Natalie Portman’s New Movies Look Good, Bad, And Ugly

It is the winter of Natalie Portman. She is pregnant, engaged, and the talk of the town for her goosebump-inducing performance in “Black Swan.” On top of all that, Ms. Portman has three movies that are about to be released. But unfortunately, it looks like they’ll take her one step forward, and two steps back. After the jump, the previews.

First up is “The Other Woman,” in which Natalie stars as a lawyer who gets involved with her married boss. They end up getting married and having a baby, but when the baby dies and Natalie’s character has to deal with her new life and stepson, it doesn’t seem so rosy. Variety raved about this one saying, “Natalie Portman delivers an utterly fearless performance.” It comes out on January 11th.

Then there’s “No Strings Attached,” which you’ve probably already seen the trailer for a hundred times. In it, Natalie plays a doctor sleeping with her best friend, Ashton Kutcher. It looks … well … like a mediocre romantic comedy. Comes out January 21st.

And finally there’s “Your Highness,” which is trying its best to be a “The Princess Bride,” but looks like it will be 20 steps beyond abysmal. Even Natalie’s sexy accent and backside can’t save it. Opens sometime this spring.

Will you be seeing any of these movies?