How To Avoid Fighting During The Holidays

November and December are a time when we come together to catch up with loved ones, enact family traditions and celebrate life. But the season of good cheer is not always cheerful. Between selecting the perfect gift, booking expensive flights and dealing with the in-laws, people get stressed and, unfortunately, the closest vent for those frustrations is typically one’s partner. Here are ten common holiday fights couples have during the holidays and how to avoid them.1. The mother-in-law fight. His mom hates your cooking—he says she’s just being helpful.
How to fix it: Address her directly, with this non-threatening formula: “I feel [insert your feeling here] when you [her action here]. Please [what you want her to do].” Example: “I feel bad when you criticize my cooking. Please don’t tell me my food is awful, even if you don’t like it.” Read more

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