Michelle Williams Discusses Heath Ledger’s Death, Whether She’s Dating Ryan Gosling

Good lord, I love Michelle Williams and this interview with her on “Nightline” is pretty amazing. She talks about making “Brokeback Mountain,” falling in love with Heath Ledger, and coping with his death. “In a strange way I miss that year [after his death],” she says. “It didn’t seem unlikely to me that he could walk through a door, or could appear behind a bush. In some ways, I am just, I am sad to be moving further and further away from it.”

She also talks about making “Blue Valentine” with Ryan Gosling. In addition to divulging more of the details of the highly method way the movie was filmed, she also said that she’s been wanting to do this movie for almost a decade. “I think I was 21 when I first read [the script],” she said. “Almost a third of my life has been devoted to thinking about making this movie.”

Ryan joined Michelle for part of the interview, and after some arm caressing, they talked about how they felt about each other. “She’s like Bridget Bardot, she’s a sexy cowboy,” he said. When asked if they were a couple, he added, “Creatively, we are doing it.” [This clip has been added to my spank bank. — Editor]

I don’t think they’re actually together, but I wish they were. Michelle would be such a much, much better match for Ryan than freaking Blake Lively.