Kate’s Best Posts Of 2010

While there are still a few days left in 2010, we’re going to feature some of our best and favorite posts from the last year. Each of your regular Frisky bloggers has picked out her 10 favorite posts from 2010—some you may remember well, others might have slipped past your radar. Either way, we hope you’ll relive the best of The Frisky in 2010. Here’s what Kate wrote …

A Social History Of Diet Coke

“People don’t just drink Diet Coke—they are rabidly obsessed with it. Last year consumers downed about $7.2 billion worth of the no-calorie brown stuff. On July 4th, Diet Coke turns 28 years old, and over the years, it has become the quintessential power drink. So how did Diet Coke develop this level of fierce loyalty? Find out!”

10 Celebs Who Thought They’d Never Get Married

“Every now and then, over the years, a friend has expressed to me that they don’t believe in the institution of marriage and don’t plan on ever getting hitched. And while I think that’s totally fair, what I find most interesting is that two-thirds of those friends are now married. Which is why I don’t make any grand statement about whether I will or won’t—because, really, who knows?”

Cocaine? I Thought It Was Gum! 10 Celebrity Excuses For Drug Busts

“When Paris Hilton was caught with a baggie containing nearly a gram of cocaine over the weekend, she told Las Vegas police officers that she thought it was gum. Then she backed up, telling the officers that the purse wasn’t hers—she borrowed it from a friend, so some of the items in it weren’t hers. This is comical because since when does coke look like gum? Also, since when does Paris have to borrow a purse—doesn’t she have a different one for every day of the year, err, decade? But this isn’t even the most outlandish excuse a star has given when being busted for drugs.”

9 Stars Talk About Their Sleazy Casting Couch Experiences

”When I was just starting out, someone suggested that we finish a meeting in the bedroom, I left. I was pretty shocked,’ [Gwyneth Paltrow] said. ‘I could see how someone who didn’t know better might worry, “My career will be ruined if I don’t give this guy a blow job!”’ Who knew that word was in Gwynnie’s vocabulary? Gwyneth is far from the first actress to go on the record about being asked to sleep with a producer, director, or casting director for a role. Here are more actresses on the sleaziness that happens behind the scenes in Hollywood.”

Social Experiment: Who Is The First Person You Thought Of When You Heard Kanye’s “Runaway”?

“For the past week, I have been putting my sociology degree to good use and conducting a little experiment. I’ve been asking people, ‘Who is the first person who popped into your mind when you heard Kanye West’s ‘Runaway’?’ … Here is where things get interesting. Every single guy I have asked this question, with the exception of one male friend who said ‘Santa Claus,’ has given the same answer: ‘myself.'”

40 Truly Terrible Band Names

“Yes, we are talking to you—Bulimic Orgy and Hoobastank. In fact, we came up with so many bad band names that I decided to put them into bad name genres ranging from The Gross to The Cutesy to the Come-On-Are-We-12? Click on for a comprehensive list.”

Girl Talk: Thank You, Ned Weinstein

“Ned Weinstein* was the white, Jewish incarnation of Steve Urkel. He was a scrawny kid with a mass of brown hair that someone, presumably his mom, attempted to part on the right side. He had a turkey sandwich for lunch every day, and wore button-down shirts in the 1st grade. By the 2nd he had decided what he wanted to be when he grew up—a neuroscientist. He also, by age 7, was completely and totally sure that I was the girl he wanted to marry. Meanwhile, I barely even acknowledged his existence.”

12 Celebs With Crayola-Colored Hair

“I’ve had a blue streak in my hair since the 9th grade. My original inspiration was Stormer of The Misfits on ‘Jem and the Holograms,’ but now I like it because it’s vaguely mermaid-ish. And there’s just something nice about having a pop of color in my otherwise dark brown hair. Apparently, famous folk are feeling the Crayola hair vibe, too. Lots of ladies have been stepping out lately with color wheel hair, and as you’ll see from these 12 examples, there are careful rules to embrace.”

6 Awesome Roles Intended For Men, But Cast As Women

“Angelina Jolie looks so femme fatale-tastic staring out from the poster for ‘Salt,; with her black wig and heavily lined eyes, that it’s hard to imagine that the title role in the movie was actually written for a guy. But, yes, it’s true—Evelyn Salt was originally scripted as Edwin Salt. And lame name aside, the role was intended for Tom Cruise. It was only when Cruise backed out that the movie’s makers rethought the part and decided to cast Angelina instead … Interestingly, this is not the first time a woman has played a role originally envisioned as a man.”

Girl Talk: Does Every Guy Have A Kate In His Past?

“My name is Kate. Just Kate—not Kathleen or Catherine or anything like that. I’ve always really liked my name. I like that it’s one quick, strong syllable. I like that it means “pure.” I like that it’s a woman’s name and isn’t at all girly like Katie. I even like the celebrities—Kate Winslet and Cate Blanchett—who share my name. However, I don’t like that it’s really freaking common.”

7 Celebrities Dish On Their Dry Spells

“Rumors started circulating this week that Snooki might have a guido bun in the oven. But it’s not true. Nope, Snooki is in a pickle of another flavor: a dry spell. ‘You have to have sex to get pregnant,’ she said in response to the rumors. When prodded about how long it had been, she responded, ‘I couldn’t even tell you. I think it’s been about 90 days.'”

BONUS! “Hellcats” Cram Sessions

“Bust out your pom-poms, ‘cause tonight is “Hellcats” night! Since The Frisky’s own Kate Torgovnick happens to be an expert on college cheerleading—after all, the show is based on her book, CHEER!: Inside the Secret World of College Cheerleaders—every Wednesday we have her sound off on how the show stacks up to reality.”