Follow Friday! Where To Find The Frisky Staff On Twitter

Taking a cue from Twitter, I thought today would be an excellent opportunity to share our Twitter handles with each other so we have just one more way to keep in touch and follow one another’s comings and goings (especially as many of us prepare to take off from school and work for a holiday break). After the jump, find out how to follow some of The Frisky’s staffers on Twitter and please share your own Twitter address in the comments so other readers can hook up with you (not hook up in that way … hey, unless you want to!).Amelia: @xoamelia and on Tumblr
Jessica: @jessicawakeman and on Tumblr
Simcha: @oh_simcha
Julie: @havethehabit
Wendy: @dearwendyadvice and on City Wendy
Annika: @glamniki
John DeVore @johndevore
Dater X: @iamdaterx
Kiki T: @astrosexologist and on Fortune Kiki

Your turn!

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