Paternity Test Reunites Couple After 23 Years Apart

A couple in England was reunited recently after over 23 years apart when the woman tracked down the man to give a DNA sample for a paternity test. Sarah Daniels, 42, showed up at Roy Cook’s door after ending their brief eight-month romance 23 years earlier. She was 17 the last time she saw him and pregnant with his baby, although she didn’t know that at the time. She moved quickly to a new relationship and when a pregnancy test came up positive, she assumed her new dude was the daddy. That guy split after baby Danny was born and a few years ago when he reappeared in their lives, Sarah realized there were no physical similarities between the two men. That’s when she remembered Roy and decided to track him down.Armed with a DNA kit, she knocked on Roy’s door this past January.

“I had no idea whether he’d even remember me,” she said, “let alone what his reaction would be. But I knew as soon as I saw him again that he was definitely ­Danny’s father. The likeness between them is unmistakeable.”

“I had always held a torch for Sarah,” said divorcé Roy, “and was thrilled when I opened the door to see her standing there.”

A week later the DNA test proved Roy’s paternity.

“Hearing the news was a gut-wrenching, heart-thumping moment. I was happy but also completely overwhelmed. I felt sad for Danny because of all the time we’ve lost and concerned for my other children about the upheaval it would cause them.’

Danny and Dad were introduced to each other a couple weeks later and quickly bonded. Danny now calls Roy “Dad,” and Roy and Sarah have rekindled their teenage romance and are engaged to be married!

“Sarah and I are head over heels in love and I’m so proud of my son and the way Sarah has brought him up. I feel like the luckiest man alive.” Awww. I wonder if this ever happened on “Maury.” [via Daily Mail]