A Perm … For Your Eyelashes?

The last time we saw a perm and liked it was in 7th grade when Jennifer Guglio’s mom let her get one and she accessorized it with colorful baby barrettes and Hello Kitty hair ties. That. Was. So. Cool. Since then? Not so much. Until Marie Claire brought up perms recently. They’re back, apparently. But not for your hair—for your eyelashes?! One MC beauty writer talks about getting the treatment at a NYC salon. The writer was extremely satisfied with her $80+ treatment, saying that her curly lashes made her face look “more feminine” and that she didn’t need to wear mascara because they were so dramatic …Interesting … since the writer didn’t say what exactly was involved in the treatment, we did a bit of digging. According to BellaSugar: “The way it works is that your lashes are treated with a special glue, and then wrapped around a mini sponge-y roller. While holding your eyes tightly shut, the perming solution is applied to the upturned lash, and then it is left to set for about five minutes.” If you find a trustworthy practitioner with a steady hand, you may not have anything to worry about, but … it’s not FDA approved and some sources also suggest that it can damage the lash. What do you think—would you give eyelash perming a try?

[Marie Claire]