Heather Morris To Be Buffy? How She Stacks Up To Sarah Michelle Gellar And Kristy Swanson

Back in November, we told you that Warner Brothers is making a new “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” movie, only without Sarah Michelle Gellar, who became a girl power icon on the TV show, or Joss Whedon, who created both the series and the 1992 movie. Naturally, this doesn’t have us Buffy-philes very happy. But some casting news could be the silver lining on a cloudy day. Apparently, Heather Morris—aka the amazing Brittany on “Glee“—is being courted for the role. “They’re considering me!” Heather says. “I found out and I almost peed my pants ’cause I was so excited!”

So how does Heather compare to her Buffy predecessors, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Kristy Swanson? A full analysis after the jump.

Name Heather Morris Sarah Michelle Gellar Kristi Swanson
The Look
Hometown Thousand Oaks, CA New York, NY Mission Viejo, CA
Before She Was Buffy… Was a backup dance for Beyoncé, who became Brittany S. Pierce on “Glee.” Played Erica Kane, Susan Lucci’s long-lost daughter, on “All My Children.” Starred in the short-lived TV show “B.L. Stryker ” alongside Burt Reynolds.
Butt-Kicking Ability High. I wouldn’t cross Brittany. I bet she pulls hair. Exemplary. We can’t even estimate how many vamps and other nasty supernaturals she toasted. Eh. She had to set the gym on fire to kill the vamps.
Blondeness Rating 7 8 4
Life After Buffy To Be Determined. Stayed married to Freddie Prinze Jr. and starred in “The Grudge,” followed by a string of box-office bombs. Starred in a string of box office bombs, did a Playboy spread and won “Skating with Celebrities” in 2006.

Overall, I think Heather totally looks the part of Buffy. And I know with her dance background, she’ll easily be able to do some hyper-choreographed fight sequences. The unknown here is her acting ability. She does a great emotionally vacant cheerleader who’s sniffed a little too much glue, but can she give a character like Buffy the heart she needs? I dunno.