Theories On The Burglar Caught Drinking Wine In 50 Cent’s Closet

In the latest case of celebrity robberies, two men were arrested yesterday for allegedly breaking into 50 Cent’s $10 million mansion in Connecticut. One of the men was apparently found in a closet, drinking a bottle of Fiddy’s wine, which seems very strange. After the jump, some theories on what was happening.

  • He was confused and thought he had broken into R. Kelly’s house.
  • He was hiding in the closet to try to get footage of 50 Cent in bed with Chelsea Handler to sell for lots of money.
  • It was a symbolic gesture. Since Fiddy has said such horribly homophobic things this year, this guy was hinting that the rap mogul is actually in the closet.
  • He was going to take lots of Fiddy’s designer sneakers and clothes—a la the Bling Ring—but got overwhelmed.
  • He was looking for medical records to confirm that Fiddy was in fact shot nine times.
  • This is no normal closet—it’s 10 times as big as my apartment—check it out in an episode of “Cribs” that Fiddy did a few years back. I would hang out and drink in there, too!

What’s your theory on this weird story?