5 Stars Who Got Stranded In The Snowpocalypse

The worst part about the snowpocalypse was that no one was prepared for it. If I had known that Ed Westwick was going to be stranded at the airport in Iceland for 48 hours, I would have been waiting there to “entertain” him. But alas, the “Gossip Girl” bad boy “walked into the duty-free shop and bought a bottle of vodka.” Swoon. He was stranded when his flight to London got snowed in and according to a spy, “he looked like hell.” That’s my kind of hell. [NY Post]

But Westwick wasn’t the only celeb who got stranded in the snowpocalypse, catch the others after the jump!

  1. Poor Lily Allen got stranded at the Heathrow airport in London with her new fiance, Sam Cooper, on their way to Bali. The couple sat on the plane for three hours before having to sleep in the terminal since hotels were full and cabs couldn’t get near the airport. Allen gave a running commentary on Twitter, where she said things like “watching Salt with Angelina Jolie in, which is pretty s**t” and “I give up. 2010. F**k you.” Poor thing. Hopefully, getting a proposal on her holiday made up for all that? [Love Style]
  2. Kim and Khloe Kardashian were doing a promotional tour for their new book, Kardashian Konfidential, when their plane back to L.A. got stuck in Paris. The sisters missed their family reunion, but finally got home after another 28 hours of traveling. If you have to be stranded somewhere, Paris really isn’t so bad. [Monsters and Critics]
  3. U2 was in the middle of a tour when their travel plans got snowpocalypsed! Thankfully, the musicians were near the Dromoland Castle in Ireland. Though the hotel was closed for the holiday, they re-opened for Bono and friends, serving them shepherd’s pie and putting them up in the castle. There was an impromptu jam session and much partying ensued. Sounds like the best way to be stranded ever. [Independent]
  4. “Jersey Shore”‘s sensitive guido Vinny was supposed to be at Yale University for a charity event, but couldn’t get to the East Coast because of the snow. Vinny made a video apologizing for missing his hosting gig at the “Kiss Away Cancer Date Auction” but promised that if they raise $4,000, he would come out to party with the Yailies. Which is something I would pay to watch. [TMZ]