What’s Your Theme For 2011?

I’m not sure if I’m going to make resolutions this year. I mean, I’m not anti-resolutions. I make them every year, and sometimes I even keep them. There were a few this year I did OK on. I didn’t really get going on maintaining an exercise regimen until the second half of the year, but since about August (OK, fine, so maybe that isn’t exactly half the year, but it’s close!), I’ve been working out at least four times a week. And I kept my resolution to call my long-distance friends and family more (usually, that’s meant two or three calls a week, which is pretty good for someone who hates the phone). I’ve read more books — especially in the last couple of months. And I definitely did a lot more cooking this year. So, overall, I feel pretty good about things. Still, this year instead of resolutions, I’m thinking of making a theme for the new year.There are two big things I’d like to focus on in 2011 — furthering my career and getting ready to have a baby (which means crossing off as many items as I can from my cradle list, because the time for baby-making is nigh!). Both will require lots of organization, careful planning, and, frankly, some good ol’ fashioned luck. And because there’s a lot that’s out of my control when it comes to these things, I thought I might be better off setting a theme for the year and making sure my actions and behavior are always in keeping with that theme. After all, I can’t necessarily control what opportunities are presented to me, but I can definitely control my actions and behavior.

So, my theme for 2011 is: diversify. My hope is that by diversifying as much as possible, I’ll help attract bigger opportunities, both socially and professionally, that will enrich, reward, and educate me — and yes, make me better prepared for parenthood (if I’m lucky enough to get there). This is as much about stepping outside comfort zones that perhaps hold me back than anything else. In a nutshell: 2011 is the year to shake things up. But what is it for you? What’s your theme for 2011?