Annika’s Favorite Things Of 2010

The blog Your It List has asked a bunch of cool tastemaker types to reveal their favorite things of 2010. They didn’t ask us for ours, but we’re going to share ‘em anyway. You’ve read Julie’s, Amelia’s, Joanne’s, and Kate’s. Now here’s Annika’s …Favorite TV Show: So I sat for about five or 10 minutes trying to think of my favorite movie of the year, and I realized that I saw very few flicks and the ones I did see were forgettable. The TV show I’m most happy to have discovered this year is the History Channel’s “Pawn Stars.” It takes place at the family-owned pawn shop of Richard, aka “The Old Man,” Rick, and Corey, aka “Big Hoss” Harrison. It combines two of my interests: history/trivia and reality TV. Plus, Chumlee, Corey’s friend, provides the most “awesome” comedy relief. I didn’t begin watching “Pawn Stars” until 2010, but it first aired in 2009, and I watch any episode of “Pawn Stars” that I find, even if it’s a repeat. “Pawn Stars” is like the “Antiques Roadshow,” except it isn’t stale.

Favorite Albums: I go through periods when a specific album is all I listen to on my iPod. So instead of choosing one favorite, I’m going to reveal my favorites: Erykah Badu’s New Amerykah Part Two (Return of the Ankh), Mos Def’s The Ecstatic (was released in 2009, but I loved it in 2010), The Roots’ How I Got Over, Reflection Eternal’s Revolutions Per Minute, and Cee Lo Green’s The Lady Killer. All of these albums feature some of the best lyricists in the game, and one of their songs usually complements whatever mood I’m in.

Favorite Book: Kathryn Stockett’s The Help transported me to a time I, thankfully, never actually had to experience: Jackson, MS in the 1960s. Stockett created edge-of-your-seat suspense and well-developed characters that went beyond the evil whites and downtrodden blacks.

Favorite Designer: Not only did I have the chance to interview Gwen Stefani at her Spring/Summer 2011 fashion show, but I also had the opportunity to watch her show from my seat, not standing. I love her mix of tribal patterns and modern designs. Plus, my favorite shoes this summer were a pair of L.A.M.B. sandals.

Favorite YouTube Video: OK, Antoine Dodson wins hands-down. His TV news interview was funny, but the “Bed Intruder” song is the funniest s**t I saw on YouTube this year. I even bought the ringtone, and I’m usually more of an “old phone” ringer type of girl. I’m glad he was able to move his family out of the projects with his cut, even if the attempted rapist was never caught.

Favorite Twitterer: I didn’t join Twitter until April of this year. But I was immediately hooked on celebrity stylist June Ambrose’s tweets because she says a lot with a fashionable photo. Take for instance, the one above. June has almost convinced me that leather socks are a do.

What are you most excited for in 2011? I finally learned to drive in 2010, before my 30th birthday. So I’m most excited to purchase a car and tell the MTA to go f**k itself. I’m also excited to visit Greece in 2011.

Who do you most want to smooch on New Year’s Eve? I’m probably not going to kiss the person I most want to, so I’m not going to depress myself thinking about it earlier than I have to.

What do you want the most as a holiday gift? My mom has a habit of making me order my own Christmas present for her, and then taunts me because she won’t let me wear it until Christmas day. I’ve already tried on my thigh-high boots and taken photos wearing them, but can’t wear them. It’s OK though, because this gives me more time to plan my outfits.