What’s On 17-Year-Old Amy Winehouse’s To-Do List?

Seventeen-year-old Amy Winehouse’s journal entries and song lyrics have been discovered in a pile of dumped school books. Winehouse apparently scribbled verses inside a red notebook for English Literature (she wrote “Amy’s Songs” on the cover). Some of her early lyrics from 2001 found in the notebook include: “I’m digging myself into a hole/These days I’ll just work when once I had so much soul” and the somewhat prophetic “Drain my drink & order more” and “Find someone with whom I can come undone.” She also writes about “crazy sexual tension” with a boy she knows and plans to wear “that little skirt” and “little white heels” just to tease him.

But most interestingly, Amy Winehouse penned a to-do list of stuff she’d like to accomplish once she got a record contract. And no, “become a sloppy mess drug addict and have a crazy relationship with a criminal” is not on there. On the to-do list, written a year before she signed a record contract, Amy says:

When I Do Record Deal:

  • treadmill
  • buy FLAT in LONDON
  • buy CAR (no)
  • get gym membership
  • buy a sunbed to put in my flat
  • live like the bombshell I really am
  • get teeth fixed

“Live like the bombshell I really am”? I love it. Even at 17, Amy Winehouse knew she was something special. But who knew she was into fake baking? [The Sun UK]