Leonora’s Best Posts Of 2010

While there are still a few days left in 2010, we’re going to feature some of our best and favorite posts from the last year. Each of your regular Frisky bloggers has picked out her 10 favorite posts from 2010—some you may remember well, others might have slipped past your radar. Either way, we hope you’ll relive the best of The Frisky in 2010. Voila, Leonora!

365 Days In Paris: In A Nutshell

“What happens when you move to Paris for a year … ”

McDonald’s In Miniature: Why French People Don’t Get Fat

“Apparently, McDonald’s chains in France have added a new dessert to the menu—a frappé, a Frenchisized version of a milkshake—and these advertisements have gone up all over Paris. Despite rising obesity rates in France, here’s a clue as to why French people “don’t get fat”: while we’re super-sizing portions in the U.S., McDonalds in France are super-smalling portions. (Seriously, I’ve seen shots of vodka that are bigger!)”

Crazy/Beautiful: Giles Deacon Fall 2010

“Our love affair with Giles Deacon continues. The British designer presented his fall 2010 collection in Paris this week, and it was a magnificent display of imagination with crazy metal hair sculptures, metallic puffy vests, leather bags shaped like teddy bears, and (the big conversation piece) a fuzzy “gremlin” purse. In between the more fantastical designs were ‘60s-inspired cocktail dresses, gorg flowing gowns, and edgy bustier tops. Genius!”

Japan’s Latest Men’s Fashion Trend Is Sexist, Thug-Inspired

“The latest men’s fashion craze is a style called ‘OraOra,’ which ‘comes from a sound Japanese people make when threatening someone.’ As such, the general theme is a ‘bad boy’ look, characterized by baggy black sweatsuits, gangsta body language, guido-like graphic embellishments, and sunglasses.”

Is There Such A Thing As A Man-Repelling Haircut?

“I’m convinced my hair is man-repelling. That is to say, I get the sense that guys find the look intimidating, the same way they might not be turned on by high-waisted jeans or harem pants. In all likelihood, it’s probably my deer-in-headlights look that guys tend to mistake for ice queen death stares. Though, I do have to wonder if the change in going-out dynamics isn’t due to my borderline andro haircut.”

DIY It: How To Do The Colorful French Mani If You Have No Skills

“I really, really want my nails to look like this. Unfortunately, I was not blessed with a steady hand or attention to detail, so all of my at-home attempts have been sad. No, really …”

Leonora’s Top 10 “WTF Was I Thinking?” Clothing Purchases

“I sometimes fail to believe that I am indeed a fashion blogger (and one who even tries to blog from a budget-friendly point of view!) and yet I hardly ever follow my own advice. (Although, to be fair, isn’t this a bit of a universal problem?) The issue is that I am both naive and whimsical, but also seriously obsessed with luxe labels. Hence, a closet filled with WTF purchases.”

Girl Talk: Lessons In Lingerie

“If you could translate my underwear drawer into a pie chart, you’d see one big chunk—some 75 percent—dedicated to basic black bikinis. A small 20 percent would indicate the ratty days-of-the-week skivvies that are verging on seven years old (I know). The remaining sliver would count for the few “sexy” underthings I own—a lacy pink thong, a hot but poorly fitting corset-inspired bra, some sheer boyshorts.”

Did You Know It’s Technically Illegal For Women To Wear Pants In Paris?

“I live in Paris. And I wear pants. Which apparently means I’m in big trouble. I got a crazy talking to the other day from a man sitting next to me in a cafe when he told me what I was doing was illegal. I panicked for a second, hoping that my heroin stash hadn’t fallen out of my bag or that the security tag from my stolen shirt wasn’t showing. No, all good there, so what was the deal? “You’re wearing pants,” the creepster said. “You know it’s against the law for women to wear pants in Paris, right?” “

Vogue Italy’s October Issue Brings The Ugly

“Can one find beauty in what is ugly? (OK, ‘ugly’ is kind of a strong word. To be more PC, let’s say ‘non-traditional models of aesthetics.’) We guess that’s one of the themes Italian Vogue chose to explore with its October issue. In two separate spreads, models are either making faces weird enough to get them cast in a Tim Burton movie or look like the lineup outside the nurse’s office on mystery meat day.”