Holiday Rant: What’s Up With Blank Christmas Cards?

Like most of you, my mailbox has been filling with Christmas cards over the last couple weeks from extended family members and far-flung friends of my husband’s and mine whom we haven’t seen in an eternity. And while it’s nice to get mail other than bills and junk, I can’t help but feel a little jaded and Scrooge-y every time I open one of those cards and find there isn’t so much as a hand-written signature, let alone a personal note. In a lot of cases, these cards aren’t even really greeting cards as much as they’re photos of friends’ kids with text below their smiling faces that says something like “Happy Holidays! From the Gordmans!” The back of the photo cards are almost always blank with plenty of room for a brief greeting. So, why isn’t there one?One or two lines — 30 seconds of effort — would be so much warmer than … well, nothing. A simple, “Wendy and Drew, Hope you’re enjoying your first holiday season in Brooklyn” would suffice, and it would show us there was some thought from the sender about us personally — a remembrance that we moved this year, at the very least. Instead, we get these photos with no notes and I can’t help but think the subliminal message here is, “Hey, I don’t really care enough about you to take 30 seconds to write a personal message, but I didn’t want to miss an opportunity to show you how darn cute our kids look. AREN’T THEY FREAKIN’ ADORABLE?! Johnny lost his front teeth this year and Natalie still has her mother’s darling dimples. Aren’t they the cutest kids in the whole world?!” Yeah, I already know how freakin’ adorable your kids are because you post a million photos of them on Facebook every month and write a status update every time one of them farts or sneezes.

Ugh, pass the eggnog; I feel a holiday-induced headache coming on.