Benjamin Millepied: Who Is Natalie Portman’s Fiance?

Okay, so most of us spent this past weekend celebrating the holidays with our families. But Natalie Portman, overachiever that she is, decided to get knocked up and engaged. She and hot fiance Benjamin Millepied met on the set of “Black Swan,” where the American Ballet Theater dancer served as her instructor and trainer. And thus far, that’s pretty much all we know about the gorgeous ballet dancer.

After the jump, we fill you in on everything you need to know about the man who’s hitched his wagon to the actress.

  1. As you might imagine, he’s French. Millepied grew up in Bordeaux, France, and began his ballet training when he was 8. As a teen, he studied with the Conservatoire National in Lyon, France.
  2. He’s Portman’s partner on-screen, too. Though Millepied started working on “Black Swan” in the role of off-screen trainer and choreographer, he eventually was tapped to play Portman’s on-screen dance partner in the film’s rendition of “Swan Lake.” In it, he also dances with Mila Kunis.
  3. He had a hot ballerina girlfriend before Portman. It was rumored that Millepied left his live-in ballerina girlfriend, Isabella Boylston, to be with Portman. Ouch.
  4. He was amazed by Natalie’s “Black Swan” performance. “You’re standing up next to those actors, like Natalie, and you’re like, ‘F**k.’ … I was blown away—especially by Natalie, who was amazing to watch.” Not that he’s biased.
  5. Some say he’s using Natalie to make a name for himself. A source on the set of “Black Swan” claimed that Millepied was so focused on Portman that he neglected training other actors. Annnnnnd that his relationship with Portman is strictly social-climbing. Said the source, “Maybe they have a great relationship. … But knowing Benjamin, I don’t think that’s how it is.”