Meet The Lesbian Hugh Hefner

I’ve watched my fair share of pornography on the internet and it’s pretty obvious that most of it is made for dudes. Before nudity even occurs, I’m already turned off by the tacky costuming, bad story lines, lack of chemistry, and obviously unwashed stars. I’m a stickler for details. That’s why I’m glad to hear that there’s a lesbian pornographer who actually cares about these things. Jincey Lumpkin (best name ever) went from being a high paid lawyer for the fashion industry to founding Juicy Pink Box, a lesbian porn company. And the Daily Beast is calling her the “Hugh Hefner of Lesbian Porn.” The difference between Lumpkin’s porn and “girl on girl” porn is that the women aren’t just tonguing each other awkwardly and waiting for the penises to show up. The stars of Juicy Pink Box’s movies are all legitimately gay (or at least bisexual) so the chemistry is real. Plus, they wear Helmut Lang and Marc Jacobs instead of rayon lingerie and they have professional hair and makeup artists and talented photographers to glam it up a bit.

Lumpkin has become a bit of a celeb in the gay community, earning a place in Out magazine’s 100 most compelling people of 2010. She also happens to be really hot, but that’s not really relevant to the story. While everyone else is struggling in this recession, Lumpkin’s company has been doing incredibly well, with membership doubling every month since March. Not only did she get the aesthetics right, but Lumpkin hires beautiful lesbians who “straddle the line between femininity and masculinity” and her talent has attracted others to join her in her quest. Lumpkin says, “Because of the aesthetic, and non-traditional blend of fashion and porn, we get to work with people who would usually never do porn.” This sounds like a good thing since everyone else seems to be “doing it wrong.”

I’m just happy that someone cares about pornography for women. It’s no secret these days that we are part of the audience and maybe it’s just me, but I would much rather watch two beautiful androgynous women make love than see another filthy plumber pushing a scantily-clad housewife up against another dingy washing machine. [The Daily Beast]