Oscar Theory # 8: The Pregnant Woman Often Wins. Will This Help Natalie Portman?

Commence the countdown to the Oscars: there are 59 days until February 27, when James Franco and Anne Hathaway will show us if they were the right picks to host the 2010 Academy Awards. And though the awards show is two months away, people are already speculating about who will walk away with a golden little man this year.
Over the years, the Academy has proven itself to be pretty darn predictable. If you’re America’s Sweetheart who finally tackles a meaty role, you’ll probably win Best Actress. Best Actor usually goes to the guy who has had the most nominations in his career. The out-of-left-field lady wins Best Supporting Actress. The guy with the creepiest role wins Best Supporting Actor. And if you are an actor who sings in a flick, you are almost guaranteed Oscar gold.

Now NY Daily News and Entertainment Weekly have a new theory that we will get to test this year: Being preggers for the ceremony greatly ups your chances of a Best Actress or Best Supporting Actress win.

  • In 2006, Rachel Weisz had a voluptuous, pregnancy glow when she won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in “The Constant Gardner.
  • Who can forget an about-to-burst Catherine Zeta-Jones winning Best Supporting Actress in 2003 for “Chicago,” in which she played bad girl murderess Velma Kelly. She even said in her speech, “My hormones are way too out of control to be dealing with this!”
  • In 1983, Meryl Streep won Best Actress for her role in “Sophie’s Choice.” She was pregnant at the time with Mamie Gummer, who has gone on to be a pretty great actress herself.
  • Eva Marie Saint was mega preggers when she won her Oscar for “On the Waterfront” in 1954.

So who will benefit from the pregnant boost effect this year? Obviously, Natalie Portman, who has been getting tons of Oscar buzz for her performance in the ballet thriller “Black Swan.” (I made the mistake of going to see it during the blizzard because I live a block from a movie theater. There were only three people in the theater, including me, and it was super creepy.) She just announced that she’s pregnant, which means she’s probably at least three months along — and that she will be showing in time for the big show.

Guess we’ll have to see if Natalie wins.