Archives: January, 2010

Jimmy Choo Turns Into A Sneaker Head
Designer Obsession: GAR-DE
Style 911: How Do I Wear Denim-On-Denim Without Looking Like A Prisoner?
Decode My Dream: I Can't Stop Dreaming About My Deadbeat Baby Daddy!
Love Vandal: Say It, Don't Spray It
Medal Men: 11 Hot Dudes Of The Olympics
Boyshorts: The Cute Way To Cover More of Your Bum
Taylor Momsen And Other Potty-Mouthed Celebs Who Drop F-Bombs
Chic On The Street: Guess The Queen
10 Bath Mats Because, Let's Face It, You Need A New One
Ask The Astrosexologist: I Suspect My Libra Husband Is Cheating
Quotable: Christina Hendricks' Hubby Has Got Her Back
"Run, Sookeh Stackhouse, Run!"
6 Celebrities Who Ditched The Epidural And Chose Natural Childbirth
Poll: Which Imaginary Sex Tape Would You Most Like To See?
Get Your Shot With A Tiger Woods Mistress!
10 Umbrellas That Won't Bore You To Tears
GuySpeak/GirlSpeak: The "Ugly Duckling" Wants Revenge
Bill Gates And Other Sweet Celeb Table-Dancers
Style Buzz: Robert Palmer Girls And Alexander Wang's Hot New Look
Quickies: OMG, Are A "Teen Mom" & "Jersey Shore" Guido Dating?!
Chug Your H2O Haring Style
The Boob Tube: Hot Weekend TV For January 30th-31st 2010
Gift For Gab: Your Best Comments For The Week Of January 29th 2010
Today's Lady News: Jury Reaches Guilty Verdict For George Tiller's Murderer
Voters Prefer Male Politicians Tubby And Female Politicians Slim
Trailer Park: "Edge of Darkness," "When In Rome," "Saint John Of Las Vegas"
Win This! Its-Las-Tik Reusable Shopping Bags
Notes From Sundance, Take 6: "Teenage Paparazzo" Is A Must-See
Quick Beauty Tip: Hair Color And Short Hair
Why You Won't See This Commercial During The Super Bowl
The Coolest Drag Super Stars Ever
Introducing Baby Vida!
It's All About The Silver Nails
They May Be "Lost," But These Characters Found Ways To Look Stylish
Could J.D. Salinger Have A Safe Full Of Unpublished Work?
"If You've Got A Butt, You've Got To Send A Pic": Frisky Prank Calls American Apparel
And The Prize Goes To … The Best Secret For Good Sex
Can Couture Ever Get Hip And Modernized?
Guess When This Guess Ad Is From?
The Inspiration Board: The Catcher In The Rye
Quotable: Tavi Defends Her Scandalous Hat
Jesus, These Shoes Are Unbelievable
Dealbreaker: He Hated My Clothes
Hair Model Citizen: Penelope Can Do No Wrong
Dude Posing As Model Scammed Rich Men On Millionaire "Dating" Web Site
Want To Vote On Sleaziest Politician Sex Tape Scandal?
4 Ways The iPad Could Change Fashion
Australians Want To Ban Small-Breasted Women And Female Ejaculation In Porn
Shopping Guide: Creepy, Crawly Accessories
The Chocolate Bar Bed: Nasty Or Naughty?
The Ouija Board Gets A Makeover
Guys: If A Hot Stranger Messages You On Facebook, It Might Be Your Girlfriend
Say It Ain't So: Noah Cyrus Designs Children's Lingerie Collection?
I Need A Man With A Big Tank
Girl On Girl: 6 Secrets Lesbians Don't Want You To Know
Coins Have Value, Too
The Many Beards Of "Mad Men"
23 Guys I'll Never Get The Chance To Bang
What A Girl Can Do
Cute Alert: Inside Out Teddy Bears!
10 Reasons We'll Seriously Miss "Ugly Betty"
Johnny Weir Takes ESPN Reporter For A Mani/Pedi
What Is Kingston Crying About?
Cheapskate: La Garçonne Sale
How To Break Out Of A Boring Sex Life
A Sad Year For Ladies In TV
True Confessions: I Married A Nerd
"God Hates Gaga": The Music Video!
Are Kim Kardashian's Feet Really That Unusual?
Star Couplings: "The Bachelor" Jason Mesnick To Say "I Do" On TV
The John Edwards/Rielle Hunter Sex Tape Appears To Be Totes Legit
"Mad Men" Loses Sal For Good
If You Want To Get Kinky For V-Day, It'll Cost You
Quickies: Jennifer Lopez To Guest Star On "HIMYM" & "Jersey Shore"'s Vinny Is A Harvard Hopeful
Ditch Your Running Shoes For Bare Feet?!
Today's Lady News: Hillary Clinton Might Be Dunzo In 2012
Move Over Big Brother, Hulu's Putting A 24/7 Reality Show Online
How To Dress For An Unexpectedly Icky Day
Much Chicer Than Balloon Boy
Quiz Results: I Know More About The P Than I Do The V
How To Create Splendid Couture Nails At Home
Meet The New Additions To The "True Blood" Cast
Blind Item: Which Reality Star Got Tossed From A Jersey Club?
Using A Flat Iron To Make Waves? Inconceivable!
Celebs Weigh In On Obama's State Of The Union
Breaking News: "Graying" Kate Moss Dyes Her Hair, Probably On Purpose
A Mousepad With An Awesome Rack
Crush Of The Day: Daren Kagasoff
Anne Frank's Diary Pulled Off School Shelves Over A Vagina
An Ode To Zelda Rubinstein
Dear Wendy: "My Boyfriend Gives Me A Stupid Stuffed Animal For Every Special Occasion!"
Greg Oden's Naked Pics Leave Much To Be Desired
How Often Do You Wash Your Jeans?
28-Year-Old Lady Prison Guard Falls For Violent Rapist
I Wanna Zip You Up
Alicia Silverstone's Diet Will Give You Glowing Skin, Magical Bowels
J.D. Salinger Has Died
An Open Letter To Taylor Swift
Girl Talk: (Not So) Independent Woman (Anymore)
The DIY Ikea Dress!
Spencer Pratt Gets Busted!
10 Oddball, Quirky Items That Are Just A Little "Off"
Spotted: Denim "Manties" For Sale In Time For V-Day
The Assorted Feuds Of "American Idol" Judges
What Women Are Really Saying With Their Clothes
Score: Chanel-Esque Silver Tights For Under $10
Breaking News: Jessica Simpson Is Just Like Us!
11 Tiny Rings That Won't Weigh Down Your Fingers
Is This A Viral Video For Christina Aguilera's Next Album?
Wish List: Incognito Droplet Necklace
Dealbreaker: Wusses
Brown And Black Come Together At Last
Elizabeth Edwards Finally Kicks John To The Curb
How To Date Like A Dude
Is The Baby Boot Cut Coming Back?
Mariah Carey And Nicki Minaj Want You To Get Up Out Their Faces
8 Signs You Should Unfriend Someone On Facebook
Frisky Reader Revealed: We Need A Dose Of Resullins
Well, There's An Idea
Star Couplings: Brad And Angelina Are Only Getting A Pre-Nup, Say Pals
Behind The Scenes Of Diddy And Natalia's Vogue Shoot
Male Models Get Half-Naked And Wrestle For Your Viewing Pleasure
Jeneil Williams Celebrates Her Body Beautiful
The Making Of The Victoria's Secret Catalog
Sneak Peek: ALICE By Alice Temperley Largely Adorable
Tilda Swinton Would "Absolutely" Play Conan, Plus Other Cross-Gender Casting Picks
Quickies: Heidi Montag's Mom To Get Surgery & Palin Won't Be Weatherproofed
A Video Look at Sonia Rykiel's Knitwears for H&M
Today's Lady News: Kids Need Permission Slip For Dictionary With "Oral Sex" Definition
Important Questions Of The Decade
Jon Hamm Brings His Matchmaking Prowess Back To "SNL"
There's Pee In That Fake Bottle Of Chanel No. 5
Beware Of Your Man's Vacation To The Dominican Republic
Shocker: Heidi Montag's Plastic Surgeon Is Bonkers
Style 911: How Do I Wear Strapless Without Looking Too Dressy?
Life After "Jersey Shore," Part One
10 Celebrities Who Switched Hair Color Teams
Pierre Hardy For Gap: Is The Third Time The Charm?
Dustin Diamond's "Behind The Bell" Brings TMI To A New Level
10 Day Planners That Are Far Classier Than Your Phone Calendar
The Dermaroller Is As Painful As You Assumed
What?! Chinese Woman Wants Plastic Surgery To Look Like Jessica Alba
Notes From Sundance, Take 5: Some Disappointments, But More Sightings!
We Heart This High-Fashion Hair
Introducing The Apple iPad, The Most Period-y Sounding Gadget Ever
Nerd Girl Porn: The Grammy Nominee Hotties
Hilarious New Blog: Awkward Stock Photos
Lady Gaga's Concert Costumes: Live, Raw Footage!
Thoughts From Guys On Our IM: How Often Do You Say "I Love You"?
Alexa Chung's Escaped From The Amish!
Look! The World's Second Pregnant Man!
Dear Wendy: "I'm In Love With My Best Friend, But He Doesn't Feel The Same"
Quotable: SJP Thinks She's Too Old To Play Carrie
Brutal Beatings In "The Killer Inside Me" Shock Sundance Crowds
Dating Dilemma: Am I A Heightist?
Finally! eHarmony Makes Online Dating "Welcoming" For Gays After Lawsuit
Did Jimmy Choo Rip Off A Fashion Blogger For Its New Ad Campaign?
Tabloid Cheat Sheet: Jen's Taking Brad Back? Oprah's "Big Gay Lie"?
African-American Ladies Get "Juicy," Their Own Celebrity Rag
Do Yoga And Booze Make A Good Cocktail?
Mind Of Man: I Want All Of My Penis Back!
Double Vision At The Premiere Of "The Runaways"
Blondes May Have More Fun, But Brunettes Are Cheaper
The Top 9 Grossest (And Most Fascinating!) Bod Mod Styles
Ballet Flats That Aren't Boring
What Do Angelina Jolie And The World's Sluttiest Bird Have in Common?
5 PETA-Friendly Animal Trophies
All The Deets You Never Wanted On John "Love Lips" Edwards And Rielle Hunter
"America's Next Top Model" Winner Lands Real Fashion Campaign
Girl Talk: Cosmopolitan Was The Best And Worst Thing to Happen To My Sex Life
Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Managing A Long-Distance Relationship
Gone Are The Days Of Tweed And Trenches In The Journalist's Uniform—Bring On The Muscles
Beauty Test Drive: Aveda Light Elements Shaping Wax
Star Couplings: James McAvoy Is Going To Be A Father
Quotable: Michelle Trachtenberg Reminds Us Where Her Lips Are
Yooouuu Are Sooo Beauoootiful To Meeeee ...
21 Wardrobe Staples Under $100
Was "Pants On The Ground" A Rip-Off Of This '90s Grandpa Rap? You Be The Judge!
Angelina Jolie Posts Tribute To Her Late Mom On YouTube
The Power Of First Loves
Women In Denial: Oprah Sits Down With Denise Richards & Mrs. Ted Haggard
The 12 Most Shockingly Naked Red Carpet Moments
Quickies: An Expert Critiques Celebrity Sex Tapes & Who Is VV Brown?
Love Vandal: A Phrase That's Always Nice To Hear
Today's Lady News: France May Not Ban The Burqa After All
Shop Crush: Je Ne Sais Quoi Online Boutique
3 Alterna-Uses For Your Ratty Old Lip Gloss
So, Scarily Evil Eyebrows Are In For Spring?
"American Idol" Contestant's Mom Is Missing
Women's Groups Protest Tim Tebow's Anti-Abortion Super Bowl Ad
Floral Lingerie For Hopeless Romantics
Quotable: Taylor Momsen Ain't No Effing Role Model
Say Goodbye To Your Fear Of Swimwear, Thanks To Spanx
Chelsea Clinton Makes You Sweat For Haiti, And 5 Other Wacky Relief Efforts
How To Save Print Media: "T-Post" Is A Wearable Magazine
Tina Turner's Still Got It!
Shopping Guide: Candy-Colored Bags For Spring
Eli The Chimp Embroiled In Vicious Custody Battle
Scarlett's New Ads For Mango Are Sexy, But Where Are Her Johanssons?
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