The Top 10 Love Tweets Of 2010

Twitter is practically the 21st century’s answer to a personal publicist. So, it’s no wonder that everyone with a smartphone seems to have taken to the site to publicly make up, break up, seal the deal or prove how similar or different their relationship is to, say, those of Tiger Woods or Sandra Bullock. All year long you could find tween heartthrobs, California Girls and even half-naked deodorant peddlers tweeting their hearts out. Join us as we take a stroll down memory lane to check out our top 10 salacious, romantic, heart-wrenching and flirtatious Twitter stories of 2010.10. Aussie Pair Met and Plan to Marry on Twitter

Lauren O’Grady and Andrew Sayer are like many modern couples, in that they met online. But not on Plenty of Fish or JDate. No, no, the Melbourne natives met on Twitter in 2008. Two years and numerous tweets later, the love birds are getting hitched and have accumulated followers worldwide. “People are now challenging us to organize the wedding on Twitter!” says O’Grady. Well, we crowd-source everything these days—why not wedding plans? Read more

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