How Does Your Job Affect Your Style?

My friend Molly has a wardrobe many young professionals would envy. She works at Banana Republic, and consequently has a closet full of stylish, classy pieces purchased at a heavy discount. Whenever we hang out she looks polished and put together. A couple weeks ago, we were out Christmas shopping and Molly picked up a skater-style Volcom hoodie, clutched it to her bosom and said, “I never buy stuff like this because all I do is work and I have nowhere to wear it.” This got me thinking about how much our jobs can affect our personal style…Molly’s signature style might be vastly different if she didn’t spend 40 hours a week selling a certain style of clothing–and buying it for 40 percent off. When I’m working full-time from home my style tends to get a lot more casual and creative. When I work in an office my closet slowly fills with more conservative, professional pieces, which also affects how I dress on evenings and weekends. My boss at a magazine loved cosmetics but never wore nail polish because she was always typing–maintaining any kind of manicure was hopeless. Some of my friends who wear scrubs all day at work compensate by donning super trendy clothes in their off hours, while others have gotten so used to the comfort that they fill their closet with cute sweatpants and hoodies.

So tell us: what is your work style? And how does it affect your personal style?