10 Stars Give Career Advice To Other Famous Peeps

advice gaga and ozzy jpg
When Ozzy Osbourne speaks—err, mumbles—you should probably listen. Which is why I hope Lady Gaga hears the career advice he gave her this week. He thinks she desperately needs a vacation. “I do think Lady Gaga should take a break for a little while,” he said. “She’s just too overexposed. She could be the next Madonna if she played her cards right … I like her, but I’m getting a bit sick of her. When I turn on the TV, I see her wearing another lamp shade or whatever.” [Huffington Post]

Will Gaga take Ozzy’s advice? Considering the fact that her new album is coming out sometime in 2011, we’re guessing not. But after the jump, more stars who dispensed career advice to their fellow famous flock.

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