Dude Looks We Love: Scuffed-Up Boots

When I first met my boyfriend he was wearing pristine white Adidas sneakers. I punched him in the shoulder and said, “Hey, what’s up with your shoes?” He asked me what I meant. “I’ve never seen shoes that clean,” I said. “I don’t trust people with shoes that clean.” He pointed at a tiny smear of dirt near the toe and said, “They’re not that clean.” I don’t really remember how or why we ended up getting together after this, but I can tell you that those suspiciously clean sneakers were a real stumbling block (to be fair, my propensity for punching strangers probably didn’t help). You know what would have been a preferable footwear choice? Boots — the dirtier the better. Here are my top five reasons why …

  1. Scuffed-up boots show a willingness to get dirty, embrace life, or at the very least buy used boots at a thrift store.
  2. Boots add a mysterious edge to any outfit. One glimpse and the imagination runs wild: did this guy ride here on a motorcycle? Is he a soldier? A logger? The lead singer of an indie band?
  3. Take a cue from male sex symbols of the past: James Dean, Marlon Brando, and Paul Newman looked damn good in their beat-up motorcycle boots.
  4. Did I mention James Dean? I did? Oh well, I’m mentioning him again.
  5. A guy wearing pristine white sneakers probably won’t jump in mud puddles with you. A guy wearing boots might not either, but he also might be the lead singer of an indie band. So there you go.

Above: Dr. Martens, $55, Etsy