Our Favorite And Most Talked About “Girl Talk” Columns Of 2010

Happy (Almost) New Year! We’re still reliving the best of The Frisky in 2010 as the clock ticks down to 2011. Here are some of our favorite and most talked about “Girl Talk” columns from the past year.

Life As A Tattooed Lady by Emily McCombs

“My tattoos are an external indicator of my toughness in the face of pain both internal and external. They also make me feel a sense of control over and acceptance of a body I have struggled with for my whole life.”

Love Me, Love My Hair by Tamara Lynch

“During a two-week trip to Argentina, when I had forgotten my outlet converters and couldn’t blow out my hair, wearing my natural curls felt freeing. I was channeling the tan-skinned women of Argentina who wore their soft waves and curls with pride. Feeling my curls bounce against my shoulders felt sensual and romantic.”

Bigger Is Definitely Not Better by Anonymous

“All I can focus on when banging a man with a huge ween is how angry my cervix must be with me. I can’t stand the feeling of a bulky, intrusive object squishing my uterus and abdominal cavity into oblivion. I hate feeling sore in places that even my gynecologist doesn’t venture to with the speculum.”

I’m Glad My Husband Cheated by Angela Tung

“Even after he confessed to his affair, I still couldn’t leave him. He was all I’d known for so many years. I couldn’t face my parents, whose anger and sadness would be as volatile as mine. I couldn’t let you win.”

I Slept With Your Husband. Here’s Why. by Penelope Rand

“I don’t think it was your fault, or, in a way, his. It’s what happens when you’re with someone for as long as you two have been, however many years that is.”

I’m Sort Of Obsessed With My Ex’s New Girlfriend by Amelia McDonell-Parry

“Over the last nine months a lot of my anger towards both of them has faded as I’ve come to realize that our breakup was necessary, if poorly, poorly executed. The shock, betrayal, and devastation of it have had a lasting impact, as I’ve written about, um, a lot on this site.”

Dating Shouldn’t Have To Be Expensive by Ami Angelowicz

“I am looking for a partner. I want to be supportive of you if you’re going through a rough time, financial or otherwise. I would be happy to lift you up, build you up, and hope that you will re-pay the favor sometime in the future. If you treat me right, I will respect you. And if you do something you love and do it well, I’ll probably think of you as the most successful man on earth no matter what kind of restaurant you can afford to take me to.”

I Want To Be Dominated by Jessica Wakeman

“I can’t explain to you how all-consumingly liberating it felt to know it wasn’t just me who wanted this. This is something hundreds of other women and men love, I thought. This is a part of me and my sexuality that I can be honest about. I was pretty sure I didn’t want to be dominated by a man all the time like these women; though the idea of domination “play” some of the time, like Jason and I had engaged in, aroused me more than I had ever felt before.”

Oops … I’m Pregnant by Katrina Devoe

“To be honest, at the time I just didn’t feel ready and able to handle something so huge. Still, after going home and confessing my error — and the result — to Baby Daddy (who was not super psyched), it seemed obvious after talking it over that we weren’t going to go down the old Plan B route. The unplanned kiddo was here to stay.”

I Pretended We Were Right For Each Other by Wendy Atterberry

“Having our own space seemed like a good way to keep our separate identities intact and honor our differences. In truth, it was just one more way we kept from getting too close. Even in the beginning, I think we were both probably subconsciously preparing for the end.”

What Female Competition Has To Learn From World Cup Soccer by Lucy Bankhead

“I got to thinking about this within the context of myself, my career and my peers. It resonated all the more because the previous week, I’d had a conversation with a friend of mine, Suzanne, that continued to grate on me. She’s a few years younger than me, and like me, is in the media world. Suzanne started her editorial career a little later than her professional contemporaries — myself included — and perhaps for this reason (and doubtless other reasons having to do with her type-A personality) has been hustling to make up for lost time ever since. This is, perhaps understandably, a constant source of frustration for her — she finds it difficult to simply resign herself to learning from those who’ve been at it longer and working her way up. Instead, she finds herself keeping constant score of people whose jobs she envies and convincing herself that she’s much smarter and more deserving of their success than they are.”

How I Came To Love Lube by Chloe Angyal

“I dated guys who insisted that I stop them if the pain became unbearable, which I sometimes did. But more often than not, I gritted my teeth and waited for them to finish.”

I Lost 100 Pounds (And Found Out What The World Thinks Of Fat People) by Emily McCombs

“I hear the fat jokes right out loud now, instead of just a whispering breeze brushing past my ear. Men who used to let the door swing shut in my face now hold it open for me politely and look me up and down as I step past. My own boyfriend, a man I began dating a few months after reaching my goal weight, sees the picture on my driver’s license and admits he probably wouldn’t have gone out with me when I looked like that. I appreciate his honesty. It’s better than the good-intentioned people who gush upon seeing the new me, ‘You’re so pretty now!’ before stammeringly adding, ‘Not that you weren’t, uh, pretty before.'”

I Saw Sexual Tension That Wasn’t There by Jocelyn Nubel

“When I argued my side of things to my former would-be boyfriend, who’d just stomped out those daydreams as quickly as you put out a cigarette, he was adamant about how wrong I’d been in drumming up sexual tension where there was none. You see, he really cared for me as a person, but not at all as someone he’d forge a relationship with. Here’s what he says I mis-translated. (Note: Can we get a Rosetta Stone language-learning pack for flirting going? I’d totally purchase this.)”

I Googled My Crush And Found Out The Worst by Ann Mayfield

“The incident happened at school: They knew each other, went to a party, and then, according to the girl, he raped her. I winced as I read the words ‘bite marks,’ ‘bruises,’ ‘restraints,’ and thought about all the times he’d put his arm around my shoulder, never forcefully, and never more than that. My mind wandered to the inevitable, if hyperbolic question: Could that have been me? Thank God nothing happened; thank God I found out just in time.”

There’s More To Me Than My Google Search Results by Amelia McDonell-Parry

“I also decided to go out with him because I thought about how I would feel if a potential date Googled me and ruled me out before having met me in person. Sure, I have a significant online presence in that I write about my life, among other things, for a living, but there’s ever so much more that I don’t share here on The Frisky, or anywhere online for that matter. And even what I do share doesn’t encompass the full breadth of my feelings.”