Brett Favre Fined, Not Suspended, For Sexting Peen Photos To Jenn Sterger

Quarterback Brett Favre will be fined up to $50,000, but not suspended, for allegedly sexting photos of his peen to a former New York Jets employee who was not interested, claims Football justice strikes again! Two years ago, when he played for the Jets, Favre allegedly sent photos of his penis to a former Jets sideline reporter and model/actress named Jenn Sterger, after contacting her through MySpace and leaving her voice mails asking to come to her hotel.

Sterger, who is no longer with the Jets either, has not spoken publicly about the alleged incidents — though she did speak with the NFL in recent months.

The tale of Favre’s alleged sexual harassment is long and sordid. According to Deadspin, in August 2008, Favre or one of his intermediaries reached out to Jenn Sterger via MySpace. The message encouraged her to speak with the Jets media relations manager who will “slip you my # or ask for yours.” It is unclear if she gave out her number or whether her number was handed over without her knowledge, but Sterger then started to receive voicemails, allegedly from Favre, in which he says he hoped they could get in touch because “I’d love to have you over tonight.”

Sterger was allegedly then approached by someone who tried to set up her on a date with Favre. She demurred, joking that if she would go on a date with him, she might end up “in a garbage can.” The next voicemails she received, Favre allegedly says, “So, in some garbage can, huh? So that’s what you think of you? Well, I’m still trying!” That’s when Sterger began getting text message photos of penises.

It’s unclear if Favre still pursued her further, but Sterger left the Jets in 2009. The voicemails and pictures from Favre were made public by the sports blog, which purchased them by a third party.

Since Deadspin came forward with Sterger’s scandal, two other women claimed Favre — a married man! — pursued unwanted, inappropriate relationships with them. It’s unclear whether the NFL pursued, or will pursue, those claims as well.

The National Football League said Favre was fined for not cooperating with its investigation and that the existing investigation did not reveal he had violated League policy. Should we assume Favre didn’t cooperate because if he had, it would have made him look worse?

In a statement, NFL chairman Roger Goodell said, “Our new training program on workplace conduct will help all of us to promote the right kind of environment for all employees and I intend to dedicate the fine I have imposed on Favre to help fund that training program.” I’m sorry, dude, but it does not take a “training program” to know that sexual harassment is unprofessional and creepy.

Do you think Brett Favre’s fine is appropriate? Or do you agree with me that this is another case of “football justice”?

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