Rupert Everett Thinks Hollywood Is Sexist And Homophobic

“I never got a job there, and I never got a job here, after [coming out] … I did a couple of films, I was very lucky at the beginning of my career … and then, I never had another job here for 10 years, probably, and I moved to Europe … I think show business is ideally suited for heterosexuals, it’s a very heterosexual business, it’s run mostly by heterosexual men, and there’s a kind of pecking order. I think the position of women is a pretty difficult one in show business. If you look at the idea of a drunk women in show business on the skids at the age of 50, and a drunken man in show business on the skids, the drunken man gets an awful amount of support, and the women is a slut.”

Rupert Everett sounds off on his non-existent acting career and sexism in Hollywood. [Huffington Post]

After the jump, his total pot shot on Jennifer Aniston.

“There are lots of women and lots of men in the business that the powers that be decide are the right people and they’ll stand with them for quite a long time. Like Jennifer Aniston will just have one too many total flops. But she’s still a member of that club. And she will still manage to — like a star forming in the universe — a whole lot of things swirling around and suddenly solidifying into yet another vital tasteless rom-com: a little glitter next to the Crab Nebula.”

While I agree with some of what Rupert’s saying, I resent the way he’s saying it. If you want an acting career (or any career for that matter), you have to accept the perks and downfalls of that industry. If you can’t accept them, then it is your prerogative to move onto something else or tread a path in that industry that is congruent with your morals and values. I’m not condoning sexism or homophobia in Hollywood, but Rupert isn’t doing anything to change it by ranting. Also, what did Jennifer Aniston do to him? It was lame of Rupert to put her on blast because of her commercial success. What do you think?