Ask The Man Panel: Yogurt Dress

I’m a huge fan of the swirly fabric flower. I would estimate that 65 percent of the things I own are adorned with some kind of floral fabric poof. From ballet flats to belts to headbands to blouses, I love it all. Naturally, then, I’m pretty obsessed with this elaborately ruffled Marchesa mini-dress. Since it’s a more dramatic example of the floral poof trend, I thought it would be the perfect example to show our Man Panel. Check out their hilariously candid reactions after the jump …

Nick, 24: This reminds me of a Georgia O’Keefe painting. Not that that’s a bad thing. I just wouldn’t have expected to see a vagina flower on a mini dress.

Damien, 34: I didn’t realize goatse had its own clothing brand.

Kyle, 22: I like this one. I’d wear it.

Devin, 21: It looks like a xenomorph just popped out of this person’s chest.

Corwin, 24: Loving this! The shape and ruffles are very fluid and flattering. Plus, it looks just like the top of a Yami yogurt when you open it! Yogurt dress.