What’s The Worst Sex Advice You’ve Been Given?

Awesome future timewaster alert! The just launched blog Bad Sex Ed compiles the best of the worst sex advice people have ever received. It’s only got a few entries so far, but there’s this gem:

My brother told me that I should look deeply into a girl’s eyes while kissing her, that girls were really into that kind of connection. The first time I kissed a girl, she luckily knew better. After a few seconds of staring at her blurry eyelids, I followed suit.

After the jump, read the worst sex advice I ever received — and then share yours in the comments.I was extremely inexperienced when I started college in 1997. Like, I hadn’t even kissed a guy yet, let alone had a boyfriend or my boob touched or any kind of sex. (And look at me now!) I lived on a coed hall in the dorms and my next-door-neighbor was a flamboyant gay guy (I’ll call him Phillip to protect his identity) who quickly became one of my best friends.

One inebriated evening, a bunch of us were hanging out in his room, talking about sex and the stuff we had and hadn’t done. I, of course, hadn’t done anything, so I mainly watched and listened. Phillip then decided that he was going to show all of us his blow job technique on a beer bottle, because that is just the kind of thing college kids do for fun, amiright? Anyway, Phillip really went to town and I learned a thing or two about deep-throating, but the piece de resistance was when he proceeded to scrape his teeth up the, uh, shaft of the beer.

“Guys like that?” I asked.

“Oh yeah, totally,” he responded.

Needless to say, a few years later, as I was just starting to perfect my own oral sex skills, I tried this maneuver. It did not go over well.