6 Outrageous Divorce Settlements

settlements kelsey grammer jpg
After watching Camille Grammer on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” it’s hard to root for the woman. Between the complaining about how busy she is when she has four nannies and the weirdly inappropriate flirting with her friend’s husband, she just doesn’t make us sympathetic. So somehow, I’ve found myself rooting for Kelsey as they negotiate their divorce. Supposedly, Kelsey offered her $30 million for their split, but Camille rejected the offer because he wasn’t factoring in child support or alimony. In all fairness, these are things he should provide and Camille is demanding that. But she’s also requesting another $20 million, just because. Which will bring the total cost of Kelsey’s divorce to $50 million, plus monthly payments. With that, Camille should be able to keep at least three of the nannies, right?

After the jump, some more celebs and their ridonkulously expensive divorce settlements.

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