Do You Have An Alter Ego?

Confession time. I am a person with lots of alter egos. There’s the Bird With the Broken Wing, Brody, and the Disinterested Flamingo. Does this make me insane? Perhaps. But my alter egos usually spring forth in the name of comedy, especially as a way to make my brother laugh. This holiday season, a new alter ego came out to play. Her name is Sister Robot. While Ami is particular and fussy about what she eats, where she sleeps, etc., Sister Robot is the opposite. She sleeps standing up in a charging dock in the garage and doesn’t even need food because robots don’t eat. Sister Robot is a low-maintenance sibling specifically programmed to go with the flow and make observations that are sure to make brother pee his pants. OK, I know that you think I’m crazy, but I know I’m not the only cook out there with an alter ego. After the jump, other Frisky staffers share theirs. Do you have one? Introduce us to your alter ego in the comments.

“DeVore gave me the nickname Party Girl Amelia a few years ago. It’s based on the fact that, for the most part, I’m this very organized workaholic type that likes staying in at night and watch movies — however, when I DO go out, Party Girl Amelia comes out to play. Party Girl Amelia does ridiculously wild things — she removes her underwear and gives them to hot waiters, gives blow jobs in bar stairwells, and other antics far more befitting of a 22-year-old on a reality TV show.” – Amelia

“My whole online persona is my alter ego.” – Wendy

“In high school, a friend determined that my bully alter ego is named Etak Kcinvogrot. It’s my name spelled backwards.” – Kate

“I wrote a ‘zine in high school under the name Alias Nellie Roe. She’s not really my alter ego, though. I’m kinda myself everywhere.” – Jessica

“This is really embarrassing but I guess my alter ego is Child Prodigy Leo. She’s basically Margo Tennenbaum.” – Leo