Do You Have A Strange Addiction?

We are super excited about the new TLC show “My Strange Addiction.” I mean, a woman addicted to eating toilet paper? Sure. And it got us thinking: Do WE have any strange addictions that we’re not admitting? After the jump, Frisky staffers reveal their strange addictions. And no, being addicted to staring at Ryan Gosling’s face does not count.

And don’t forget to tell us what your strange addictions are. We won’t judge.

“I realized this morning that I have a weird addiction to exfoliating my face. I would do it everyday, morning and night if it wouldn’t cause my skin problems. It just feels so good to run my fingers over really smooth skin, but the smoothness doesn’t last forever. And then I want to do it again. I’ve had to limit myself to three times a week.”

“I’m an obsessive hand washer. I’m probably on the OCD spectrum somewhere. Honestly, though, hand-washing is the least of my problems.”

“I’m addicted to thrift stores. I can’t drive by one without going in, even if I’m in a rush and if I’m having a crappy day (like today) sorting through maybe dead people’s stuff is the only thing that can cheer me up. On any given day, I will go to at least one thrift store, but usually I’ll hit up the closest two or three. This will eventually lead to me being a hoarder, but there are worse ways to die than drowning in other people’s discarded junk. Probably.”

“There are these certain sour strawberry gummy candies that I get, and it has literally not proved possible for me to open a bag and not eat the entire thing within a day. I dunno how weird that is though.”

“I suppose you could say I’m addicted to talking for/like my dog. Like, the real reason why I don’t get lonely working from home all day is because I just have conversations with her all day. I’ll say something and she’ll respond (in her voice). I guess I would say it’s an addiction because I don’t/can’t stop myself from doing it from other people or when I’m out with her. Maybe this is why I don’t have a boyfriend.”