Joanne’s Favorite Things Of 2010

The blog Your It List has asked a bunch of cool tastemaker types to reveal their favorite things of 2010. They didn’t ask us for ours, but we’re going to share ‘em anyway. You’ve read Julie’s and Amelia’s, now here’s Joanne’s … Favorite Album: Musically, I’m pretty much living in the past, with Donovan, Love, and Leonard Cohen on my constant playlist. Though The New Pornographers’ Together rocked my word this year. I was never into this band before but this album has the girl-on-guy harmonies, infectious guitar hooks, unforgettable songwriting, and musical vibes of one of my all-time faves: Fleetwood Mac. Songstress Neko Case is like a modern version of Stevie Nicks in a way, actually — totally eccentric, independent lady with an unforgettably haunting voice.

Favorite TV Show: I hated “Boardwalk Empire” for the first two episodes and then fell for it, hard. But that explains every TV show/film/book I love. I’m always bored at first as the complicated web of characters is being woven, and then I get sucked into the web … This show is a Prohibition-era version of “The Sopranos” — with the same “what is good and what is evil?” theme — and a visual delight for lovers of all things vintage. The ’20s flapper fashion, music and set design are just as fascinating as Steve Buscemi, Michael Shannon, and Kelly Macdonald’s characters.

Favorite Viral Video: I watched the “Today” show clip of hand model Ellen Siriot showing Katie Couric how she takes care of and uses her precious hands about five times until I realized it wasn’t a joke. Pretty funny.

Favorite Blog: Since I’m obsessed with food — and spend my free time reading cookbooks, looking at restaurant reviews, and watching The Food Network — foodie blogs are my online time-suck of choice. My favorite this past year has been Eggs on Sunday. It’s not frequently updated, but the entries are artfully written and the photography — always including sexy close-ups of the dishes in progress — are porn-like. (Also: the blogger just had a baby and shows her little pumpkin sampling her newest dishes, which is kind of adorable.)

Favorite Podcast: Rather than read books/magazines or listen to music, most often on my commute to work, I listen to podcasts instead. Every week I most look forward to a new installment from Ira Glass and gang at NPR at “This American Life” for giving me stories about ordinary people just living their lives and going through some kind of ordeal/experience/transitional event that is hilarious, sad, and/or educational. I laugh, I cry, I nod my head in agreement, and I am engrossed — all while riding the 2/3 train, which makes me actually kind of enjoy the subway, sometimes.

Favorite Style Trend: I used to be too intimidated to wear bright red lipstick, but I tried it for the first time this year and it made me feel instantly sexy. Even if I’ve got on yoga pants and a ginormous parka, I feel slightly chic with well-defined, red lips. I’m asking for a tube of NARS’ “Heat Wave” for Christmas, since Wendy blogged about it being the most versatile shade of red for any lips.

Favorite Movie: I have to admit that I saw very few movies this past year. I never go to the theater anymore (because it angers me to pay $12 for what often is a crap-tastic movie), but I did see “Holy Rollers,” starring huge breakout star of 2010 Jesse Eisenberg. He plays a Hassidic Jewish kid on the verge of adulthood who is questioning his cultural heritage. He gets lured into the high-paying, glamorous life of drug trafficking instead. The movie is an interesting look at the Hassidic lifestyle and philosophy, and it questions whether traditional, conservative family-oriented cultures can survive in our modern world.

Favorite Breakout Star: Aaron Johnson. Firstly, he’s gorgeous. Secondly, he’s wickedly talented: I still don’t understand how the same guy who played “Kick-Ass” played John Lennon in “Nowhere Boy” — he’s a total chameleon! Thirdly, I’m amazed that this 19-year-old partnered up with and just had a baby with 42-year-old director Sam Taylor-Wood. Is this dude intriguing, or what?

Favorite Art Exhibit: As someone who has an M.A. degree in art history that’s collecting dust on the book shelf, I check out art exhibits more than in-theater movies. My favorite exhibit this year was “Seductive Subversion: Women Pop Artists” at the Brooklyn Museum of Art. While Andy Warhol has hogged the history books in the Pop Art category, there were plenty of women working in the genre, who’ve largely gone unnoticed because the ’60s were too sexist for them to really break out.

Favorite New Year’s Resolution That I Actually Stuck To: Rather than kick myself for which resolutions I didn’t keep in 2010, I’m going to pat myself on the back for the one(s) I did stick too. I did do much more yoga this year, going to Vinyasa classes about twice weekly (for the most part). The result? I think I’ve finally learned how to let things go.