Derek Lam's eBay Collection Will Be Determined By The Masses
Before Demi, There Was January
Today's Lady News: Joy Behar Told Sharron Angle To "Go To Hell, B-Word"
Redheaded Rihanna Looks Gorgeous In Pink On Marie Claire
Inspiration Board: Kat DeLuna Goes Nautical In Autumn
Monster Portraits Do Good
Shopping Guide: Kickass Lace-Up Booties
Is This The New Tavi?
Shun, Shag, Or Marry: Kim Kardashian's Rumored Lovahs Edition
Ellen Does Snooki's Pouf For Halloween
Shopping Guide: 10 Bras For Women Working A Lot Up Top
Anne Hathaway Sails Through Paris With Vogue
Connie Britton Sadsies About The End Of "Friday Night Lights"
Do You Lie About Your Drug Use?
Rachel Dratch Met Her Baby Daddy At A Bar
David Beckham Gets His Prank On
We Help Celine Dion Name Her Babies
Ryan Kwanten To Play Charles Manson
Should Women Suing "Girls Gone Wild" Be Allowed To Stay Anonymous?
Shopping Guide: Halloween Costumes Based On 3 Fashion Icons
Guy In Michigan Has His Sex Doll "Reincarnated"
Taylor Swift Reluctantly Endorses Her New Wax Figure
Nerd Girl Porn: Sexy Celeb Men Whipping Their Hair Back And Forth
Kendra Wilkinson Is Very Pro Sexting
Dudes! Just Say No To "Manx"
From Wall Street To Waffles: Trading In The Life You Have For The Life You Want
Balloon Boy's Dad Makes An Infomercial
Oprah's New Channel OWN Won't Use The B-Word
Dear Wendy: "Can A Vacation Fling Turn Into The Real Thing?"
Kittens Suffer From "Fainting Goat" Syndrome, Adorably
"Mike And Molly" Star Will Not Be Renewing Her Marie Claire Subscription
Should 20-Somethings Be Getting Botox?
Blast Boxers: For The Guy Who Is Really Protective Of His Privates
Capri Anderson: The Woman Who Was In Charlie Sheen's Hotel Room
Girl Talk: I Found Out My Engagement Ring Was Junk
Chocolate Bars Can Be DIY, Too
Barack Obama And Jon Stewart Trade Quips, Deep Thoughts
Girl On Girl: "Thintervention" Is Two Steps Forward, One Step Back
Camille Grammer Says "Housewives" Was All Kelsey's Idea
New Katy Perry Video, "Firework," Features Fireworks Boobs
5 Super Eerie Videos About Haunted Sites
Caridee And Marilyn Make Sweet ... Music Together
Kim Zolciak Minus Her Wig
3 Super Easy Nostalgic Halloween Costumes
Rachel Roy Talks Philanthropy
Reader Revealed: Roses Are Red, Violets Are H. Blue
The Frisky Says: It Gets Better
Target To Replay Classics From Go International Collections
Mariah Carey Finally Confirms She's Expecting!
Ozzy Doles Out Health Advice And Other Random Celebrity Columnists
David Arquette Cried After Sex With A Woman Other Than Courteney Cox
Do Not Want: The Unintentional Penis Tattoo
10 Actors Who've Portrayed Someone With Multiple Personalities
Quickies: Miley Cyrus' Parents Are Divorcing & Taylor Swift's Hot Hookups
Get A Sneak Peek At Heidi Klum's Latest Crazy, Sexy Halloween Costume
Today's Lady News: Abortion Providers Depicted In "Wanted" Posters In NC
RIP, "The City"
Obama And Biden Address The Nation About Violence Against Women
Oct. 27: What Are We Wearing Today?
Style By Jury: What Do You Think Of Whitney Port's Look?
"Hellcats" Cram Session: Is It Kosher To Date Another Member Of Your Squad?
All Aboard "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" Sightseeing Tour
Trend Report: Nordic, Fair Isle, And Navajo Print Knits
NYC Restaurant Selling Lady Gaga Meat Dress For $100K
Frisky Rant: Pay Off Your Own Debt!
Denise Richards Has A Lot To Explain To Her Daughters
12 Vintage Celebrity PSAs That Taught Us Right From Wrong
Janet Jackson Had To Bind Her Breasts On "Good Times"
Russell Crowe Does "The Rocky Horror Picture Show"
10 Amazing Celeb-O-Lanterns
Adventures In Creepy Babysitting
Happy Birthday, Simon Le Bon!
Tabloid Cheat Sheet: Is Justin Timberlake The New Celebrity Cheater? Prince William and Kate To Wed?
I Feel Sorry For The Marie Claire "Fatties" Author
In Defense Of Press-On Nails
It's Adopt A Shelter Dog Month: 7 Amazing Dogs Up For Adoption
Where Children Sleep Around The World
An Otter Swimming Lesson Is The Cutest Thing Ever
Mind Of Man: What Actually Happens At A Bachelor Party
Kristen Stewart On Wedding Dress Shopping
The Premiere Of "For Colored Girls"
Girl Talk: My Triple-D Disaster
Ask The Man Panel: Dystopian Romper Edition
The Bell Jar Inspires A Fashion Collection
20 Celebrity Ghostly Encounters
Did You Know It's Technically Illegal For Women To Wear Pants In Paris?
Sound Off: Vent About Your Annoying Coworkers
Dear Wendy: "Should I Move In With My Crush?"
Wear Twigs In Your Hair
For Your Viewing Pleasure: Men Slut It Up On Halloween
Do You Believe In A Birthday Greeting Hierarchy?
A Necklace For The Girl Who Likes To Swing
RIP: Hipsters?
Girl Talk: Let Me Be Patient
Don't Call Your Significant Other By A Pet Name And Other Ways You're Undermining Your Relationship
"Back to The Future"'s 25th Anniversary Proves We're Old
Feminists Can Wear Spanx Too
Would You Wear: Wendy Nichol's Horse Hair Necklace?
The Latest Charlie Sheen Scandal Gets More Twisted
Dear Wendy Updates: "Not Sure About Children" Responds
Anna Wintour's Career Advice? "Get Fired."
Roshumba Gets Randy In This Dress
What's Your Favorite Scary Movie?
Carey Mulligan Defends The Best Western
Benoit Méléard's Balancing Act
10 Awesome Mermaid Movies
Quickies: Mariah Carey Is Having A Boy & Bert And Ernie Come Out The Closet, Maybe
Do Men Like Giving Oral Sex?
If "Mad Men" Made Kids' Books
Today's Lady News: Woman's Head Stepped On Outside Rand Paul Debate
Style By Jury: Do You Like Scarlett Johansson's New Bob?
Album Drop: This Week's New Releases, From Andrew Bird To Taylor Swift
Model Jessica White Arrested For Beating Up A Woman While Celebrating Breakup With Sean Penn
Inspiration Board: Lauren Bacall
Naomi Campbell Would Like To Pump Your Gas
Oct. 26: What Are We Wearing Today?
Is Wearing A One-Piece Newsworthy?
10 Theories On Taylor Swift And Jake Gyllenhaal's Relationship
Baby Feels The Spirit
16 Celebs Take Their Kids -- And Their Pets! -- To The Pumpkin Patch
Kelly Rutherford Wants More Sex ... On "Gossip Girl"
Frisky Rant: WTF, Marie Claire?
Oksana Grigorieva, J-Woww, And Other Celebs Who’ve Said No To Playboy Offers
The Difference Between What Men And Women Need (According To Google)
Have It Your Way: Urban Now Matches Lipstick To Anything (Yes, Anything)
Shopping Guide: Halloween Costumes Based On 3 Pop Culture Icons
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